Paragon of Sin

Chapter 29: Three-Layered Ring

les. As for the female thief, she was likely an inner elder subordinate to the two, or related to them.

With her Heart of Wind Qi, she could be a core elder. After all, the Jade Lotus Sect was slightly weaker than the Scarlet Solaris Sect. In fact, it was considered the weakest of the Five Great Sects.

In accordance with overall strength, from first to last, it would be the Sky Sword Sect, Aqua Echo Sect, Scarlet Solaris Sect, Earthly Titan Sect, and Jade Lotus Sect.

”To think the Jade Lotus Sect members are so brazen as to invade into the Earthly Titan Sect ’s Gaia State and rob one of their most prominent cities. Such gall! I give praise. ” He felt like clapping in applause. Of course, they failed horrendously, but it was still an ’A ’ for effort.

The expressions of the young girl shifted with fear seeing Wei Wuyin unmoved.

She asked, ”Who…who are you? ” The despair in her voice was tangible as she felt death looming.

”Scarlet Solaris Sect ’s Wei Wuyin, ” he answered without hesitation. Those words were like a bomb on all three of their minds. The Jade Lotus Sect and Scarlet Solaris Sect had entered into war several times. They were anything but allies.

”Here! ” The female thief decisively extracted the spatial ring with a little bit of her recovered wind qi and sent it over. She had even thrown over her own. After realizing Wei Wuyin ’s status, her only chance was to give up the gains. It ’s not like she wanted to die.

However, the young girl felt a wave of hopelessness, unsure if this was enough after declaring their identities, and fiercely pleaded, ”Please! I ’ll do anything, please don ’t kill us! ” She bit her lips and forced an awkward smile as she once more said ”anything ” with meaning.

Wei Wuyin smiled, ”Fine! ” He dismissed the fire qi and retrieved the rings. After a brief inspection, his eyes brightened up.

”I owe your Jade Lotus Sect a favor, so this can be considered repaid. ” As he recalled the old retired blacksmith who forged his silver saber, he couldn ’t help but sigh.

The old man originated from the Jade Lotus Sect and was even a disciple. However, his talent was poor and he resorted to crafting to make a suitable living to raise his family. He had made weapons for the Jade Lotus Sect for decades, finally quitting and retiring to the Scarlet Solaris Sect ’s domain where his grandchildren had moved.

Although the man had never said to spare any disciples, he knew he had strong feelings of loyalty and gratefulness. While Wei Wuyin was cold and callous at times, he still held importance to relationships. Even to those who ’ve passed.

A small connection was all he needed to spare the Jade Lotus Sect members. However, that didn ’t mean he wouldn ’t gain anything from this. With a wave of his hand, a trace of qi wrapped around the spear and pulled it out of the female thief ’s shoulder, inducing a hellish shout of pain in response.

Wei Wuyin retrieved the qi weapon and examined it with rapt attention. ”Definitely of high-grade. It has yin and yang energies structured within, including magma qi. If my saber is compared, it ’s like steel to rock. ” He sighed with emotion.

This spear was useful to even fifth phase experts, let alone a fourth phase expert. His saber had already become obsolete, unable to withstand the infusion of his powerful qi. That ’s why he hadn ’t used it often, especially when he reached the fifth phase himself.

After a few more looks, he stored the high-grade qi spear into his storage ring. He placed the other spatial rings in his various pockets and walked towards the young girl. He observed her and realized her primal yin was still intact, while she could be considered a beauty, but after realizing she didn ’t have a unique physique, he sighed.

If he decided to dual cultivate with her, the one who ’d benefit massively would be her, not him. With his dense elemental and yin-yang energies, her cultivation would probably reach the peak of the third phase with a chance to birth lightning, wood, or metal qi with her talent. Not to mention, her foundation would be paved.

As for him, he ’ll just get a mild, insignificant increase in his yin energy. With how strong it was now, that increase was truly unimportant. He wasn ’t so heartless as to pluck her primal yin one-sidedly, and that wasn ’t very enjoyable for either party.

Shaking his head softly, he decided to just take both of their spatial rings. He quickly dumped out the contents of the three rings and stored it into his own sect-located spatial ring. He also dumped out the contents of the commander ’s personal ring and relocated it into his own.

Then, he returned the rings. He took the things important to him, pills, elixirs, manuals, objects with various types of energies, or oddities that stood out. What was left was just trash at that point.

He didn ’t want them communicating with their sect and having their possessions removed from their storage containers before he could take them, so he retrieved all his desired contents.

Witnessing their stuff being taken caused them to clench their teeth in indignation.

The young girl saw Wei Wuyin ’s lustful eyes and shrank back, her heart feeling fear, but when he revealed a trace of disappointment, she felt a sense of loss. Like she had just lost out on an outstanding opportunity.

”Well, good luck. ” He brushed his hands and readied to leave.

”Wait! ” The woman, originally referred to as the female thief, shouted while grabbing her nearly collapsed left side. ”My name ’s Jiao Ning! I ’ll remember you. ”

Jiao Ning? Wei Wuyin looked towards her and smiled, ”Okay. ”

Just as he was about to take off, within his spiritual sense ’s range, he noticed several soldiers approaching rapidly. He frowned. The commander must ’ve left trails for them to follow, otherwise just a slight degree off, and they would ’ve been somewhere else. Instead, they followed the path straight to here.

Noticing his gaze shift towards where they came from, the young boy who couldn ’t speak, as his jaw had been dislocated and several of his teeth had been knocked out, realized the soldiers were approaching. He mumbled incoherently in panic.

Even if Wei Wuyin spared them, those soldiers will definitely capture them. He was likely dead and those two females…

They were in no shape to escape or run. Their fates were sealed.

However, Wei Wuyin ’s eyes lit up. ”More wealth! ”

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