Paragon of Sin

Chapter 244: Do It! Do It! Do It!

and above him stimulated his natural male instincts.

”Haaa… ” he sighed. While he could travel to the Bloodforge Continent via a Void Gate, returning was impossible for now. He didn ’t know how long it would take for his bloodline source to recover, and there was no pill or elixir at the eighth-grade that influenced bloodline source—only ninth-grade.

This meant becoming a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist. If he could concoct the ninth-grade, low-tier Everblood Source Pill, then recovering would be a relatively easy feat. This particular recipe was renowned for recovering, promoting, and birthing bloodline sources. This was typically used for Star Beasts like Xiao Bai or Beastmen who cultivated their unique Bloodline alongside their Natal Souls.

For example, Zen cultivated an Aquatic Astral Soul with her bloodline powers bestowed from her beast-side. She can, like him, tap into the powers of her bloodline and intermix it with her Aquatic Astral Soul. This was all due to her bloodline being an Aquatic Bloodline. With these two portions of strength combined, her power could not be underestimated. This was especially so when surrounded by water.

”Bloodline Source… it ’s essentially what generates my Essence Blood. I draw power from my Essence Blood to activate my Innate Bloodline Abilities. Essence Blood contains my purest bloodline strength and defines my power. My Mark of Myth ’s level determines the quality of my Essence Blood. When it is used up, I use my Bloodline Source to replenish my Essence Blood. However, if my Bloodline Source is exhausted, my ability to generate Essence Blood stalls. ” Wei Wuyin quietly recalled this information.

It was Anu ’s three Essence Blood drops that allowed him to refine legitimate True Dragon Essence Blood and travel the path of a Draconic Heart of Blood(line).

He felt depressed slightly. His two partners had left the planet after his departure, and Xiang Ling was in secluded cultivation with Long Tingyu. With Xue Yifei, he couldn ’t idle the time away with comfort.

”Why not try? ” Ori ’s voice resounded in his mind.

”Hm? ” Wei Wuyin ’s inner thoughts shifted as he focused on Ori. This Divine Elemental Soul was energetic and kinda childish, but it was definitely not unintelligent. In fact, it was likely smarter than Kratos and King. They both had difficulties conveying their thoughts, especially the former who spoke in vagueness that was borderline hairpulling. However, Ori was outspoken and clear.

”Try! Try! Try! You know, try to concoct the ninth-grade! ” Although Ori tended to come off a little…

Regardless, Wei Wuyin understood its thoughts. ”You want me to try concocting a ninth-grade product? ” The thought had occurred to him, but for some reason, he was slightly nervous in imagining himself doing so. This was the first time since he started concocting that he felt like this.

Perhaps it was because only the King of Everlore, a living legend of grand proportions, was the only existence in the entire starfield ’s written history to achieve this feat. In the entire Myriad Yore Continent, there were only three Emperor Alchemists. As for the entire starfield?

Less than twenty.

He hadn ’t even officially entered the ranks of Alchemic Emperors, and while he could concoct eighth-grade products, he never revealed this fact. While he did so mostly to ensure his shine wasn ’t too much of a threat to others before he gained enough strength to defend him, the truth was that…

The moment he concocted more than a hundred eighth-grade combat pellets, few in the entire starfield could threaten him. At that point, he could ’ve revealed his ability without fear. If enemies besieged the sect, he could just spend his time concocting pellets before allowing the Grand Imperial Sages to throw them at his enemies.

Who could defend such an assault?

The nervous itch didn ’t vanish. The mental reverence towards the King of Everlore was somehow entrenched in his thoughts. He wanted to reach his limits, but he also was terrified of failing. Considering he now had Alchemic Astral Force, ninth-grade products shouldn ’t be an issue.

He closed his eyes.

”You should do it! Do it! Do it! Who cares if you fail or not?! Do it! Do it! Do it! ” Ori was very energetic as she urged him to push forward.

”There ’s nothing we can not do, and no one we need to look up to, ” Kratos added. Its innate arrogance was clear. To it, it was a supreme existence.

”Ninth-Grade? Too low. ” King merely stated this with a sharp, biting tone filled with disdain and contempt. This was likely the most words it spoke at a single time, shocking Kratos and Ori. Four words?!

Eden remained silent for a moment, but the three Astral Souls were clearly ’looking ’ in its direction. In truth, Eden was the driving force behind the concoction. While Wei Wuyin essentially was the conductor and literal driver, and whether they succeeded or not was definitely a large part based on him, Eden still was what provided that strength.

His opinion on the matter was the utmost of importance. Furthermore, it was the one who decided who received what. They had long since treated Eden as a jolly grand existence, delivering presents for them to improve themselves.

”…Let ’s. ” Eden added only a single word, but it contained boundless confidence and desire. It was defined by the Alchemic Dao, how could it not wish to improve and touch the limits of Mortal Products? It wished to enter the realm of Mystic Products, touching upon the profound mysteries the world had to offer.

One day, it wanted to meet the sun and the moon.

Wei Wuyin grinned. He lifted himself off the bed and stretched lightly, ”Let ’s. ” The determination to concoct a ninth-grade product and enter the Mortal Sovereign Alchemist level blazed within his heart. This step will define his future; he felt it in his bones.

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