Paragon of Sin

Chapter 254: Da Shan

The destruction of his sky palace was quite detrimental to him. In this unintentional act of destruction, he had leveled everything from his alchemy room to his bedroom, and even his study. He had kept quite a few notes, scrolls, and books there with his ideas and thoughts on various methods.

Essentially, he placed his legacy here. In the off-chance he died abruptly, those of the sect would find and immortalize these written documents in the Martial King ’s Dao Palace and other libraries for the future generation. As such, while he was excited about his newfound power over the ambient mana, he was bitter in his heart.

With the utmost haste, he tried to salvage what he could. The entire sky palace collapsed, but there was barely any damage to his records. They were merely dusty and a little worse for wear but intact. After a quick sweep, he was met with the arrival of several members of the sect. They were Prime Imperial Sages and Heavenly Commanders.

They watched the destruction with shock in their eyes, unsure of what to make of this. A figure amongst them, a middle-aged beastman with turquoise gills and scales, called out to Wei Wuyin. ”Heavenly King Wei, what…happened? ”

His name was Blu, and he was a Heavenly Commander of the Extreme Creation Mountain. He was particularly skilled in the Dao of Design, possessing influence and status as an Architect of formations and arrays surrounding water energies and forces.

When the others landed and saw Wei Wuyin dressed in loose shorts and a t-shirt, they were confused and concerned. This young Heavenly King of theirs, this Prince of Everlore, always had various events happening around him. These events ranged from impressive to catastrophic. Regardless, they were always intense.

Wei Wuyin glanced at Blu, an awkward look on his face. He couldn ’t explain that he flexed a little and caused this accidentally, right? In the end, it was best to cover this up. ”I ’ve grown tired of this Sky Palace. I want a new one built, sturdier, and more impressive. ” His expression changed as he released an imposing and dissatisfied aura.

Blu started. Sturdier? More impressive? This sky palace took three decades of non-stop effort to create! He wanted to cry but no tears came. If it was anyone else of Wei Wuyin ’s age, he might ’ve slapped him silly for purposefully destroying decades of work. But it was Wei Wuyin, the Prince of Everlore, a Heavenly King, and favored of the Grand Imperial Sages.

He blew a hole in the sky, used the innate energies of the world for concoction, and had already concocted an eighth-grade pill before fifty years old. It was best if he restrained his thoughts and cater to his desires. Who knows, in the future, he might benefit from this decision.

With a nod, he said solemnly: ”I agree. This sky palace was poorly constructed and is unworthy of being in the eighth-grade. I ’ll personally have someone construct a better replacement immediately. ”

Wei Wuyin was a little startled inwardly. He wasn ’t ignorant of the work put into the sky palace, but it was for the best to admit intentional action than an unintentional fault in his eyes. Why? He didn ’t know, but he knew it ’ll lead to better results.

He nodded, about to head to that old man ’s Sky Palace when his footsteps halted. He glanced at his right arm, feeling shocked in his heart. Was he just influenced? Lifting his arm, he noted there was no deduction of Karmic Luck Value. However, he was certainly influenced.

To act without a stable reason in a certain direction, purely based on instinct. This was the basis of influence, right? His silver eyes darkened considerably, a hint of uncertainty within his eyes.

”Is it possible? ” He looked up from his arm, his Celestial Eyes observing the ambient mana that was faintly excited. It had calmed down somewhat, his will keeping it away with the gentlest of a push. ”There ’s no way, right? ” The confusion in his eyes became even greater, the degree of uncertainty nearly becoming solid.

He turned back and saw Blu inspecting the damage, his spiritual sense diligently observing the scene. Wei Wuyin knew he was seeing if any of the formation or array foundations could be salvaged. Noticing his gaze, Blu lifted his eyes to see Wei Wuyin ’s stare.

With a smile, he nodded. As if saying, ”I ’ll handle this matter. Don ’t worry. ”

Wei Wuyin kept his expression unchanged, but his heart shook. ’The Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity ’s Eye of Truth was described as being able to view the trend of the world, origin of all things, and unseen divinities. At first, I thought it meant becoming a Seer, like Ming Shufeng, but the wording in the manual was very oddly structured. ’

The trend of the world. What did that mean exactly? Fate? Destiny? Heavenly Daos ’ Will? Originally, it seemed to be about those three things, but as he learned and comprehended Mana to a greater extent, it might be simpler yet more profound. Could mana be used to read the trend of the world? Or was it the spy of the world, allowing a guesstimate of what could happen?

When he saw the excited mana surrounding him, wanting to rub against and enter his pores, he realized that it might ’ve allowed him to subconsciously perceive a trend of certain actions. If it wasn ’t for his deep understanding of how it feels to be influenced subtly to the point of near non-existence, he would ’ve missed it.

With the Bloodline of Sin, whenever the Heavenly Daos affected him, it would jolt him with a surge of pain and lead him to a conclusion to introspect his thoughts, beliefs, and memories to gauge what was not his own, had been twisted, or removed. ’The Bloodline of Sin only works for Heavenly Daos? Then, the Eye of Truth has to be a force that it can ’t sense. ’

It might be because the Eye of Truth had already become a part of him, but the true question in his heart was…why now? Was it the Zenith Origin State of his Astral Souls? Was it his Sky Pressure strength or compatibility with the world ’s mana? Did he finally meet some needed qualifications to view the trend of the world? And why was it so unclear? Why did it come as a subconscious feeling as if he was influenced?

He pondered for an hour on the spot, not moving an inch. His eyes were bright at times and dim others.

Only after an hour did his mind seem to click with a eureka moment.

It was information.

When he crossed the Void, he received a vast amount of information that encapsulated to the entire world. He knew it was merely a moment and was essentially a photo, but he couldn ’t process it. How could he? He was merely a mortal. His computational skills and processing limits couldn ’t grasp everything in the world, even if it was for a single moment. Matter of fact, a single air particle was so complex his head felt as if it was going to explode.

’The Eye of Truth is the processor, and it simplifies things for me to understand, sending it to my mind. I don ’t know the how, when, where, what, or who, but I do know that it ’ll lead to something beneficial to me. This is what I feel with the utmost clarity of my sanity. It ’s definitely different from the forced interference of the Heavenly Daos. It ’s more natural. No one is influenced, simply the world ’s trend that should ’A ’ happen then ’B ’ would be its end result. ’He felt as if a stifled wad of turbid air had left his chest.

This was fantastical and needed to be further explored. He looked at Blu, who was currently surrounded by subordinates who he had called. It had already been an hour, and he was still diligently working. Wei Wuyin decided to reward him.

His eyes brightened momentarily. He had felt the sensation again. It was subtle, near unnoticeable, but it was a feeling that this action was ’good ’ for him or his sect. This feeling was mystical, and while it wasn ’t the ability to view the future, and it wasn ’t certain that worldly trend might be interfered with by an equal or greater power, the Heavenly Daos for example, but it was beneficial for now.

He soon left. When he soared in the skies without wind astral force, those inspecting or making various calculations regarding building a new palace were violently startled. ”Sky Ruler! ” Blu noticed this immediately, his eyes bulging slightly.

No way!

A Sky Ruler at less than fifty years of age! He ’s also a future Emperor Alchemist! How much of a monster must you be?! In his heart, he decided to call in all his favors accumulated over the hundreds of years to establish the best Sky Palace in the shortest amount of time. He had to make a good impression.

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