Paragon of Sin

Chapter 250: Sky-World Lightning Tribulation

A month passed.

Wei Wuyin cultivated quietly within his chambers, his thoughts clear as he comprehended the cultivation manual named Saber. Surrounding his body was saber light that flashed endlessly, created out of the world ’s essence. While his normal cultivation was hijacked and driven by his Astral Souls, he still required to train in various spiritual spells, formations, arrays, and arts.

Since his talk with Tuo Bihan, he had a lot of free time under the guise of recovery. Despite the tsunami-like surging wave of news that swept the starfield of his potential Emperor Alchemist level abilities, he wasn ’t bothered by anyone. Even Tuo Bihan was quite accepting, merely verifying the truth of his abilities and acting on his own. There was no urgent ushering of Wei Wuyin to delve into concocting products that could help the production of Realmlords or anything of that nature.

He was quite surprised as Tuo Bihan seemed entirely unconcerned, merely handling the concealment work regarding the Stellar Manifestation of the Mortal Sovereign. That old man seemed more focused on that particular activity than anything else. It seemed that his suspicion regarding the outcome if his true abilities were ever revealed was far more catastrophic than he had originally calculated.

This inevitably brought forth an invisible pressure upon his shoulders.

”It ’s a little unfortunate that I can ’t concoct ninth-grade products freely. Numerous ninth-grade products are unimaginably beneficial to lower-phase experts. ” Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but pout his lips slightly at the thought. For example, the Spiritual-God Ascension Elixir that can enhance a Soul Idol beyond the nine-ring at the peak-quality or enhance all aspects of the Spirit to insane limits. If taken at the lowest-quality, it would allow a cultivator to have enough spiritual strength to establish an eight-ring Soul Idol at minimum.

Qi Fang merely had a three-ring Soul Idol despite being a purist. Even Tuo Bihan was endlessly praised and renowned for having a six-ring Soul Idol. With both a six-ring Soul Idol and six-ripple Spatial Resonance, Tuo Bihan undoubtedly claimed the strongest foundation of a human cultivator. It was this reason why he was considered the strongest human expert throughout the entire starfield.

”According to Tuo Bihan, the Stellar Manifestation of the Mortal Sovereign emerges each time a product is successful. If I tried to act as I normally do, concoct in practice a wide variety of products, the manifestations would be numerous and unable to be hidden away. ” The phenomenon was accompanied by the vigorous reaction of an entire planet ’s ambient mana, it was impossible to hide.

Tuo Bihan spat a theory that a formation at the highest level within the Astral Core Realm ’might ’ be able to halt its influence. While the Myriad Monarch Sect had one, it was truly linked to the innate energies of the planet. Using it would drain its strength and weaken the sect as a whole. Furthermore, it was only a possibility, not a certainty.

He would have to settle on waiting until he could solve this issue.

Luckily, he had found a possible solution: Heart of the World, World of the Saber Intent! It was merely a wild idea at the moment, but the Saber Heart Intent allowed him to exert his will upon the world ’s essence to convert it into saber essence. His idea was: if he ascended the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm, attaining the Sky Ruler Phase, then he might be able to exert his Saber Heart Intent upon the ambient mana.

The entire phase was defined by one ’s ability to innately control ambient mana. By doing so, he might, in theory, be able to sever the manifestation ’s influence with a Saber-type Formation. The idea might sound simple, but it was intricately complex and difficult to conceive.

Even King, the haughty and proud Astral Soul, was unsure if it was possible. While it would never admit it, Wei Wuyin felt its hesitance. This was the same as dominating a portion of the world ’s ambient mana and controlling what went in and out with sheer Intent. It was not an easy feat to imagine.

If he could do so, finding a secluded location and concocting ninth-grade products would naturally follow. With the support of ninth-grade products, his cultivation base would erupt into an inconceivable level by today ’s standards.

”All that ’s left would be to ascend, ” his words were accompanied by the halting of his cultivation. During this month, he wholeheartedly focused on honing his Saber Heart Intent and constructing an Astral Formation to accomplish this goal. Swiftly succeeding, the only thing left was to allow his Astral Souls to initiate and overcome the Second Astral Tribulation, the Sky-World Lightning Tribulation. While the second tribulation had another name, this was the one recognized by experts and elites who ’ve undergone it.

This was a stage he could ’ve attempted to assail long ago, his understanding of mana was phenomenally expansive and in-depth. With his Celestial Eyes, he could visibly observe mana in motion and undergoing its numerous and infinite variations. Merely comprehending a surface understanding was enough for his Astral Soul to link with the ambient mana of this world, forcefully calling upon the Sky-World Lightning Tribulation.

It was these Astral Souls of his that were unwilling to ascend without fully refining their Astral Core and expanding their World Sea to its utmost limits. This might ’ve been nearly impossible to achieve through standard cultivation, and if it wasn ’t for his excellent near-endless supply of Astral Sea Pills, it would ’ve been.

Thankfully, his Astral Cores were now thoroughly maximized. They were all four millimeters in size and contained enough astral force to drown a continent, likely even a planet. Due to its size, the innate quality of his astral force had touched upon the absolute limits of the First Stage of the Astral Core Realm.

He now needed to undergo the next step, refine his Astral Cores further, and then he could expand them to an even greater size.

Just as he was about to take this step, his three-layered ring glowed. His eyes lit up as a light of excitement flashed within. During this month, he hadn ’t stepped outside or allowed anyone in as he focused fully on this pressing problem. Because of this, he could only communicate with a few individuals. Amongst these individuals were Xue Yifei, his concubine.

Since he was restricted here to find a solution and upkeep appearances as to the difficulties of concocting an eighth-grade pill, he exchanged numerous messages with her to occupy his mind. When she learned he was on the Myriad Monarch Planet, she was startled. While Wei Wuyin couldn ’t deduce ’tone ’ from transmitted messages very well, he somewhat felt her disappointment.

Unfortunately, his Bloodline Source was still exhausted. Moreover, even if it wasn ’t, he couldn ’t bring her over. If he couldn ’t find a way to negate the Void Portal effects when traversing them, such as the lag, flash photo of information regarding all things in the present, and determine if non-Void Creatures could freely travel in that environment, he wouldn ’t dare bring her along.

That meant he had to wait for a new Void Gate to be established. Until then, they were restricted to this form of communication. He knew that in her heart she felt waves of disappointment. But as he sent over cultivation resources, methods, and a Heavenly Commander to guide her in cultivation, she felt the gratitude and happiness. Despite breaking the Bloodforge Continent ’s rules, no one objected considering his recent achievements.

It was just unfortunate that he couldn ’t have her next to him. As his only official concubine and publicly accepted female partner in the starfield, he could freely allow her in and out at this time.

In the end, he settled for witty exchanges and casual conversation. The more he talked to her, the more impressed he was about her intelligence and thoughts. She truly held some intriguing outlooks on certain matters and even had a down-to-earth vibe to her. Perhaps it was her background, her childhood, or her experiences as an adult, but he resonated with her on more than one level.

After reading her message, he replied with his own. It ’s only been a month and a half since he left, and she had already reestablished her cultivation and reached the Third Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, the Elemental Birth Phase. Her goal was to birth all nine elements. He had even suggested that she cultivate the Haven Heart Qi Method.

This suggestion shocked her as she heard the numerous ill things surrounding it, including its immense difficulties. But he felt that she could segregate the connections of her cultivation base, her Yin Dragon Soul connected with her dantian—a normal Heart of Qi, while her True Dragon Transmutation Art and Yang Dragon Soul connected with her heart, a Heart of Blood(line). They would both be Draconic Hearts, and she might find the opportunity to merge them both while assailing the Mortal Star Formation Tribulation.

If it was anyone else, he didn ’t feel it would be possible, but he felt she had all the pieces of the puzzle. In the end, she might be able to cultivate a Draconic Astral Soul that embodies Astral Force and Bloodline. Even if she failed, he had the means to allow her to restart.

This idea was actually formulated because of the very same difficulties poised to everyone by the Haven Heart Qi Method and the Sacred Elven Queen ’s success. When he first thought about Long Chen ’s success in merging his Natal Souls, he found it rare that no other elf or person succeeded after so many years had passed. Even though it was highly likely that the complete Haven Heart Qi Method was within the Sacred Light Palace.

It seemed too unlikely, unless there was a specific reason or thing that required success. A reason or thing that was impossible to obtain in this era. Making an educated guess, he felt that it was the Myriad Monarch Canon or something similar, an item revered for its ability to help cultivation that exceeded the Astral-Grade, that facilitated and allowed Long Chen ’s eventual success.

And he would be right.

Taking this into account, he felt that the Sacred Elven Queen, who was raised in the King of Everlore ’s era, had devised this method but used a complete Everlore Ascension Pill to facilitate her merging process. Due to its innate effects, the normal dangers or hindrances that would normally affect those with split Natal Souls in the Mortal Star Formation Tribulation would be reduced or negated entirely.

Again, he would be right.

Since he had an Everlore Ascension Pill, couldn ’t he ensure Xue Yifei ’s success as well? The thought of two Natal Souls, both Draconic in nature, one embodying Metaphysical Energy, another embodying Bloodline Powers, merging into a single entity felt unprecedented.

While in his heart of hearts, he kind of wanted to simply experiment with the possibility. He was still really looking forward to it while hoping for Xue Yifei ’s success. What unique creation would be birthed from this?

She inevitably was convinced and agreed with a hint of hesitation in her heart. At first, even with Wei Wuyin ’s assurances that he would allow her to restart her cultivation once more in the case of failure, she was against it. It was only when he off-handedly mentioned that the merged creation might be the apex form of a Draconic Astral Soul, birthing endless potential and establishing a boundless future, did she agree.

After all, her dream in life was to be renowned throughout the ages with her name. She wanted to live at the forefront of her life, not relegated as a foil for others. She was entirely reluctant to be that silent voice that supported, only mattering to her gloriously dominant partner as a trophy to parade, a source of emotional comfort, or when she was on her knees, back, or stomach.

Wasn ’t this why she agreed to become a concubine? The concubine of a talented alchemist with a title like the Prince of Everlore? To have his support in reaching that dream. Becoming the next Sacred Elven Queen with a twist was a very good start.

Wei Wuyin was waiting for her reply as he pondered on these matters. ”If she reaches the Astral Core Realm, merging her Yin and Yang Dragon Souls within her, and establishes an unprecedented Draconic Astral Soul…would her Primal Yin Energies be effective to my bloodline? ” This thought was out of the blue but caused him to dwell for several minutes as he became engrossed with the image of their future dual cultivation.

”Tch, ” he clicked his tongue as the imagery of Xue Yifei ’s perfectly-shaped and supple body melding with his own and her various lewd and orgasmic expressions elicited a natural male reaction. ”No wonder that demonic dragon couldn ’t stop pleasing himself to these thoughts. ”

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