Paragon of Sin

Chapter 160: Ascendants!

News traveled fast.

In the Myriad Monarch Sect; In the Myriad Monarch Planet; and even the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory, countless transmissions of this event were sent out and learned by numerous individuals! In this astral territory, Factions were widely spread and oftentimes included entire clans, sects, or various other forces. These clan leaders, sect masters, pavilion lords were often considered external disciples, bestowed such a rank and given that classification by the sect ’s elites.

Such as Wu Jiao.

Therefore, the targets weren ’t merely those disciples in the sect, on the planet, but inside the entire astral territory.

What ’s more, due to the hegemonic status of the Myriad Monarch Sect, as long as its foundation isn ’t damaged or threatened, its pillars such as Heavenly Kings, Commanders, or Prime Imperial Sages weren ’t targeted, they would essentially allow factions to act as they pleased, and even announce legitimate war.

They called this ”tempering ” but mostly its due to their status as a hegemonic force with merely one superior and three equals. These equals were too far away, and this superior merely wanted annual tributes and cared not for their matters. Because of this, there was a lack of true competition, so factions were inevitably born.

They allowed disciples and Imperial Sages to fight fiercely against each other for territory, resources, and training. Those who survived required leadership, strength, cunning to use the rules to their favor, and intelligence to outmaneuver their enemies.

It was brutal.

But it was effective.

The most recently promoted Grand Imperial Sage, Yao Zhen, a demon and leader of Extreme Demon Mountain, had been born due to these rules. This was an expert at the peak, equal to all other peak experts in the starfield besides two individuals. This showed its effectiveness, and this was merely the most recent example.

So, when the news that Wei Wuyin, as a Heavenly King of Extreme Creation Mountain, had placed a bounty on the livelihood of the Grand Axis Faction, three things happened in the course of two hours.

One: a mass exodus of disciples from the faction demanding their Faction Leader approve of their departure, and sending endless requests to the Prime Imperial Sages to approve as well, just in case.

Two: the mass hunting of disciples by everyone who was willing and strong. It didn ’t matter if they were disciples of the sect or not, the forces and territory beneath the Grand Axis Faction were targeted and many collapsed in the course of thirty minutes from the announcement.

Three: A Sky Noble of the Extreme Scarlet Mountain had claimed Ji Muzhao ’s head within an hour, using the rights of Imperial Combat. Before then, Ji Muzhao had fought and defeated two other Sky Nobles, claiming their lives, but his persistence and skills only lasted so far.

Upon his death, all disciples were immediately given the right to leave the Grand Axis Faction at will. The moment their status was removed, so was the target on their backs, and the wave of slaughter and crippling was narrowly dodged by those who were lucky enough to last.

In two hours, the Grand Axis Faction had completely and totally been wiped out of existence.

The word of a Heavenly King must be followed, so Wei Wuyin would soon receive piles and piles of proof and the subsequent requests for alchemical products. Fortunately, he didn ’t set a time-limit for these products to be redeemed, so he could take his time.

But there was a whisper born from this act, this fierce declaration, and it rolled endlessly into the hearts and ears of countless individuals. It was now that people once more realized the absolute danger of offending a skilled alchemist. They were absolutely terrifying, and their rallying power exceeded any other occupation in existence.


After washing up, Wei Wuyin used his Elemental Wood Qi to heal the pegasus of its wounds. Gu Hao ’s actions had essentially put it out of commission, but it had a silly smile on its face as it constantly rubbed its head against Wei Wuyin ’s palm. It, like everyone else, saw the ruthless, brutal, and nightmare-inducing consequence that Gu Hao suffered for harming it.

Its owner had gotten revenge and more, eliminating and making an example out of an entire faction because of its suffering. As a star-grade beast, it was exceptionally intelligent, but it still couldn ’t notice the truth behind the scene. Regardless, its happiness couldn ’t be diminished, especially serving such a tyrannical master that brought fear and reverence into the hearts of everyone.

Wei Wuyin quietly healed the pegasus as he thought about the previous events. ’I used the World Quietus Pellets to temporarily cause the world ’s mana to become still, and Astral Light Binding Pellets to seal spiritual energies, but these pellets have a range of effectiveness…if it wasn ’t for the sealed off area that Imperial Combat provided, I would still be weak to Astral Core Realm experts. After all, they could just leave that area. Furthermore, I can ’t use these when I ’m in the Astral Core Realm cause they ’ll affect me too. ’

’Haaaa…even though alchemists have pellets for protection, it ’s not as thorough and certain as your own strength. ’

Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts were clear and understood his weaknesses. While these seventh-grade pellets were useful in handling a lower-phase Astral Core Realm expert in an enclosed space, it was similarly limited. For example, the Astral Light Binding Pellet would be entirely unable to seal Third Stage experts at that realm due to their overwhelmingly abundant spiritual energies, or those with exceptional spiritual strength that rivaled the weakest at that stage.

He had taken the arm of a Second Stage Astral Core Realm expert and taken the life of another, but pellets were the core reasons behind these feats, and even then, the situation was optimally utilized to be the most effective. He couldn ’t kill Wu Jiao, and if Gu Hao hadn ’t been sealed in with him, he would ’ve definitely been a fish on the chopping block unless he had eighth-grade pellets at the ready.

In the end, he needed personal strength or strength he controlled. If it wasn ’t for his exceptionally strong body refined by his Draconic Heart and its Natal Soul, he would be unable to treat Gu Hao like an infant that can only passively receive a lethal beating.

At least this action of his should cause the monkeys to scatter and grow fearful, allowing him to develop as he pleased. As a Heavenly King, no one could challenge him or his subordinates without their agreement within the sect, so he had no fear of being attacked openly, and merely had to take precautions against hidden schemes.

But what Wei Wuyin didn ’t realize was that his actions had not only cowed the monkeys, but brought about a huge shift in opinion when people thought of him. The title ’Second King of Everlore ’ started floating around like elusive mist as everyone started to pay extra attention to his actions.

The King of Everlore of the past had caused the development and were the reason behind the subsequent towering statuses of the five hegemonic forces in the Tri-Vision Starfield today. This was a fact that everyone with an understanding of his history knew! Yet now there was a possibility of a second one being born, and in the Myriad Monarch Sect no less!

Would this be the start of an imperceptible shift in the current world order?

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