Paragon of Sin

Chapter 296: G.S.T Decided

wo hundred times less.

While many hadn ’t seen Zuhei ’s size, with his nine-ringed Soul Idol that hadn ’t appeared for who knows how many centuries and millennia, this was frightening enough.

Qingye Yun ’s eyes flickered with defeat. But a moment later, he regained his composure. He was the Alchemist Association ’s Association Master, so while others could wallow in defeat and loss, he absolutely couldn ’t.

”We ’ll lose this bet, but that ’s fine. It ’s just unfortunate that we ’ll have to resort to other means, ” his words forced many to accept the reality before them. They had underestimated the Myriad Monarch talents, underestimated Wei Wuyin, but that ’s fine.

The young girl beside him turned her pretty head towards Qingye Yun. Beneath her veil, an expression that was indeterminate flashed alongside a little self-pity. If others were allowed to witness that look, perhaps they would feel the need to hug her tightly in comfort.

Qingye Yun felt the gaze, his expression like tempered steel. He didn ’t turn to face it but said, ”Don ’t worry. As long as you ’re confident in your skills, your life and fate will still be your own. Always remember that. Furthermore, you have something he lacks. ” 

When those words were said, the self-pity beneath the veil vanished, replaced by a renewed confidence. That was right…

Even if Wei Wuyin was an astonishing alchemist and genius, she was a true Alchemist! She was the first since the King of Everlore to possess an Alchemic Astral Soul! 

Her eyes turned to the screen that displayed Wei Wuyin ’s nonchalant figure that sat down as he watched the ensuing chaos. She whispered to herself words only she could hear and only she knew.


The Myriad Monarch Sect ’s abode was in utter shock, wry smiles on their faces. Many of the elders who knew of Wei Wuyin ’s style of doing things couldn ’t help but reveal that type of smile. It had merely been a few years but this youngster was domineering and shocking in everything he did.

Now, he watched while casually sitting as his subordinates eliminated all around, even other Myriad Monarch Sect participants. Wasn ’t this a little too vicious? A little too casual?

Ji Changkong ’s expression was dark as he saw Shudao besieged by wolves, his sword and saber flashed about with various lights as he dual-wielded valiantly. But in the end, a serpent shot out from underground like a ghost in the night and encapsulated his figure in a blink of an eye. He was left with no choice but to crush his tablet.

If it wasn ’t for the serpent ’s unwillingness to kill, perhaps Shudao ’s momentary hesitation and reluctance to depart while entrapped would ’ve led to him becoming a bloody stain on its scales.

When he saw Shudao eliminated thus, his heart cried out. But what could he do? He might be a Grand Imperial Sage respected throughout the generations, but if this trial had revealed one thing, even if that thing hadn ’t been revealed before, it was that Wei Wuyin was an existence no one can offend.

If he was the next King of Everlore, he was all their hopes in extending their lives and becoming like the Myriad Monarch Grand Monarch in legends, to become an existence that exceeded the Astral Core Realm! Even if he wanted to cry out his woes, who would listen? Who would dare?

Qin Rui and Yao Zhen were already calm. That was because their hopes were either already safe or eliminated already. Yao Zhen, who was known as irritable to an extreme limit rather easily, only calmly laughed at his own descendant being eliminated by the forces of beasts.

”Well, this competition has been decided, ” Qin Rui remarked. The elders watching agreed with a nearly unconscious nod. In truth, when Wei Wuyin revealed his one centimeter-sized Astral Core, they knew the outcome.

This was because even if the Alchemist Association somehow produced a Spatial Resonance Phase expert, just Wei Wuyin ’s sheer foundation would be able to drown him. After all, his Astral Core Foundation exceeded Tuo Bihan by double, which meant he had double the Astral Force quality as their strongest Grand Imperial Sage.

While it lacked the quintessential benefits of cultivation stages, it couldn ’t be something these youths with very little combat experience could overcome, especially some newly ascended Spatial Resonance expert with less than six months to familiarize themselves with their cultivation base.

This was further reinforced when Zuhei revealed the fabled nine-ringed Soul Idol. The trial lost its point after that. After all, each ring was a multiplicative increase to one ’s energies. Who could match this? Even though they saw the six-ringed hidden expert of the Alchemist Association, was that even a comparison?

Perhaps there would be some excitement if Zuhei and Wei Wuyin were enemies, but the fact of reality was that they weren ’t. One was clearly a wholehearted subordinate of the other… 

To these elders, how could they not know Zuhei ’s background? His fate? His destiny that had been overturned by Wei Wuyin ’s whim? Once set to rot in a cold, bleak cell, he was now free displaying a foundation, talent, and ability that left them in utter awe.

Let ’s not even think about that black-haired young woman with the saber, eliminating Soul Idols of the elite forces like she was reaping cabbages. Terrifying!

”Haha… ” An elder who supported Wei Wuyin, even having done many things for him, couldn ’t help but laugh lightly. This laugh was low but unnaturally contagious as a phenomena emerged.

”Hahaha… ”

”Hahahahaha… ”


A cascade of brilliant laughter resounded, cascading into a cacophony of excitement and relief. These old elders and those of elite status were laughing at the situation, whether at the absurdity or something else, no one really knew.

Even Ji Changkong started to laugh alongside them.

One abode filled with dark expressions, one abode filled with laughter, while the rest of the spectators were filled with shock, disbelief, and a tinge of horror.

The world was about to undergo a brilliant shift.

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