”Alchemist Wei, this is my great-great-great granddaughter, and I can attest to her qualifications. I ’ve trained her personally since she could walk, and she has shown sufficient talent to perhaps become the greatest alchemist in history. While her competitive spirit and unquenchable thirst for improvement is a little too strong, a little too direct, I hope you can understand why she wishes to challenge you. With these words of I, the Alchemist Association ’s Grand Association Master, I hope you can accept her willful challenge. ” Qingye Yun said calmly.

”… ” 

The crowd was somewhat taken aback by Qingye Yun ’s words, even using his face to try to drive this clash. While they wanted to see the All-Alchemic Clash between the Princess of Everlore and Prince of Everlore, they understood the implications of a victor here. Was Qingye Yun after that result?

Wei Wuyin glanced at Qingye Yun for a moment before shifting his gaze back to Qingye Ying. His mind was firing on all cylinders as to what their intentions were. It sure as hell couldn ’t be a matter of reputation. After all, before he became the so-called ’Prince of Everlore ’, their actions had been strange. 

”Association Master Qingye, if it was simply a matter of ability, I might be inclined to accept, but may I ask a few questions? ” Wei Wuyin decided to see if he could prod at their bottomline. 

Qingye Yun ’s eyebrows slightly furrowed, ”Of course. While I might be doting on Ying ’er due to my advanced age and wanting her to fulfil her willful desires, I won ’t be unreasonable. ” 

”It seems Association Master Qingye is quite understanding, so I won ’t hold back. May I ask the official alchemist rank of Qingye Ying? ” Wei Wuyin asked his first question.

Qingye Yun had a faintly bad feeling and he was about to respond, but Qingye Ying took the lead. She stepped forward and made all those surrounding them turn their attention to her, once more drawing the spotlight. ”I ’m officially classified by the Alchemist Association as an Alchemic King. ” 

Seeing her strong stance and response, everyone could see the resolve and intent to challenge Wei Wuyin. While Wei Wuyin merely found it cute, he asked: ”Then, may I ask what ’s the purpose of an All-Alchemic Clash? ”

Qingye Ying answered almost reflexively, ”It is a sacred challenge that pits the absolute skills of two equally-ranked Alchemists against each other, to ultimately find out the best between them. ” An All-Alchemic Clash was a battle of pride and essence, where two of the elites of their tier would battle it out in the broad category of the Alchemic Dao.

This meant facing each other in terms of Pills, Pellets, Pastes, and Elixirs, and determining the leader based on their results. The only way to claim victory is to beat your opponent in their own choice or in defeating them by performing beyond their level. It was a grueling, time-consuming clash of epic proportions. At least in respect to alchemists.

Wei Wuyin ’s faint smile turned into a little grin, ”Two equally ranked Alchemists… ” 

He didn ’t ask another question, merely looked towards Qingye Yun who, when he faintly came to a realization of what Wei Wuyin was driving it, his calm expression became slightly unsightly. An oversight. An absolutely massive oversight!

Long Chen was watching all this, but when he heard the line of questioning, he didn ’t understand. On the surface, Wei Wuyin was an Alchemic King. While he knew that Wei Wuyin was likely a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist that had barely entered that level, he didn ’t think the Alchemist Association ’s Princess of Everlore was far off. After all, she had achieved the Alchemic Astral Soul, had the legacy of the King of Everlore, and the collective guidance of hundreds of thousands of years of experience in the Alchemist Association.

The King of Everlore was capable of achieving all he had through self-exploration and invention all on his own, while Qingye Ying had a defined path with proper guides who ’ve studied a variety of means and methods. How could she not be close? 

But Qing Quimu was more invested in Wei Wuyin ’s affairs, and he had talked about the Alchemist Association a little bit. When she recalled how he found it laughable that the Alchemist Association had never officially recognized his ranking, meaning he couldn ’t be considered anything more than a Lord Alchemist by default until then, she immediately understood.

She giggled softly, causing Long Chen to turn to her in confusion. Seeing his ignorance, she explained and Long Chen was startled. There wasn ’t a single alchemist above the Lord-tier that hadn ’t obtained the Alchemist Association ’s recognition. 


Even if Wei Wuyin were to be considered a tier, he would have to take the eighth-grade test to become an Alchemic Emperor because he had concocted a successful eight-grade pill. 

Wei Wuyin added, ”I have to ask for forgiveness, because when I meant qualifications to challenge me, I didn ’t suggest she was beneath me, but above me. I, Lord Alchemist Wei, am the one lacking. According to the iron-clad rules of the Alchemist Association, All-Alchemic Clashes can only be performed between equal-tiered alchemists. Qingye Ying, you ’re overqualified and I can not accept. ”

”… ” The elite crowd soon grasped the crux of the issue, turning towards the Alchemist Association members to see their dark and gloomy expressions tinged with a hint of embarrassment. They were fully aware that the Alchemist Association had a tough stance after Wei Wuyin refused to take their verification tests, and thus was merely considered a Lord Alchemist to the rest of the world…by their own rules.

Of course, Wei Wuyin had truly deprived them of their necessity. Even if Wei Wuyin never received any official acknowledgement from the association, he would still be regarded as a King Alchemist with the sure-fire potential to become an Emperor Alchemist. There would be numerous individuals purchasing from him, seeking him. The need to verify his abilities was irrelevant. 

The parameters of the association were quite pathetic too, with someone must be able to have a 5% success rate with their equal tiered products.

It didn ’t take long before Qingye Ying also caught on. She was immediately dismayed. This…

But there was no rebuttal from the association side. Could they shamelessly deliver a title to Wei Wuyin. What if he rejected it? He surely would, and give a logical reasoning that couldn ’t be argued against like: ”I haven ’t proven myself worthy of the title and it ’ll be seen as an affront to others if I received special treatment. ” While it would be utter garbage, it would be humble and true garbage. 

To not jump into that trap, they could only remain silent. Qingye Yun gazed at Wei Wuyin intently. He felt his stomach churning as he forgot this extremely important detail. He had factored that Wei Wuyin ’s ego wouldn ’t allow him to reject, but if he took this stance…

Even if they didn ’t fight, he would make a mockery of the association rules and inflate his ego by essentially saying to the world that he, the Prince of Everlore, didn ’t need a measly Alchemist Association. Ranking? I can decide that on my own. Verification of abilities? I can let my product do the talking. It was infuriating, but he was still the Association Master and tried to quickly conceive a salvageable path.

However, Wei Wuyin spoke at this moment. ”Association Master Qingye, I know that you feel the need to challenge me. And honestly, I do wish to test my skills a little, but I don ’t like being schemed against. So I ’ll be direct, what do you want from me? ” His silver eyes shone with a knowing light as he called Qingye Yun out.

Qingye Yun was silent, ”… ” 

The entire Alchemist Association seemed to have grown silent. Some of them revealed a hint of conflict, a hint of shame at being called out, and a few looked at Wei Wuyin with animosity for treating the association with disregard. 

Qingye Ying ’s golden eyes stared at Wei Wuyin. She was at a loss as well, and all the information about Wei Wuyin was completely incorrect. She was led to believe he was egotistical, vicious, and sinister. He had openly eliminated factions and clans from the Myriad Monarch Sect in the most decisive manners, and he acted without regard for anything. Furthermore, there were rumors that he was someone who was careless with wealth. There was more to the report, but she hadn ’t expected him to be direct and perceived through their intentions.

Most would simply think the association wanted to have a versus match to establish their reputation and hers, but Wei Wuyin wasn ’t fooled by this act.

”Association Master Qingye, just state your purpose. Then, I ’ll accept the challenge. I merely want to know. ” Wei Wuyin realized the entire association felt as if they were backed in a corner at the moment. It was incredibly strange. What the hell did they want from him? While he had a strong influence, that was merely in the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory. He was too young and hadn ’t revealed his true abilities yet, and they have this Princess of Everlore.

”… ” Qingye Yun remained silent for a long while before he sighed a breath of inevitability. He slowly said, ”What is your Alchemic Talent Level? ”

Wei Wuyin was briefly taken aback by the question. He recalled the first and last time he had taken a test for his Alchemic Talent, and that was during his forgetful period in the Eden Earth Sect. It had been the beginning of him embarking on the path of the Dao of Alchemy. He was designated to be a Herbal Boy, but he was given a test and revealed an astonishing score. It was sufficient for the Sect Master to take him as a disciple and teach him with the very best means and methods.

But he only knew he had a high talent for alchemy, but not its level. In truth, he never needed to revisit this, but he knew they existed. 

Wei Wuyin looked at Qingye Yun and frowned. ”Why is that important? ”

Qingye Yun seemed to have expected this, and it was the similar expressions from everyone present. ”Regardless if you win or lose against Ying ’er, I ’ll tell you. ” After that, he seemed to have his lips sealed on the matter. 

Wei Wuyin felt a headache incoming, turning towards Qingye Ying whose expression beneath the veil became even more steeled with resolve. ”So I ’m assuming there will be a wager? Let me guess: Loser must perform a request for the winner? No danger to their lives… ” 

Qingye Yun nodded.

The crowd were so thoroughly confused by the conversion between the two. The risk of bringing the Princess of Everlore here and then having her challenge Wei Wuyin seemed so unnecessary. Even they couldn ’t understand Qingye Yun. Some even thought they wanted to force a marriage onto Wei Wuyin, forcing him to enter into an unbreakable bond with the Alchemist Association.

”…Fine, ” Wei Wuyin helplessly agreed. It ’s not like he could force the Alchemist Association to tell him anyhow, and he wanted to see what they had in mind. Considering his Eye of Truth sensed no ill-intent or detriments to himself, he felt inclined to accept. He could also see the difference in abilities between him and Qingye Ying. Who knows, he might be beneath her.

Wei Wuyin looked towards the sky, ”Let ’s continue with the auction, shall we? ” 

While Wei Wuyin and everyone present didn ’t know, his acceptance here would lead to a drastic change in the starfield. The shadow of war was emerging, slowly brewing between forces that hadn ’t even revealed themselves yet. A war of ancients.

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