Paragon of Sin

Chapter 309: G.S.T To Be

tenment, his eyes brightened considerably. The realization dawned on him that Lin Ming considered Wei Wuyin, a under fifty Alchemic King, with little importance. This was legitimately his first time he experienced someone who reacted to Wei Wuyin in such a way.

Even Grand Imperial Sage-level characters danced in his palm, seeking his favor and attention. When Zuhei joined Wei Wuyin, the latter had already established himself for a few years, performing numerous feats and having pervasive connections. 

As for his talent? 

If it wasn ’t for Wei Wuyin, he would be a nearly desiccated husk trapped in a cage awaiting inevitable death. Now, he had stepped upon the grand path of cultivation and reached levels of power he hadn ’t even believed was possible.

Zuhei stared into Lin Ming ’s eyes. ”Potential worth? Talented? Limited future? ” He chuckled softly, ”I am his claws. I am his fangs. That is my future, and it is and will always be glorious—even in death. ” Those words were spoken with such conviction that it nearly seemed fanatical.

Everything he was today, even his very life, had been given to him by Wei Wuyin. From being considered as a rabid mutt that took a bite at the system that nurtured him, crippled and condemned to death, he had been reborn into a thoroughbred with extraordinary might.

Lin Ming simply couldn ’t understand, ”So you want to be a slave? ”

”I want to be Zuhei, ” he stated in reply.

Lin Ming was taken aback by that response. He still couldn ’t quite understand, but he felt a little saddened in his heart. If Zuhei looked beyond this world, beyond that person, perhaps he could enter a grander stage! He inwardly sighed in his heart. Alas, everyone chooses their own paths.

He would trek his path and Zuhei would trek his. There was no need to feel emotional. Therefore, he shifted his mentality and simply considered this as what his Senior Sister wanted him to do—a platform to hone himself. Zuhei seemed to be an excellent whetstone. As for the Grand Spirit Trials? While an eighth-grade product was an item that had unfathomable value to the Tri-Vision Starfield, he didn ’t consider it much.

Lin Ming withdrew a white spear, grasping it in his right arm as its pointed end was diagonal to the ground. His aura changed, with the multi-colored dot between his brows emitting a faint, nearly indiscinerable light. In a blink of an eye, he seemed to have integrated with the natural elements of the world. It was profound and unfathomable. It swept across the platform, suppressing the world it inhabited.

Zuhei felt this aura, finding it quite familiar. ”Elemental Origin Intent? ” He thought out loud. 

Lin Ming was somewhat shocked that Zuhei had recognized this Intent so swiftly, but then he recalled Wei Wuyin. He had somehow used a haphazardly formed Elemental Origin Intent or a pseudo-form of it via a secret art. He was present on that day, so it shouldn ’t be too difficult to recognize.

Of course, Lin Ming ’s assessment was thoroughly incorrect due to his ignorance of the Zenith Origin State and how it influences Intent via the world ’s mana, giving it an extremely elusive feeling that was hard to pinpoint. To put it simply, it was beyond his cultivation and understanding.

When Zuhei felt the Elemental Origin Intent, he too recalled his clash with Wei Wuyin. He was confused. Why were the two Intents so different in terms of suppression? When he faced Wei Wuyin, it was as if an ocean was encapsulating his entirety, wishing to crush his entire existence. As for this Elemental Origin Intent, it felt…weak. Extremely weak.

It was there, but it was like comparing a feather to a brick in terms of impactfulness. 


Zuhei explosive released his Intents, unleashing his Battle and Slaughter Intent all at once. It immediately collided with the pervasive Elemental Origin Intent.

Lin Ming ’s eyes narrowed slightly. Both of Zuhei ’s Intents were extremely powerful, well-refined, and very compatible with himself. His Elemental Origin Intent had three high-level Intents from the Advanced Elements, each one corresponding with one of the three fragments he obtained from his legacy. They were extremely powerful, but his Elemental Origin Intent was still incomplete.

The clash caused the world to be upturned, with rays of bloody light emerging sporadically, gusts of torrential winds, quaking ground, and erratic temperatures. Those near the platform were immediately buffeted by the intense clash, their expressions grew pale regardless of their cultivation and they hastily retreated.

A challenge had yet to be issued, but a battle of Intent had already begun!

Both Zuhei and Lin Ming no longer continued their conversations, and they both exclaimed!

”I, Lin Ming(Zuhei), Challenge! ”

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