Paragon of Sin

Chapter 291: G.S.T Converging

changed to horror.


The image of Wei Wuyin fighting and dominating three Gold-Starred Beasts remained fresh in the spectators ’ minds. As for those who unknowingly missed it live, they were immediately given various recordings of the event. It was a horrific representation of strength that caused endless exclaims of awe and a subversion of conventional belief. They had thought that Heavenly King Wei, a potential Alchemic Emperor, was a carbon copy of the King of Everlore.

The title Prince of Everlore had unwittingly overlapped the legends and stories of the King of Everlore with his own. Furthermore, the Princess of Everlore had exacerbated this issue. She had a confirmed Alchemic Astral Soul. This meant, just like the King of Everlore, she had little to no combat abilities.

But watching the awesome scene of Wei Wuyin devastating the beasts until one fled far in an attempt to escape with its life had overturned this image. Wei Wuyin wasn ’t a carbon copy of a legend, no…he was far, far more terrifying.

When those with keen minds and ample foresight witnessed his light shot into the sky and act as a sign on the same grand level as the North Star, they realized this wasn ’t going according to the normal script. Furthermore, the various pillars of lights, which represented these hot-headed and youthful elites, were already converging. Whether out of curiosity of what such a blaring light meant or a desire to test oneself against a heavenly genius, it attracted a majority of those present.

When these lights started to converge with purpose, the expressions of those watching turned pale from fear. Not for Wei Wuyin, but those rushing forward in the maw of uncertainty.


A young woman with black hair and pure black eyes directed her gaze towards the grey-colored light that pierced into the sky. There was no other light that matched it. In fact, its intensity was so great that the immediate hue of the sky in the range of tens of thousands of miles had turned greyish.

Her valiant beauty was highlighted as a slight curve of her lip revealed a smile, an expression that had rarely surfaced before. As a rare sight, those who missed it were merely out of luck.

”Lord Wei, ” beneath Su Mei was an azure-colored serpent with scales that rippled like water. She lightly used her index finger to tap it and its gigantic head lifted. Without hesitation, it started to slither through the forestry and fields, its destination: Wei Wuyin ’s light.


”AH-WOO! ” A cacophony of howls erupted. Hundreds of various beasts of canine lineage faced the grey light that pierced through the sky. Zuhei stood at the center of this impromptu pack, clearly the alpha that commanded the rest. His scarlet eyes lifted and met the brilliant grey light that outshone the rest.

”Master. ” Zuhei ’s expression similarly lifted into a smile, but it contained a hint of vicious and combative intent. From where he stood, he took a step. His figure vanished and the pack of wolves numbering hundreds howled in a unified manner before dashing off, causing the rumbling of the earth with their powerful legs.


”Yawn! ” A handsome young man was riding an elephant through the forest with a casual and carefree manner. A spear in hand, he was rather laid back. When his jade tablet shot into the sky and colored the immediate sky silver, he sighed.

He had two hundred and fifty points, having tamed a Gold-Starred Beast with his own power. If Wei Wuyin was the most dazzling pillar of light that painted the sky, then he was definitely the second or third most. Yet most hadn ’t even realized his brilliance and feat, their eyes focused on Wei Wuyin instead.

”Oh? ” His eyes widened slightly as he noticed a grey-colored pillar of light shot into the sky. The intensity was nearly eight times greater than his own, shocking him slightly. A trace of seriousness emerged between his brows for the first time in years.

”Did this person gather an army of Silver-Starred Beasts? I wonder who… ” Considering the purpose of the Trial of Beasts, it made sense that some beast-tamers who focused their cultivation towards that direction would be able to achieve such feats. Furthermore, beastmen had a slight advantage when facing and subduing those of a similar species.

For example, Zuhei was someone from the canine lineage as a whole and his bloodline pressure could easily subdue those of that nature. To further this thought, canines usually traveled in groups and packs, so it would be easier to develop or grow their forces. If an aquarian or avian beastman appeared, it wasn ’t entirely impossible to gather a school of fish or flock of birds as an army.

”Well, whatever. I want to see who has this ability. ” The elephant-like beast trumpeted its three trunks and made way towards the light. In the wake of its path was crushed ground and fragments of trees.


Wei Wuyin realized from this development rather quickly that he wouldn ’t have a moment of rest unless he demonstrated an invincible ability, leveraged his status, or hid. Unfortunately…the last two weren ’t his style.

’Whatever. ’The light shrug of his shoulders carried a sign of apathy but the glint of excitement that flickered at the edge of his eyes betrayed his expectations.

It wasn ’t long before the ground startled to rumble as numerous figures started to make their way towards his directions. From the distance…he heard…howls?

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