Paragon of Sin

Chapter 224: Falling Into It

Within the Sky Layer, Wei Wuyin laid comfortably atop Xiao Bai ’s broad and meaty back as he soared in circles. He was dressed in a golden robe that sparkled, and it was lavishly embroidered with heaven silk. It was a material that attracted the essence of heaven and earth and thereby had a very bright and exceptional glow. Embedded on his shoulders, forearms, and boots were astral gens, purified and condensed astral essence placed. He truly seemed like an opulent alchemist with an immense amount of wealth.

It was quite obnoxious with this flex, as if telling everyone they were definitely poorer than him. While it didn ’t fit his style, it served its purpose.

’Today ’s the day, huh? ’ It ’s been a total of three months, and he had been quite busy during this. Most of which were to handle matters both on and outside the continent, a little bit of cultivation, and a whole lot of preparations. At the moment, his Astral Cores were expanded to their limits. They could not grow a micrometer more.

At the moment, each was a full four millimeters, and they contained an exceptional amount of Astral Force. If he merely had a single Astral Soul, he could cover this continent with a thin film of it. It was quite intriguing how Astral Force was stored and contained. Despite it all seemingly fitting in a four-millimeter spherical Astral Core, it was more like a four hundred thousand square meter space.

In fact, it felt like a small world. As someone who had read about the Astral Core Realm, and had many of his questions answered by Wu Yu during their exchange, he knew that the Astral Core Realm was truly like that: developing a world.

The World Sea was its nascent phase. The next phase, Sky Ruler, with it gaining control and connection with ambient mana. As a possessor of a Zenith Mortal State, he knew how important having strong personalized mana or compatibility with ambient mana was. It essentially powered the way of Permanence.

It was like the World Sea gained an atmosphere. Then came Soul Idol Phase, and this nascent world gained a defining spirit. Spiritual energies contained physical, mental, soul, and essence qualities, so this could enable further development of this world to an apex.

The Spatial Resonance Phase allowed it to actively absorb and emit spatial energies, solidifying itself and the area it occupied firmly. As one continued to cultivate, the nascent world became clearer and clearer. At the end of the Astral Core Realm, the Ninth Phase, one even gives birth to a miniaturized Solar Star within the Astral Core!

It was beginnings of a starfield, the beginnings of a myriad of Heavenly Bodies!

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but marvel at the exquisite and refined aspects of cultivation. Since the beginning, whether it was the Foundation Establishment Realm which prepares the body to handle various energies and Metaphysical Qi, or the Qi Condensation Realm that accumulates, refines, and nourishes it, they all stemmed from the world and seemed to push towards a single goal.

’The Dao of Alchemy is said to be divided into three ranks, Mortal, Mystic, and Immortal. Mortal ends at the peak of the Astral Core Realm. Does this allude to a profound truth? Could it be that the first three realms purpose are to cultivate to the limits of mortal potential? ’This thought, assumption, theory, or what have you, constantly swirled within his mind.

He couldn ’t help but wonder what the Realm of Sages reached. If it exceeded mortal potential, then how far did it go? Mystic? Immortal? How powerful was that? Could it create starfields with a wave of their hands? Destroy them?

Considering Wu Yu, an existence that should ’ve been dead for thousands of years was still alive and thriving with a chance of revival, it truly was a question he wanted to be answered. Unfortunately, Wu Yu only touched upon the beginnings of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, never exceeding the First Stage. However, it was already so miraculous!

”No wonder cultivation is difficult, ” he softly spat. In the end, he had to conclude these thoughts of his. The future was simply too far, and while trying to see far was good, trying to see beyond one ’s limits only leads one to trip over the present. Tunnel visioning towards a specific goal above all else never worked out well. It was best to take leveled and measured steps and hope that there wasn ’t a cliff somewhere on your path.

Stretching lightly, he lifted his upper-body and peered downwards with his Celestial Eyes. He could see the royal capital filled with individuals all over arriving, likely expecting a grand show from the vocal and powerful majority during the ceremony.

He inspected a little, his eyes sweeping on the incoming individuals. ”Has he arrived yet? ” A wisp of expectation surged into his heart. This facade of the Masked Mysterious Alchemist, the charade of this so-called ceremony, and all the rumors, dissent, and spreading of information that he himself propagated heavily was about to bear fruit.

Regardless of where he was, he should ’ve heard and known. Unlike in normal circumstances, he didn ’t want to hope that the Heavenly Daos will guide him here. As a Blessed, he knew that other Blessed ’s actions were often protected. The Heavenly Daos might give a slight chance to help a Blessed to another Blessed, such as him in Golden Milk City, but it ’d never direct them into conflict.

For example, if he factored in the Heavenly Daos intentions at Ash Dragon City, where he robbed the city lord, the Commander should ’ve been safe and completely far away from him. The timing was absolutely perfect, in fact. If it wasn ’t for his Inheritor of Sin ’s bloodline, and his usage of free-will, he never would ’ve killed him. He never would ’ve even met him.

What should ’ve happened was a risky, nearly lethal mission of him stealing from the Mortal God-level City Lord. How well he did it and in what way was the defining points of all his Blessed lucky chances, and it determined how much his gains would be, if any at all.

His escape would be hurried and their paths would ’ve never converged, if everything went according to the Heavenly Daos plans. Therefore, he had to orchestrate this entire event, fan the flames, and lure him here of his own free will.

He had pieces, and all he needed to do was place them together. And lo ’ and behold, he was right.

His silver eyes brightened as he felt a very powerful aura within the crowd. While it was deeply contained, it couldn ’t hide from his Gaze of the Celestial Eyes. It viewed this unique aura with utmost clarity.

”Oh? ” His heart throbbed slightly as he observed this aura. It was his flesh and beating heart that Kratos resided in. His Mark of Mortal Myth, or the foundation of Kratos ’ Spirit Form, was quivering. It wasn ’t from excitement, fear, but out of interest.

”He has the same! No, he is the same! ” Kratos sent a mental message, clarifying the situation.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes widened slightly. He understood what that meant and his interest deepened. Did that azure-scaled lizard leave the Myriad Yore Continent already or was there another one here? Considering his powerful spiritual sense, there ’s no way he would ’ve missed either.

However, he was most certain of one thing: this man cultivated the True Dragon Transmutation Method! The very same method that allowed him to formulate his Heart of Blood(line) that was the nascent form of Kratos! He had a Mark of Mortal Myth! He had a Heart of Blood(line)!

His silver eyes gleamed endlessly with light. However, while the purity of their bloodline could not be compared, his Mark of Mortal Myth ’s energy, aura, and power was definitely above his own. His Mark of Mortal Myth was merely at the Third Stage, but the aura from this man ’s mark was unquestionably higher. Furthermore, his Mark had only advanced because of reaching the Zenith Mortal State.

Not even assailing the Astral Core Realm had enhanced its powers, and its grade was the defining marker of his bloodline potential, purity, quantity, and abilities. While he had a True Dragon Bloodline refined using tens of thousands of years of lifeforce, it was so thin that he couldn ’t advance further.

He needed more Blood Essence of the same quality. He first thought about capturing Anu, but considering his past strength, a starving camel was still larger than a healthy horse. Furthermore, it had a limited amount of Blood Essence. He would have to use hundreds of thousands of lifeforce to refine Blood Essence that rivaled his own.

Wei frowned slightly, but then his eyes brightened to their utmost limits. What he just thought about, if it was true…oh boy! The gains would be limitless.

His excitement hadn ’t faded as he looked below. He saw the ceremony was making preparations to officially start. With a confident and relaxed smile, he walked to the edge of Xiao Bai and just let himself fall.

”I can ’t miss my own ceremony! ”

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