Paragon of Sin

Chapter 294: G.S.T Two Moves

Wei Wuyin ’s words caused both Zuhei and Su Mei to stiffen. After a moment, Su Mei softly sighed and sheathed her saber. She stepped away, no longer barring Zuhei ’s path. To her, this battle wasn ’t ideal. It wasn ’t due to the trial itself, but as a form of protection towards Wei Wuyin.

She knew that his strength was currently unknown by the general populace, none of the juniors today were likely able to force out any of his power, but Zuhei was different. Wei Wuyin had specifically nurtured him so that his combat ability was to the extreme limits, capable of establishing a nine-ringed Soul Idol. If Zuhei thrust out all of his trump cards, then if there were hidden threats that sought him harm, wouldn ’t they have an advantage?

However, her worries weren ’t ignored by Wei Wuyin. With a slight smile, Wei Wuyin lifted his hand and retracted his thumb and pinky. ”Three moves, ” Wei Wuyin declared.

Zuhei ’s excitement was doused slightly, but then he nodded. He wasn ’t going to receive an inch and demand a mile.

”This is only the second trial, not suitable to have a full-on clash. But I understand what you desire, so I ’ll act as your sparring partner, ” Wei Wuyin explained. The Trial of Light had just begun, if their comprehensive combat abilities were similar and the fight too long-lasting then others might be able to profit. While he was unafraid of such acts, he didn ’t want to deal with such an event.

”If we make it to the third stage and is matched up by fate, then we ’ll have no issues unleashing all of our strength, ” Wei Wuyin comforted Zuhei after witnessing the light in his eyes dwindle slightly. He didn ’t want to outright deny Zuhei, so this was the best alternative. An exchange of three moves.

”Yes, Master. ” Zuhei wholeheartedly accepted the conditions and explanation. It was only due to Wei Wuyin ’s words that he realized that his actions were essentially jumping the gun. The current trial was set to accumulate points and eliminate participants, and there was still a trial after where combat was the only and most important detail.

The cacophony of sounds that originated from the beasts within the background started to slowly grow silent. An invisible, palpable aura started to permeate throughout the surroundings. The wolves clenched their teeth and retreated in unison. Zuhei hadn ’t given them any form of orders, but they instinctively felt a chill down their spines that instilled fear. They retreated off this instinct.

As for the Gold Star Beasts, they quieted down instantly. Their instincts were even sharper, and they had a premonition of something dangerous. Their hairs, feathers, and scales rose from this invisible aura.

Wei Wuyin and Zuhei stood with a small distance between them, their cultivation bases circulating without any impressive display, but a surge of boundless intent emanated from both of them. Zuhei ’s Intent was filled with an innate savagery, bloody and ferocious. Wei Wuyin ’s Intent was all-encompassing, seeping into the air, moisture, earth, and plantlife.

They hadn ’t exchanged a single physical blow yet but their intent had already integrated within the world in an invisible clash.

In the distance, Lin Ming stood atop his elephant-like beast with a solemn gaze. He had arrived a short while ago, and he had just bore witness to Wei Wuyin and Zuhei ’s invisible clash. He frowned, ”Battle…Slaughter…Elemental?! ” He tried to determine the various intents within the ambient air, and he felt as if the world, a bloody battlefield, and the essence of savagery was distilled within.

He was quite familiar with Elemental Intent. As someone who comprehended Elemental Origin Intent, combining all nine elements into one, he couldn ’t be anymore familiar. But this intent was slightly different than his own. It felt segregated and as if it were numerous intents instead of simply one. It was divided yet together.

He felt fire, water, earth, and wood. He didn ’t feel directly Elemental Origin Intent but he felt its essence. He couldn ’t help but be confused. ”Is this a haphazardly formed Elemental Origin Intent? Or is he combining several intents forcefully via an art? ” As he delved deeper into the intricacies in this intent, he became increasingly befuddled.

This wasn ’t an indicator that he lacked talent or intelligence, but simply the qualities exceeded his preconceived notions and knowledge. While both he and Wei Wuyin had comprehended Elemental Origin Intent, Wei Wuyin had obtained the blueprint to the Heart of Elements Intent. While he couldn ’t exhibit its truest power, he had means to mimic its qualities.

Furthermore, his intent was perfectly merged with the world ’s mana, giving it an even more elusive feeling. The Zenith Origin State was beyond the realm of the Astral Core Realm, exceeding the knowledge of experts at this level, regardless of how far they ’ve reached.

The innumerable spectators above and beyond were enlivened by this invisible clash. While they couldn ’t see or comprehend what was going on, there was a faint distortion on their screens due to the various intents interfering with the world ’s spiritual transmission arrays. This, to them, was a prelude to a grand battle.

Not everyone was aware of Zuhei ’s identity or his connection with Wei Wuyin, so they felt that a grand and chaotic battle to claim the most Spirit Points were about to erupt in dazzling glory.

Zuhei, on the other hand, was internally feeling an unfathomably pervasive pressure unlike any before. His entire body, down to his cells, were stimulated and roaring in reaction to withstand it. Even his Slaughter and Battle Intent was slowly being shaven away, dwindling with each passing moment. A tinge of apprehension emerged in his heart.

A battle, unseen, had already commenced. The first move was unleashed and it was a battle of intent and mana, attacking the mentality of the opponent. Zuhei, as an apex predator, excelled at this type of contest to a point of unfairness. He could instill fear through his savage and feral aura, promoting chaos and hesitation in one ’s heart. At that prime moment, he would lunge for the throat and aim for the kill. Unfortunately, Wei Wuyin ’s momentum and intent was unshakeable. It kept building without end.

”…! ” After several breaths, Zuhei felt as if the world was enclosing around his body. He felt the particles in the air, be it oxygen, the moisture, the ambient gaseous, and even the heat, was acting against him under the orders of an elite commander. This commander brokered no mercy.

Zuhei ’s lips twitched as the pressure soon became unbearable. He opened his mouth to reveal a set of sharp canine teeth, his scarlet eyes seemingly became wild and unrestrained.


He fiercely roared, his hands formed claws, but he didn ’t strike out as his bloodline powers invigorated his physical body. He shot back like lightning, as if he had escaped the confines of a cage with sheer force. His posture shifted from standing to that resembling a four-legged beast as he dragged his feet and claws across ground for hundreds of meters.

The sudden retreat startled everyone, except Su Mei and Wei Wuyin. The former ’s lips lifted into a slight smile while softly shaking her head. The latter lifted two fingers and said with a clear tone, ”Two moves left. ”

Wei Wuyin ’s Elemental Origin Intent was the combination of nine intents merged together into a singular whole. While each independent Intent pales in comparison to Zuhei ’s Slaughter or Battle Intent, together they were endlessly superior. They were unbreakable and unshakable.

Zuhei bared his fangs as his scarlet eyes met the calm expression of Wei Wuyin. He knew he had lost the first exchange. With a calm breath, he fixed his posture and stood upright, regaining his handsome appearance. But within those scarlet pupils, there was no longer a fierce and confident light. There was only the light of severity.

He now knew that Wei Wuyin ’s strength truly was unfathomable. Just that brief moment of clashing in intents, he felt the difference in profoundness and quality between the two.

Wei Wuyin abruptly said, ”If you could merge your Intents, then use your Soul Idol as a medium, I would have no way to challenge that with this Intent. You still have much room to grow. ”

Zuhei ’s mind relaxed. These words comforted his thoughts, and once more reignited his desire for battle. But while Zuhei missed the subtleties within Wei Wuyin ’s words, Su Mei and a few other intelligent individuals had not.

”I would have no way to challenge that with ’this ’ Intent. ” The usage of the word ’this ’ meant untold volumes.

Despite missing this, Zuhei had decided in his heart to make the most of the next two moves. His scarlet eyes sharpened to an extreme, his aura started to rise as a turbulent wind seemingly sprung up from nowhere and started to wildly thrash about. An explosive set of heartbeats erupted, originating from his body like a wardrum.

As his heart started to react, so did the Astral Soul that resided within it. A being of nearly divine quality started to manifest behind his back.

This exchange of three moves was far from over.

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