Paragon of Sin

Chapter 323: Imperial Heaven Starfields Reviving Glory

d. This was his time. His time to tell the world that the Myriad Monarch Sect that had once been besieged by the three other hegemonic forces, that had been reduced to the weakest of the Five Hegemons of the Tri-Vision Starfield, had come to reclaim their throne. Their rise, their future, and their glory would be without limit!

The aura around him started to increase in intensity as space itself started to ripple like oceanic waves. The Realm World Phase was defined by two incredible aspects: The Formation of a Worldly Domain & Access to Spatial Force.

In the Spatial Resonance Phase, the Fourth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, one gains a connection with ambient spatial energies and can exert some control over it. They can then absorb spatial energies of the environment to strengthen their cultivation base, working towards comprehending light and gravity through the medium of space. But the Realm World Phase was different.

Not to mention the creation of a Worldly Domain, but they can completely integrate their astral force with spatial energies, producing Spatial Force. This was the same force that allowed Void Gates to function, spatial rings to connect two locations of unfathomable distance with ease! While one can not simply conjure a portal or teleport, they can shift through the ambient space as if they were one with it. 

Just the sheer degree of speed they had access to made them impossible to face as a lower-stage cultivator. Even if Wei Wuyin reached the Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, even if his foundation was to the pinnacle, he still couldn ’t overcome this single aspect of the phase. Of course, he had Void Force, so the actual outcome was to be determined.

Then, they can lockdown and restrict space itself. They can create spatial blades, shields conjured from space ’s infinite mysteries, and it made them invincible! If you added their Worldly Domain, what many would call their very own realm, then their position of invincible above all those beneath their cultivation was truer for them than any other phase before.

Tuo Bihan felt the surging power well within him, slowly rising as he comprehended the essence of the Worldly Domain. The world watched as he started to be aglow with a nearly divine light. As he floated above the skies, looking down on the vast sea of cultivators, he seemed to become like a mythological god that received endless reverence and faith from the people. 





From within his body, a translucent and intangible sphere manifested. It was a perfect sphere and it grew without limit with him as the epicenter. In what was a split second, everyone felt Tuo Bihan touch them. The sphere passed over them in an instant, and in the depths of their hearts, they knew that Tuo Bihan was telling the truth.

The sphere continued to grow.

Wei Wuyin felt the sphere approach him, but a layer of faint grey mist had revealed its presence the moment he was passed over. It was as if that faint grey mist had always been present. It encircled his body ceaselessly. 

He didn ’t feel the same as everyone else, merely felt a force press against him as if someone was squeezing his body slightly. He lifted up his hand and looked at the back of it. The mist surged about calmly. °Void Force, huh.° 

Wei Wuyin realized that he had entered Tuo Bihan ’s Worldly Domain, Tuo Bihan ’s personalized purist realm, but his body had been protected by the void force that integrated into every cell of his body. It was as if he was actively rejecting the foreign influence. 

A faint grin surfaced on his face as he looked around. Everyone ’s eyes, Long Chen ’s included, were staring at the sky, their every sense focused on Tuo Bihan. It was as if he had become the center of the world!

Wu Yu was similarly unaffected, but he sighed with immense emotion. ”A Worldly Domain, the ability to convert the ambient mana, energies, and astronomical forces of a certain area into your own. ” This ability, this single ability, was why Realm World Phase cultivators were given their titles, even by Mystic Ascendants of the peak era. 

These ambient forces were the vital strength of cultivators, and it was turned against them in a blink of an eye. It was simply far too powerful.

But Wei Wuyin didn ’t feel the same way. His Zenith Origin State had allowed his mana control to reach unprecedented levels. Even within this so-called domain, he still had access to it. In fact, he might be able to rip it away from the domain, destabilizing it from within. As this thought emerged, he realized that a heaven-defying foundation would always eclipse cultivation advantages in certain aspects. While ambient energies weren ’t in his control, he could still utilize his Elemental Origin Intent to wrestle control of the ambient elemental energies. While he might not win, it could hinder the Worldly Domain of a Realmlord.


The sphere retracted and vanished into Tuo Bihan. When it did, everyone was slowly coming back from their mesmerized state. In fact, some World Sea Phase cultivators had grasped the essence of the Sky Ruler Phase, and a few had even miraculously understood the vital link between the Soul Idol and the Spatial Resonance Phase.

The entire Myriad Monarch Sect had been exposed to a higher level of cultivation, and the benefits were absolutely endless.

”He…Grand Imperial Sage Tuo has…HAS ASCENDED! ” Like an ignition, those words broke those out of their stupor as the crowd started to cheer. These cheers were so astonishingly loud, filled with their everything, that the planet itself started to quake! 

Compared to Long Chen ’s cheer, it was like comparing a little league game to a major stadium. The very soundwaves were faintly visible! After all, these were all cultivators and they were displaying genuine excitement!

Basking in these cheers, Tuo Bihan revealed a hearty smile. 

”From henceforth, the Myriad Monarch Sect has entered a new era! ” He announced! To many, this was his true announcement! The cheers only increased in volume, even the ears of many started to bleed but they still remained screaming their emotions out 

A new era!

Myriad Monarch Sect!

Before, the Myriad Monarch had claimed the era after the King of Everlore ’s departure, transforming this unnamed starfield into a well-connected starfield that was unified under a single banner! The Grand Monarch Banner!

The Imperial Heaven Starfield!!!

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