Paragon of Sin

Chapter 298: G.S.T End of Light

The chaos on the planet continued, and while those above had mostly understood the outcome, not every participant had the same observation opportunity and knowledge. There were some who didn ’t allow their curiosity to overwhelm them. Instead, they found and challenged the pillars of light in hopes of earning sufficient spirit points to enter the next trial.

Therefore, while those who spectated Wei Wuyin and Zuhei ’s clash wasn ’t small, it also wasn ’t everyone. 

Several hours after Wei Wuyin confirmed the order to sweep away everyone nearby, Su Mei and Zuhei had finished their tasks. When they returned, there was barely any hint of exhaustion or injuries on them. This was a clear revealment that their foundation and strength eclipsed the others too much.

Wei Wuyin eyed them both, eating some dried fruits while sitting on a rock. ”How many? ” He inquired as he chewed.

”Roughly sixty percent of all participants, ” Su Mei answered. She took a soft breath, her saber hilt gripped slightly, a hint of restlessness within her eyes. It was clear that her battles had invigorated her spirit, and she was somewhat dissatisfied by her opponents. Regardless of what, Su Mei had a warrior ’s spirit. The amount of battles she participated in during her enrollment in the Scarlet Solaris Sect was many.

After all, the Scarlet Solaris Sect was not all that peaceful. 

Zuhei snorted, ”Too weak. ” There weren ’t many Soul Idols within the experts, so he could only reinforce and order his canine army to sweep their way through all enemies. He didn ’t have a Gold-Starred Beast in his army, but the sheer numbers and coordination made them horrific to fight against. Furthermore, each canine had their own respective abilities that, if used in tandem with their fellow brethren, was very difficult to defend against.

He had tried to hunt some Soul Idol experts, but Su Mei was frighteningly quick. She was like a ray of light as she arrived and finished most of them in the matter of ten or so moves. It was quite a humiliating sight, because she didn ’t even need to manifest her Soul Idol.

This once more reaffirmed her belief of Wei Wuyin ’s astounding capabilities as a nurturer. He had only been invested in for a few years, but many of these talented youths had decades or centuries of top-tier nurturing from their so-called elite forces. It was quite embarrassing that their cultivation base was pathetic, their foundation lacking to a horrendous extent. 

Su Mei didn ’t disagree. Her dissatisfaction stemmed from this very fact. Her opponent ’s were far too weak, unable to match her standards. Quite a few of these so-called talents hadn ’t even birthed Intent. Considering the Mortal Star Formation Trial gives a slight blueprint of Intent to the cultivator ’s mind, this was quite embarrassing.

Wei Wuyin noted their pillars were far brighter than before. Even if he didn ’t take action, he would still be able to earn his way into the third trial. That being said, he still intended to enter some challenges and test the Myriad Monarch Sect methods. 

Wei Wuyin said, ”You two can find pillars and take their challenges. If you ’re lucky, you might find a true challenge amongst them worth overcoming. ” He pouted for a moment, then added: ”This trial was meant to temper you both, but since we ’ve colluded to this extent, the trial has been decided. The only variable is that youngster that had arrived before. ”

Wei Wuyin briefly recalled that he didn ’t know the name of this youngster, simply his status and inheritance. This included his mysterious relationship with that gorgeous woman that even shook his heart to this day. If he met her again, if she wasn ’t taken by another, he might make a move.

Considering his status, abilities, and wealth, he had very little self-doubt when it came to courting others. Even if her standards were a little high, it can ’t be beyond a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, no? Moreover, he can be considered a cultivation genius.

When he thought to this point, he gave off a light smile. Understanding one ’s own identity was important, and if it wasn ’t for the looming calamities that sought to obliterate his soul and body, then perhaps he would ’ve made different moves. His desire to establish his own business, have a harem of over ten world-toppling women, and more near its completion. 

”Understood, ” Su Mei nodded. She didn ’t delay any further and shot off to her azure-scaled snake, already slithering off somewhere. Zuhei gave Wei Wuyin a bow, about to leave, but he halted for a moment and looked at Wei Wuyin ’s pondering face.

”Master, in the third trial, if we meet, will you use your full strength? ” He wasn ’t an idiot, and Su Mei ’s words were definitely not for nothing. Wei Wuyin ’s true strength lay in his saber, and if that ’s the case, then his Saber Intent and Saber Force must be several times stronger, even foundation-wise.

Wei Wuyin was disturbed out of his nonsensical thoughts, looking at the solemn expression of Zuhei. He could only shake his head, ”Unlikely. ” His words left Zuhei somewhat dismayed, but the next words enlightened him.

”I haven ’t used my full strength before, but it is divided into many different components. While my saber contains my highest killing strength, its not my highest combat strength. Also, if I used everything, you as you are…you couldn ’t withstand half a move. To be honest, I suffered heavily from the incident before, and my full strength isn ’t even able to be brought fully forth. ” Wei Wuyin didn ’t hide the truth. His current bodily state had an exhausted Bloodline Source, this limited his abilities heavily to begin with.

He had the mysterious Zenith Origin State, a four centimeter-sized Astral Cores, Elemental Origin Intent, Heart of Saber Intent, Alchemic Eden Force, and Draconification. If his cultivation methods, arts, and spells were excluded, his cultivation strength might exceed even a Grand Imperial Sage-level character. While the intricate cultivation level benefits might instantly defeat him, unable to be underestimated, in terms of sheer foundational strength, he was unmatched.

Zuhei went silent for a moment. In the end, he decided to wholeheartedly accept the situation, change his way of thinking. Wei Wuyin wouldn ’t lie to him, his manner of speaking and actions always forthright and clear. If Wei Wuyin said that he wouldn ’t last half a move, it meant he definitely could not withstand 51% of his strength. Moreover, it was only his current self. If he cultivated his body to the extreme, his bloodline strength reaching heights beyond his imagination, would he still be unable to match Wei Wuyin? 

Who knew.

Nodding, he whistled and shot off with his army of canines.

Wei Wuyin sighed. If he wasn ’t confident in his strength, he would never reveal it in this challenge. Thinking of this, he looked at the sky and pierced through until he located the Myriad Monarch Planet floating within the Dark Void.

”Old man, with all eyes located here, you should be using this time well. Don ’t disappoint me, ” his words were softly said, but it would shock many as the underlying meaning seemed to contain heaven-shaking implications.


While Wei Wuyin ’s words were said wistfully, they coincidentally coincided perfectly with another event. On the Myriad Monarch Planet, a grey-haired old man with grey robes floated above the eighth level of the Sky Layer. He looked at the last layer of sky and outwards to the Dark Void, his aura surging and powerful.

”Little Owner, let ’s see if these old bones could overturn this era. Who knows, perhaps it ’ll be my era next. ” As those words escaped his lips, a hearty laughter echoed, but his aura continued to rise and produced devastating wind storms within the folds of the Sky Layer.

This was Tuo Bihan.

And this was his Astral Tribulation, the legendary Seventh Astral Tribulation that had ended numerous lives: the World Genesis Star Tribulation!!

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