Paragon of Sin

Chapter 288: G.S.T Wu Yus Desire

The spiritual transmission sent by Wu Yu to Long Chen was swift, brief, but from Long Chen ’s ever-changing expression, it was shocking. Those originally bright, pure, and unyielding pupils were in a state of perpetual shaking. His hands clenched, mouth ajar, and body trembling was very telling.

Wu Yu ’s wolf ’s eyes flashed with an emotional light. It was unbefitting to a Grand Monarch, as if he was making a difficult choice that must be made. But seeing Long Chen ’s reaction, his heart that had been softened and influenced by this young man ’s presence had clearly affected him.

He sent another spiritual transmission, causing Long Chen ’s head to abruptly jerk as his eyes widened. ”Y-you…Senior… ” Long Chen ’s current state was almost indescribable, his emotions were going haywire without any support, and he felt as if his world was collapsing.

He had just lost Hong Ru.

’Why did this have to happen? ’

That single sentence lingered within his thoughts as those eyes of his finally lifted to meet the silver radiance of the Titanic Mudworm Snake ’s eye. For a moment, he saw a flash of a figure that had been a blight on his life since the beginning. From his oath to Na Xinyi, to their fight on the Myriad Yore Continent, to his name being in the mouth of everyone, and more. Now, he stood beforehand a creature that wasn ’t him, yet his heart felt a sensation of being stifled to the extreme.


Wu Yu ’s Shadow Moon Wolf collapsed. It was merely a corpse without his spiritual influence. The act of possession was a very rare, evil method that forced out an individual ’s sea of consciousness and claimed their body. This effectively killed them, sending them into heaven ’s embrace.

It was an act that only those who ’ve obtained the realm beyond Astral Core, a realm beyond the Mortal, could achieve. Their mystical powers were boundless, limited by talent, time, and strength.

Wu Yu ’s spiritual light left the glabella of the wolf ’s corpse and entered his black ring. For a moment, it flickered with dim light as if making arrangements.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes were still closed in his Sky Palace. He halted the funneling of his elemental origin force into the serpent. There was a little disappointment within his eyes; Wu Yu was an exceptionally intelligent fellow. He was primed for a fight. He wanted to see how far Wu Yu could push a Star Beast with a Soul Idol ’s strength.

For example, the Shadow Domain that was conjured was terrifyingly strong. While it seemed to consume a vast amount of energy to use, it could block the Titanic Mudworm Snake ’s elemental force empowered strike. This strike easily entered a level of strength that exceeded the ordinary Spatial Resonance Phase expert.

To block it and do so instantly, it fascinated him without end. It didn ’t seem to be an innate bloodline ability of the Shadow Moon Wolf, as even he had never heard of it unleashing such power. If that was used in an abrupt assassination attempt, where one goes from a sneaky attack to summoning endless shadows from every direction that each had strength barely inferior to the original body, there would be no one in the Soul Idol Phase that could defend.

He felt even Zuhei would meet an unexpected demise. It was simply too fast, without warning, and influenced the spirit and mind. It was a true territory to establish an area of absolute death. If it wasn ’t for his serpent ’s terrifying physical defenses, it would ’ve been shredded by their fangs and claws.

Before he healed it, its state was horrific. Terrifying to witness as flesh, scales, and blood was splashed everywhere. It was the only reason he decided to send his elemental origin force within and not his saber force. But he was also a little hesitant because his saber was meant to kill. If he were to bring it out, a life must be taken.

While killing Wu Yu ’s Shadow Moon Wolf could be accepted, his heart didn ’t feel right. From the beginning, since he first learned how to wield a saber from his older brother, he had never taken out his saber unless to claim a life or save his own. This was a life teaching he held dear to his heart, a principle of the Saber Dao.

Perhaps it was this form of belief that formed his Saber Intent.

As for killing Long Chen? This wasn ’t the time, place, or opportunity to do so. The consequences of it might lead to his eight years to dwindle to zero. If his theory is correct, he might be forced to deal with two or even three calamities at the same time for his actions. He was prepared for the second, not the third.

This wasn ’t based on factual evidence or observing the worldly trend, but completely based on instinct. He had a similar feeling when he learned of Wu Yu ’s existence, a feeling that his action would lead to an insurmountable complication that could or will lead to an untimely and unjust demise.

”Is everything okay? ” Soft footsteps echoed behind Wei Wuyin. A figure emerged, basking in the sun ’s light. A gorgeous countenance was revealed that could be envied by an entire generation of women, and desired by all generations of men, appeared beside him.

Her emerald eyes that sparkled with a natural and warm feeling met his face. Wei Wuyin opened his eyes to see this, an unintentional warm curve lifted on both sides of his lips. Qing Qiumu had made incredible advancements from a month ago.

While he had to keep the grade of products a secret, her foundation had improved a considerable degree. While she couldn ’t be considered at Zuhei or Su Mei level of foundation, whose cultivations were supported by him thoroughly for five and nearly seven years, in a mere month, she wasn ’t far off from being top-tier in this era.

”Of course, ” he responded with a slight chuckle. Was his expression earlier somewhat unnatural? Well, whenever he thought about the Calamities of Hell, his mood typically shifted into a downpour of emotions. While he kept his Heart of Cultivation strong with an intent to challenge all obstacles for the sake of life and continued survival on the path of cultivation, his mentality was still affected by the possibility of failure.

In eight years, if his plans were useless, his soul would be cleansed and his body obliterated.

There would be no Wei Wuyin in this world.


The thought only caused him to keep making plans to establish himself here, contingency plans ensuring the safety of those he cared for, and for his name to continue to flow in the mouth of others for eras to come.

Qing Qiumu lifted her brow, clearly uncertain by his answer. In the end, she didn ’t press. Everyone had their internal thoughts and worries, and if they wished to share it, they would. She only said, ”Thank you. ”

Wei Wuyin was somewhat taken aback, responding without delay: ”For what? ”

Qing Qiumu saw the genuine surprise on Wei Wuyin ’s face, as if he was trying to think about why he deserved her thanks. This caused her smile to become even more brilliant. She had long since understood the importance of having an Alchemist ’s support in cultivation, and how it could rocket one ’s cultivation or improve one ’s innate talent.

But the amount of alchemists in this world was too lacking. The number of high-level products was incredibly low and hard to obtain. Despite having an entire mountain dedicated to the Creationist, which included Alchemist, Forgers, and Architects, it was still too rare.

In an astral territory of trillions, there were less than three hundred Alchemic Kings. These were the individuals with a minimum of five percent success rate with adequate concoction times. This meant out of a hundred products, they would succeed five times! Considering the notorious time to concoct products, this was hard to swallow.

Many Alchemists spend centuries yet never capable of becoming an Alchemic King.

Wei Wuyin, however, had provided her with three products of high quality. While she couldn ’t determine what they were, the fact her spiritual qualities tripled, her innate energies were further refined, her Astral Core was expanded, and her Mortal State had improved, she knew that these products were exceptionally rare and expensive. In a month, she had improved more than an entire lifetime of cultivation.

Yet, when she said thanks, his response was confusion. Her eyes grew misty for a moment. Wei Wuyin saw this and was startled, ”Is something wrong? ” Seeing his flustered expression, she only smiled and shook her head.

She recalled a phrase that her mother had once told her: ”In a true relationship, the most unnatural thing to say is ’thank you ’. ” It seems her words were true.

While Wei Wuyin panicked slightly at Qing Qiumu ’s misty eyes, truly shocked by her reaction, Wu Yu had finished making his arrangements.

Long Chen had his eyes fixated on the Titanic Mudworm Snake. The whites of his eyes had been tainted by faint lines of crimson. From the light within his pupils, he seemed to be teetering on the edge. This state only came to an end when the ring that had adorned his finger since young had left his hand for the second time since he obtained it, both seemingly caused by the same person.

Wu Yu floated beside Long Chen. He said, ”Remember: You ’re the next Grand Monarch of the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory. You don ’t need a crutch like this old man, giving you a sense of protection and safety. This era is primed for you to obtain, you must work hard, cultivate well, and never lose your sense of self. ” Those words were tinged with a warm, fatherly tone.

Long Chen ’s eyelids drooped, wetness suffused the corners of his eyes, and he wanted to…he didn ’t know what he wanted to do. While he understood the reasoning, while Wu Yu had explained that his interference here in the trial was telling that he was becoming overly reliant on his power, and that prevented him from making decisive actions, he didn ’t want to accept it.

But didn ’t he just order Wu Yu to kill his enemies? What type of Grand Monarch, a supreme Hegemon of an era, cried to his senior to handle his problems? Since he was young, there were only others who relied on their seniors to bombard him, to attack him shamelessly. To think he would fall into the same pattern of thinking.

He had no argument.

He wanted to push forward into the Martial Dao and ascend into a realm that exceeded the Mortal limits. If he relied on Wu Yu, how could he accomplish this? Wouldn ’t he just become another arrogant young master complacent at having better cultivation, talent, and strength than those weaker than him?

With clenched fists, he could only remain silent.

Wu Yu, on the other hand, could only sigh. Long Chen ’s recent display had been unbefitting of a Grand Monarch. This was a truth he had ignored because he had witnessed Long Chen grow from a young boy to a man, from a struggling youngster seen by all as trash to an elite of the cultivation world.

But he wasn ’t making this decision based on that. He was pushed into a corner, but this corner was like an Immortal Palace filled with endless benefits, enough gourmet food to eat for a lifetime, and a future. He had only seen this palace once before: It was the King of Everlore.

He couldn ’t bank on the unlikely chance that Long Chen will conquer the heart of the Princess of Everlore, nor did he have the time to wait. Wei Wuyin was the right and only choice.

He didn ’t speak. He had already told Long Chen what he needed to know. As for Hong Ru ’s death, he had informed him that if his cultivation base reached a high enough level, she might be able to be revived. But he didn ’t tell him about his actions of retrieving her mind and soul, this was to provide him with ample motivation.

Wu Yu slowly moved away. Long Chen jumped, a hollow feeling left in his heart. He spurted incoherently for a moment before gathering himself. A look of pure decisiveness entered his eyes, ”I will obtain your mantle, becoming a Grand Monarch. Then, I ’ll take you back. ”

Wu Yu had decided to leave with Wei Wuyin a second time, ensuring his safety and continued participation in this event. But this time, it was likely for longer than a few months.

Wu Yu formed an intangible and nearly transparent silhouette reflecting himself. Long Chen saw this grand, imposing figure and felt his heart burn ever brighter with determination.

Wu Yu said, ”I ’ll be waiting. ”

In his heart, however, he knew that it was unlikely that Wei Wuyin would simply allow this. In fact, he knew what Wei Wuyin ’s intentions were. The moment he decided to threaten Long Chen with crippling, he recalled Wei Wuyin ’s desire from before. Now that he was a Mortal Sovereign, that desire…

Wu Yu ’s figure vanished, and his ring flashed. The Titanic Mudworm Snake opened its maw, allowing the ring to enter its mouth before Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual force resounded.

”…On account of Na Xinyi, I ’ll forgive your insolence and offense. This time. ” The voice caused the world to slightly tremble, and the Titanic Mudworm Snake tunneled into the earth, vanishing from sight.

While those words were merely said as a throwaway excuse, back on the Myriad Monarch Sect, there was a pale-faced woman whose skin and beauty seemingly lost its shine, that was crying. Even after reaching his height, he still gave her face and considered her.

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