Paragon of Sin

Chapter 232: Gains & Consequences

The entire crowd was in utter awe! Wei Wuyin and Yuan Longshi ’s fight might ’ve been relatively short and one-sided, but it was quite the spectacle! Such domineering saber force, a ferocious transformation, and then an unexpected conclusion! This Prince of Everlore, the less than fifty-year-old Alchemic King, had combat power that ranked him within the top-tier talents!

Yuan Longshi could fight Qi Lang, a peak Mortal Captain and Continental Guardian, to the point they both became injured, but Wei Wuyin treated Yuan Longshi like a child. It was quite embarrassing really for Yuan Longshi, but exhilarating nonetheless!

Qi Lang ’s gaze was focused on Wei Wuyin who ’s transformation had been retracted. Wei Wuyin ’s actions were remarkably fast, and while it seemed like a long period of time, the process of him transforming, snatching something from Yuan Longshi, and kissing Xue Yifei was done on almost a blink of a mortal ’s eye. He doubted that anyone here actually noticed him take action besides himself.

And he was right!

But if Wei Wuyin had saber force and could draconify, then didn ’t that mean he had two…his eyes shrunk for a moment when a cold chill ran down his spine. He saw the de-transformed Wei Wuyin glancing at him as he slowly walked towards Yuan Longshi ’s body. His heart was gripped with untold fear.

He knew that if he revealed even a trace of hesitation in his thoughts, Wei Wuyin might eliminate him next. He unconsciously gulped and immediately verbalized a Spirit Oath. While he was up in the sky, he knew that Wei Wuyin could hear and understand him. It was only after he swore the most loyal-binding, tight-lipped Spirit Oath imaginable that the cold feeling dissipated.

His entire back was drenched in cold sweat and he could only heave out breaths of relief over and over. From what he knew, Wei Wuyin originally cultivated the Haven Heart Qi Method and it was said he was abandoning one of his Natal Souls to promote. While him reaching the Astral Core Realm so swiftly was shocking, it wasn ’t too unbelievable if the Emperor Alchemist and Grand Imperial Sage Tuo Bihan decided to offer some top-tier products.

However, if he broke through with two Natal Souls, then he had achieved the impossible. Even the Sacred Elven Queen, the one who devised the Haven Heart Qi Method, had only combined three Natal Souls together in the history of the Tri-Vision Starfield ’s history. The action of assailing the Astral Core Realm with two separate Natal Souls wasn ’t possible.

This was the conclusion of thousands of years of trial and error of countless elites. This had to do with the Spirits. Even if they ’re segregated, they aren ’t independent, so one had to combine them into one because a Natal Soul can only call forth a single Astral Tribulation.

If Wei Wuyin accomplished this feat, then…

Wei Wuyin no longer considered Qi Lang ’s thoughts after the Spirit Oath. He arrived before Yuan Longshi ’s unconscious body and glanced downwards. For a moment, he looked upwards towards the skies as if waiting for something.

”No lightning or spontaneous rescue? ” While he was speaking to the skies, he was actually asking the Heavenly Daos. But what he didn ’t know was that besides avoidance of conflict at the beginning for lower Karmic Luck Value Blessed intending to harm higher Blessed, there were no other safeguards.

It did not interfere with the conflicts of Blessed directly. This was bluntly described in the Scripture of Sin but the entire thing was cryptically written. Wei Wuyin had barely understood less than twenty percent of it.

With his expectations coming to a disappointing end, Wei Wuyin pouted slightly. He had devised so many plans for this event yet Yuan Longshi was quite disappointing. While his bloodline powers were of a higher grade, because of his Yang Dragon Soul and impure bloodline, they weren ’t very strong.

”Well, let ’s get this over with. What do you say? ” Wei Wuyin no longer had to worry about Yuan Longshi. His Celestial Eyes observed every inch of his body and it was beyond devastated. The moment his draconified state ended, his saber force infused with saber intent severed his meridians and spirit. He was thoroughly crippled and unconscious.

With a wave of his hand, Yuan Longshi ’s body lifted. His neck was drawn to Wei Wuyin ’s palm. With a light clutch, Wei Wuyin held his life and death within his palm—literally. He lifted a finger and gently touched Yuan Longshi ’s glabella. A seven-colored gorgeous light effused from his fingertips and entered Yuan Longshi ’s head.

Wei Wuyin closed his eyes for a moment as he peered into the unconscious Yuan Longshi ’s memories. He saw everything from the side of a spectator. He saw the injustice he suffused, his oath of revenge, how he met Xue Yifei, their first interactions which were cold and distant, and the chance encounter that linked their fates as one. He saw him fight, kill, and triumph.

It was a riveting set of memories that held emotions and excitement. Even in moments, he rooted for Yuan Longshi. Chased and hated, he overcame all obstacles and claimed his right as a renowned expert on the continent.

He even saw the other, explicit portions of his memories. His acts of self-pleasure and even the embarrassing flashes of images that carried Xue Yifei ’s face and body. A hint of irritation entered Wei Wuyin ’s heart for a moment and his grip tightened.

Despite being unconscious, Yuan Longshi made audible choking noises from this. It took a moment for him to realize that his emotions were somewhat affected by this. Was he the jealous type? It didn ’t seem so, yet he felt quite ticked at these memories.

He kept searching and found his other legacies. He was right; Yuan Longshi cultivated an Evil Cultivation Method and it revolved around blood and physical-based blood energies. It was this Evil Cultivation Method that enabled him to raise his Mark of Mortal Myth to a higher level.


As he explored more into it, he realized it wasn ’t an Evil Cultivation Method. It was called the…Bloodforging Mystic Method. It was a bloodline cultivation method that relied on specific materials that enabled physical energies and refined the heart thoroughly. It was originally split into three portions, and he had found all three portions in exciting adventures.

This method belonged to the Bloodforge Emperor. He was an expert during the King of Everlore Era and was a subordinate of the Grand Monarch Wu Yu. In fact, there were rumors that they weren ’t subordinates but sworn brothers. In Yuan Longshi ’s memories, this method was devised by the Bloodforge Emperor the moment he ascended the Mystic Ascendant Realm. It embodied his lifetime of cultivation insights.

”No wonder the Bloodforge Continent is treated differently than other continents. All these ’citizens ’ are descendants of the Bloodforge Emperor and the Myriad Monarch Sect is still protecting them, even giving them autonomy. How caring and respectful of Grand Monarch Wu Yu decisions and life. If one thing, it still has excellent principles. ” Wei Wuyin commented as he learned that this continent was created by the Bloodforge Emperor.

Yes, created! He created this flat continental earth for his descendants!

He could only pause in astonishment and lament at the awesome godly powers these legendary experts wielded. Even though he could destroy a continent like this, he couldn ’t hope to create something of this level or size at the moment.

When his Celestial Eyes saw the continent, he couldn ’t see any astral force signatures. It was so pure and real. ’It must be the power wielded by Mystic Ascendants. ’

After several minutes, he inspected Yuan Longshi ’s entire lifetime. He was five years younger than him, the same age as Long Chen. How curious.



His hand clenched tightly and Yuan Longshi ’s neck was snapped, his head shifted to an odd, terrifying angle without its support. This not only crushed his airway but sent a surge of saber force within his body and eviscerated his heart, brain, and sea of consciousness.

He was dead.

A Blessed that had a lifetime of struggles and achievements, a cultivation genius, had fallen today.


The world instantly darkened and all things beneath the skies and heaven froze. This starfield that had three suns was plunged into a dark era, but everyone in it had been completely and thoroughly frozen. Wei Wuyin too.


Clouds of dark-grey with crackling lightning and uproarious thunder started to appear from nothingness. They overtook the skies for millions of miles and exceeded the sky layer, appearing even in the dark void. These clouds churned and churned shrinking and shrinking in violent and explosive thunder before they condensed to become a single meter in size. This meter-sized cloud was directly above Wei Wuyin!

The lightning that circulated within was tiny but countless, and the sounds of thunder didn ’t decrease but increased the volumes beyond a mortal ’s ability to hear. The raging event caused those who were frozen like they were pieces of a painting to be entirely unaffected. This included Wei Wuyin.


From Wei Wuyin ’s tattoo that was inscribed on his right arm, a dim, dark-red light started to emanate from it. As it did, Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes trembled as they moved. His pupils shrunk into needlepoints as he found out his entire body was unable to be moved. He couldn ’t even feel his heartbeat and merely his thoughts were free.

However, as he glanced at the tattoo, he knew his freedom had nothing to do with it. Instead, he felt within his sea of consciousness was Eden sending out endless waves of alchemic eden force to extract some untold, ungodly power from his mind. It didn ’t try to refine, but push it out like a boat taking in water and a sailor using a bucket to throw it out. The bucket was just enough to stabilize the process.

”No! No! NOOOO! I AM VOID! I AM VOID!!! ” Kratos went absolutely batshit wild as it similarly fought somehow, struggling to beat amidst this power. But Eden could barely regulate its own self so it couldn ’t help out.


Three beats made with excruciating effort had resounded within his chest as he felt his grey blood circulate a few rotations. He could feel a strange power overtake his body as the freezing power was lifted and he could not move. When he regained sensation of his fingers and limbs, it felt as if he was in rigor mortis, causing all sorts or crunching sounds to resound.

”What the… ” Before he could launch a curse, he saw the flashes of light from above and looked up.

He saw it.

The one meter-sized cloud that was like endless bolts of lightning circulating within like eels. He tossed Yuan Longshi ’s body to the side, his body experiencing a moment of fight or flight, but the moment Yuan Longshi ’s corpse left his hand, it froze in mid-air.

He didn ’t register this nor the thunderous sound that echoed. While he felt it through his skin, he saw the boundless soundwaves with his Celestial Eyes, he couldn ’t hear it. Before he could conceive a plan of action, the cloud turned into a single bolt of lightning that struck down towards his head!

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