Paragon of Sin

Chapter 262: Your Choice

to be made known. It would be her choice to do so.

Qin Rui was startled, but she swiftly regained herself. Wei Wuyin was direct, and she liked that. Despite his potential, current status, and current ability, he didn ’t flaunt it around to impress or force, and merely made a gentleman ’s request that if, or when, she decided to live in the present, that she allowed him to court her in an above-board manner.

”I will. ” Her words were softly spoken, but it caused Ji Changkong ’s heart to fiercely throb in response. Even Tuo Bihan was shocked by her response. He didn ’t feel that Wei Wuyin had charisma to attract the birds, bees, gods, and ghosts, but his manner of doing things was very impressive. He nodded, clearly approving of Wei Wuyin ’s way.

He recalled when Ji Changkong had first heard this story. He had essentially sworn up and down that he would let her love again, and that he, as a man, would be able to bring her happiness beyond what the dead could. He essentially tugged at her in hopes of obtaining her, trying to even force her with contrast arguments. It did him little, and he became a pest.

Only after a beating did he slowly and quietly change his approach. Fortunately, he developed his Saber and Sword Intent, becoming sharper and prouder. He hadn ’t attempted to court Qin Rui for a long time.

This conversation was handled quickly. Wei Wuyin and the others landed, the gazes of everyone turning towards them. The three Grand Imperial Sages, famous figures that represented the peak strength of their sect! Even amongst the entire starfield, they were highly regarded. They also ran the three most active Extreme Mountains, and most of the disciples here belonged to the Extreme Origin Mountain or Extreme War Mountain.

They all had ties with the Extreme Creation Mountain.

Wei Wuyin stepped forward and swept his silver eyes over the group, noticing Qing Qiumu there. His eyes lingered slightly as he smiled, and she reciprocated with an enchanting smile of her own. It had been over a year since they last saw each other. Since she ascended to the ranks of experts, becoming an Astral Core Realm elite, Qing Qiumu had grown endlessly more beautiful.

When he saw her, while he hadn ’t revealed it outwardly, in his heart he was startled. His past comparison of Qin Rui and Qing Qiumu was unjust. Qing Qiumu blazed Qin Rui by a thousand miles, and even her aura wasn ’t that lacking. Her trifecta of innate wood-attributed gifts was truly bearing godly fruit. She had to be insanely popular in the sect, her sect-destroying looks were too intense.

In truth, Qing Qiumu had just come out of seclusion, so she hadn ’t had enough time to cause a commotion with the pressing event of the Monarch Spirit Trials, but there were already Sky Nobles and Heavenly Kings eyeing her. In the future, a storm of trouble would definitely follow beside her steps.

Beauty was a very powerful incendiary to the hearts of proud geniuses.

His eyes soon met Long Chen ’s for a moment and were met with a calm, cool, and sharp gaze in reply. It wasn ’t filled with provocation, but one couldn ’t help but feel as if it contained a thousand words while simultaneously looking down on you. If it was anyone else, they might find Long Chen ’s gaze annoying. And wished to snuff it. But Wei Wuyin had long since found Long Chen ’s entire existence annoying, so he remained unaffected.

Normally, these elites might be exchanging words or comments amongst each other, but with the Grand Imperial Sages present, they were silent as ghosts in the morning.

”My name ’s Wei Wuyin. I ’m a Heavenly King of the Extreme Creation Mountain and founder of the faction Ascendants. ” Wei Wuyin introduced himself, which brought all these young elites to a focus. Quite a few of them have had disconnected contact with Wei Wuyin, this revered and exceptional Prince of Everlore, so they were familiar with him.

A few had merely heard of his name and his looks. They knew he was a talent and in five years of studying at the sect, he concocted an eighth-grade pill that they were supposed to fight for today. While he hadn ’t received an official rank, everyone knew he was the youngest Alchemic King in recorded history. If it wasn ’t for the King of Everlore ’s curious past, which had not been well-documented, this might not be the case.

Furthermore, he was regarded as the Prince of Everlore without an Alchemic Astral Soul. This meant he had combat prowess. According to rumors, he could already rival Soul Idols at the First Stage of the Astral Core Realm. Now, he had reached the Second Stage and he wasn ’t even fifty years old.

While he ’s not the youngest recorded Sky Ruler, he was fairly close. His talent, looks, and abilities were peak-tier for any era.

Wei Wuyin realized no one was confused or shocked, so he continued. ”Many of you are Mortal Commons, Earthly Elites, and some are Sky Nobles and even Heavenly Kings, like me. You either belong to a faction or have established one for yourself. I know each one of you is proud, as you should be, and exceptionally powerful to have the confidence to participate. So I ’ll be direct.

”My faction, Ascendants, is open recruiting. Regardless if you don ’t belong to a faction, you do, or you are its leader, I ’m willing to accept you, ” Wei Wuyin spoke with a calm yet powerful voice. A clamor immediately started as the expressions of various individuals changed, a hint of uncertainty and confusion within.

Tuo Bihan finally recalled Wei Wuyin ’s words. He would use this as a platform to grow his own faction!

”If you are a leader of your own faction, I will not only accept you but any member beneath you that ’s willing to join. ” Wei Wuyin elaborated.

”You ’re asking us to disband our factions and follow yours? ” A Sky Noble asked, his voice contained clear dissatisfaction. To these young geniuses that worked their asses off to establish themselves, using years to handpick and recruit talented individuals, fighting for resources on continents and planets, it was unrealistic to think they wouldn ’t see this as outrageous.

”Yes, I am. ” Wei Wuyin answered.

”Why would we do anything like that?! ” A Heavenly King, a beautiful elven woman of Qin Rui ’s family line, asked with a hint of arrogance. To her, she had the overall backing of a Grand Imperial Sage. Furthermore, she fully intended to reach that level herself. While Wei Wuyin might be called the ’Prince of Everlore ’ he wasn ’t actually the King of Everlore ’s descendant.

He only concocted an eighth-grade pill using the planet ’s energies to supplement himself!

Her words were echoed in the words and eyes of the others. Before they were silent, but now they were active.

However, Wei Wuyin didn ’t explain. He didn ’t need to give them a speech or lure them with promises and bribes. Instead, he merely said: ”You don ’t have to. It ’s entirely your choice. But there won ’t be another open recruitment like this. Your ’decline ’ today will forever remain the same. ”

Long Chen was in the back watching, and when he heard Wei Wuyin essentially say that the others would have to live with their choices, regret and all, he sneered in his heart. How could these proud geniuses with endless ambition surrender their factions to you?

As he expected, many felt this was outrageous and ridiculous. While they wouldn ’t openly ridicule Wei Wuyin, they wouldn ’t cater to his every whim either.

”I, and my faction, accept! ” A delicate yet sharp voice resounded! Someone had spoken!

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