Paragon of Sin

Chapter 308: G.S.T Finally

his life for him, for his actions, and shielded him. He ran away as his brother was killed, and all he could do was run. To continue running until his feet brought him to the Scarlet Solaris Sect. His first step to revenge was then and there.

He had committed atrocities unspeakable to fully avenge his brother, and claimed the lives of everyone responsible with his own hands. In those days, there wasn ’t a moment where his hands weren ’t drenched in blood. 

Unfortunately, his brother didn ’t come back. His teachings, his embrace, his smile, and the sound of his voice…

They would never come back.

He, too, was lost and felt an indescribable coldness of nothingness within his heart. What else was there after revenge had overtaken everything you are? And so, he found a motivation to live: to enjoy this life that his brother had given everything for. He wanted strength to claim everything he wanted in the world. Whether it is fame, women, wealth, or adventure…

Even today, facing the Calamities of Hell, he sought to strive to do his brother ’s sacrifice justify by fighting for his survival. Be it Hell or Heaven, he was unwilling to accept his fate or allow anyone to claim his life! This wasn ’t a life they had the right to claim!

As these thoughts surfaced within his mind, he hugged Da Shan closer. Her hot tears poured onto his chest. He could feel the quivering of her lips, but she stifled her sobbing. Caressing her head softly, he felt her noticeably calm down, much to his relief.

This scene lasted for a while, and while the others hadn ’t known her story nor felt her emotions, their silence was much appreciated. When Da Shan finally regained some strength, she wiped her reddened eyes, and walked off, standing tall and strong once more. She went towards an isolated area and sat there.

Wei Wuyun let her go. He swept his gaze across everyone and calmly said, ”I apologize for the delay. In return for your respect, for any that wishes, I ’ll provide a single seventh-grade product of your choice after the trial. As long as I can concoct it. ”

The onlookers were immediately shocked by his words. A seventh-grade product…just like that? Just because they remained silent? Many hadn ’t spoken for fear of offending Wei Wuyin or simply because they had nothing to say, and now they benefited? 

The eyes of many shone with excitement. 

Wei Wuyin nodded. He turned towards Zuhei, ”You can go. ” 

Zuhei ’s closed eyes opened slowly. A formless and immeasurable presence was conjured simply by this action. Those scarlet eyes embodied the essence of slaughter and battle will, so when they opened, this essence coalesced into an atmospheric tension that everyone felt within the depths of their hearts.

”Finally. ” 

Crack. Crack.

Zuhei cracked his neck to the side, lifting his body in a leisurely and lazy fashion. With his bare feet, he slowly walked towards the platform with a gait that defined what it meant to be relaxed.

Su Mei watched as Zuhei moved with a little bit of a pout. Since she had made a recent breakthrough in her cultivation, she became slightly competitive. She didn ’t feel she was inferior to Zuhei, but Zuhei was Lord Wei ’s claws and fangs. She didn ’t dare to interfere with Wei Wuyin ’s plans.

From the beginning, Zuhei was assigned to become the winner of this competition. Wei Wuyin and her participation was mostly due to an impulse after the bet with the Alchemist Association, including a back-up plan in the event of a variable emerging. 

If Wei Wuyin hadn ’t held Zuhei back during the beginning of the Trial of Combat, perhaps this entire trial would ’ve ended already. After all, only Da Shan was the reason for him being put on the sidelines. 

When Zuhei stepped onto the platform, his information was cleanly displayed. 


Myriad Monarch Participant.

Soul Idol Cultivation.

Spirit Points: 3,750.

# of Continuous Victories: 0.

His points caused an uproar amongst the crowd! So much! And as a Soul Idol Cultivator?! This…

An abject sensation of fear emerged in the hearts of most, as they involuntarily gulped a wad of saliva at the implication. To earn so many points, one had to subjugate an incredible number of beasts or overcome numerous high-level trials in the Trial of Light. 

”Finally! ” Another voice loudly sounded as a figure waltzed onto the stage. When that figure arrived on the stage, their information was similarly revealed like all the others.

Lin Ming.

Elemental Heaven Participant.

Soul Idol Cultivation.

Spirit Points: 3,625.

# of Continuous Victories: 0.

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