Paragon of Sin

Chapter 150: Examination - Wen Mingna

It wasn ’t long before they finally arrived at the airspace of the Extreme Creation Mountain. During which, they were largely ignored by the patrols flying about on fierce and daunting mounts that resembled hawks. They had piercing eyes, sharp talons, and large bodies. On the bodies of each hawk was five cultivators, and they all had auras that were around Qing Qi ’s level, the First Stage of the Astral Core Realm, World Sea Phase.

They merely gave them brief glances and went on their predefined routes.

”These hawks are called Sentinel Hawks, and they have unique ocular spiritual eyes that can sense even the minute spiritual auras. Beneath their gazes, not even an ant can escape. The riders share this perception via a spiritual spell, allowing them to similarly miss very little. Of course, they ’re not Star-grade beasts, but they ’re useful. ” Bo Kay casually explained.

Nodding, Wei Wuyin ’s eyes drew to the approaching mountain that pierced into the sky. Being so close, one can truly see and feel the majesty and imposing height that it possessed.

”Incredible! ” Wei Wuyin remarked in his heart. The Extreme Creation Mountain ’s design wasn ’t unfamiliar to him. In fact, it was designed in much the same way as the Scarlet Solaris Mountain but on a much, much grander scale. Around its bends were paved flatlands that had roads and tunnels that housed various buildings, people, farms, and more.

The entire view was exceptionally lively and exuding life.

He breathed in slightly and immediately smelled the traces of smoke, paper, herbs, and water. There were various rivers that twisted and turned in abnormal and nearly illogical ways. He saw a waterfall that rose instead of fell, and then twisted and shifted until it fell into a lake near a farm.

This was obviously an irrigation system supported by formations and arrays.

There were several lines of smoke being continuously expelled from buildings. As he paid a little more attention here, he realized they likely originated from smelting forges. There were small, medium, large buildings, but it seemed that there was a level limit, as no building reached a height that touched the foundation of the building above it.

’Are they divided into strict levels? ’As he shifted his gaze, he realized that was the case. There seemed to be six different levels from bottom until the mountain reached the clouds. Lifting his eyes to view the clouds, he realized there was a small layer blocking his sight from seeing beyond. How peculiar.

As one traveled upwards, the buildings were more majestic, farms seemed to produce rarer and richer materials, and roads became less complex.

Traveling to and fro constantly were various land and aerial mounts carrying those wearing alchemist or scholar robes. There were others, but their dressing was unique and not set. These likely belonged to the Forgers or visitors from other mountains seeking services.

Bo Kay explained, ”There ’s a total of nine levels on each mountain. There ’s no restriction or obstacles set to prohibit people from traveling to the first and sixth levels, but there ’s an unspoken rule that unless on official business or invited, it is considered immensely rude to travel upwards. ”

Wei Wuyin understood the logic behind it. Regardless of whether they were Alchemists, Forgers, or Architects, they were all useful to cultivators and seeked out constantly for their abilities. For high-level ones, to prevent them from being bothered constantly, it was considered disrespectful to arrive unannounced. If that was the case, they had the right to deny that person entry on the basis of disrespect.

However, without requests and customers, how would they earn riches and fame, so it was merely an unspoken rule that allowed people some leeway. For example, if Wei Wuyin was visited unannounced but that person was offering a nice, juicy price for a specific pill, how could he refuse?

”As a Sky Noble, you ’ll be stationed above the sixth level, directly on the seventh. There, sky palaces are the norm, seated upon the sky layer that divides the sixth and seventh layer. Those at the Heavenly Commander rank, Imperial Sage rank, or Alchemic Kings are on the eighth level. This usually means most Imperial Sages of the Extreme Creation Mountain are just one level above you. As for the ninth level, that ’s only for the Grand Imperial Sage and members he extends his invitations to. ” Bo Kay looked at the sky layer that obstructed one ’s sight with yearning and desire.

While he was an Earthly General elder, he wasn ’t eligible to live on the seventh level. Only Sky Nobles and Imperial Sages of that specific mountain had that right. Of course, Wei Wuyin was the only Sky Noble that will be in the seventh level, and the only disciple that had the qualification. Most Alchemists at his level, no…all alchemists at his level were above five hundred years of age.

”To pierce the Sky Layer, you ’ll need a Sky Pegasus or a cultivation base at the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Sky Ruler Phase. ” The three lower-phases of the Astral Core Realm are: World Sea, Sky Ruler, and Soul Idol.

Qing Qi was at the World Sea Phase, Wu Jiao at the Sky Ruler, and Xiang Ling at the Soul Idol. Each phase had immense differences between them, and those at the Sky Ruler Phase could manipulate ambient mana of the world to fly, defend, attack, or suppress.

”You can ’t go? ” Wei Wuyin asked.

Bo Kay sighed and helplessly shook his head. ”I ’m only a Lord Alchemist, and despite my cultivation base and ranking, I don ’t have the qualifications to enter the seventh level on any of the five mountains. ” Wei Wuyin could feel in his words the faint pain and struggles he must ’ve had to endure yet still wasn ’t able to reach his goal.

”Well, you can come visit me anytime. ”

Bo Kay was taken aback. ”…Really? ”

Wei Wuyin smilingly said, ”If you take me as a Brother, then really. ”

A big smile surfaced on his face covered in tribal-looking runic tattoos. It was tainted by excitement and happiness. From his eyes, he felt that Bo Kay would hug and kiss him endlessly if he could. Wei Wuyin backed away a step or two, they weren ’t at that step yet.

In his heart, Wei Wuyin sighed.

Becoming an alchemist was going on a path not supported by the heavens. The Alchemic Talent measured by the Eden Earth Sect meant one ’s compatibility with alchemical energies, their suitability to have an Alchemic Natal Soul, not their ability to refine or concoct.

Therefore, even if one had an insane amount of talent, unless they go down the path of an Alchemic Natal Soul, one without the power to protect their lives or their loved ones, they ’ll have to require endless studying and practice. It would be like trying to become a surgeon with only text books and no tools or instruction. Then, abruptly trying to perform surgery on someone. Only the smartest and most dedicated could hope to succeed.

When Wei Wuyin was on the Myriad Yore Continent, he believed the alchemic talent on the continent was underdeveloped and low due to the lack of legacies. He immediately came to realize that amongst the tens of trillions of intelligent lifeforms and billions of alchemists in the Tri-Vision Starfield, only a very, very, very small number could even become King Alchemists.

The Myriad Monarch Sect had trillions within its Astral Territory. Three planets and a dozen of flat earthly continents, yet it only had a few hundred King Alchemists. And it wasn ’t due to the lack of legacies, just the fundamentally and insanely difficult path that was the Dao of Alchemy.

That being said, it was also the most prestigious path in the entire starfield. There was no occupation greater, not even forgers who craft all sorts of tools and armaments such as the Void Gates, or architects who create various arts, formations, arrays, and spells.

They all had their place in the world, but only alchemists offered the ability to change one ’s fate, their talent, and their peak potential.

Bo Kay felt like Wei Wuyin truly understood his struggles and felt closer to him. He said, ”We ’ll pick up the sect designated Sky Pegasus for you. While you have this lovely crane, it has yet to reach the Star-grade, and can ’t penetrate the Sky Layer. Therefore, you ’ll need a means to enter and exit the Sky Layer. ”

Wei Wuyin caressed Bai Lin as he felt her aura fluctuate. ”I ’ll ensure you reach the star-grade in the shortest amount of time. ” He could only comfort her with this. After all, how depressing would it be to not have a way to enter his residence in the immediate future? He ’ll be stuck up there or forced to have someone send him up and down every single time.

While disgruntled at her inability to help Wei Wuyin, she was intelligent enough to understand the situation. She knew Wei Wuyin ’s feelings, so she wasn ’t scared of being abandoned. It was merely temporary.

Before long, they arrived at a ranch on a flat part of the Extreme Creation Mountain on the sixth level. Wei Wuyin spotted a few hawks, eagles, and even pegasus being reared on this ranch. It seemed to specialize in taking care of aerial beasts. He swept his gaze and noticed various disciples, of varying different races. There was even a rather balanced ratio of females and males.

”It ’s High Elder Bo Kay! I heard he left to retrieve a future Alchemic King! ”

”I wonder who he or she is. I hope it ’s a gorgeous lady! ”

”Pfft. You horn-dog, even if it was a beautiful lady, it wouldn ’t be your turn to kiss her feet! ”

”Oh? Then would it be yours? ”

It seemed these disciples were quite animated as they discussed amongst themselves and observed with excitement in their eyes. Wei Wuyin came to realize his identity was widely spread and known already. There couldn ’t have been more than half a day since his identity was revealed to Xiang Ling, yet everyone already knew of his presence.

News traveled fast!

While they seemed to know of his arrival, they obviously lacked concrete details such as his gender and appearance.

Bo Kay didn ’t bother with these lesser disciples as the Sky Pegasus landed. He directly called out, ”Elder Niu! ” At the very same moment his voice rang out, yet to even disperse, a hurried set of heavy footsteps echoed out as a rather heavy-set, brown-skinned, and human man made his way through the gathering crowd of disciples. A few were sent tumbling down as he waved his meaty arms.

When he saw Bo Kay, his eyes brightened as he shifted to Wei Wuyin immediately. Unlike the others, he knew who Wei Wuyin was.

Wei Wuyin, a potential Alchemic King under forty years old, becoming one in a flat continental earth where the legacy barely reached that level! With his talents, he ascended to the peak of his world in seven years of study! Furthermore, he cultivated Saber and Elemental Qi!

He was a stupefying demon-tier level genius that couldn ’t be regarded with common sense. A one in a trillion, quite literally.

Even Bo Kay, an Earthly General rank Elder, hastily made his way over to meet this young genius. He likely acted with the utmost respect and friendliness, so how could a little Mortal Captain rank Elder like himself dare be discourteous?

He hurriedly threw his status aside as he deeply bowed, ”Greetings Noble Wei and High Elder Bo! ” He placed Wei Wuyin ’s address first. Most people of Bo Kay ’s status would take offense, but he only nodded in praise at Elder Niu ’s awareness.

Wei Wuyin realized the implication and hurriedly leapt off the pegasus and greeted with clasped fists, ”Greetings Elder Niu. ”

Bo Kay leapt off next, his eyes briefly examining the situation. ”Where ’s the assigned pegasus? ”

Elder Niu replied, ”Here. ” He whistled. Abruptly, a pegasus that was obviously young and smaller, about sixty-meters in height, flew over from who-knows-where and neighed.

With intelligence, it landed next to Wei Wuyin and lowered its head in respect and greeting. Even Wei Wuyin was shocked at this beast level of intelligence. It had to immediately assess the situation and understand that Wei Wuyin was his new owner.

Smiling, he caressed the pegasus ’s head and laughed.

Bo Kay nodded, seeing the acknowledgement proceed smoothly. Normally, the pegasus race were very arrogant, unwilling to be ridden by those without ability, but Elder Niu had definitely told this young pegasus of Wei Wuyin ’s talents.

He submitted instantly. After all, it wasn ’t just cultivators who could benefit from association with an alchemist. In the Eden Earth Sect, many alchemists collected beasts to be used for fights and traveling. They would be fed countless products to bolster their bloodline purity, fleshy body strength, and innate bloodline power.

An alchemist can induce evolutions and variations in a beast, going against the natural laws set by the heavens that limited their potential.

However, for pegasus, only King Alchemists have a very small chance to do so and Emperor Alchemists is pretty much guaranteed.

Bai Lin trotted over towards the pegasus, her eyes filled with inspection and arrogance. She made some communicating sounds as if she was barely giving the young pegasus who reached her height a passing grade.

”This pegasus is yours. It ’s not fully matured so it has room to grow. If you wish, you can try to help awaken its innate bloodline. If you do, it ’ll be faster than even me if I were traveling at full speed, ” Bo Kay said before talking to Elder Niu privately.

Wei Wuyin, Su Mei, and Bai Lin got familiar with the pegasus during which. The pegasus didn ’t hold an ounce of pride within and was very deferential to Wei Wuyin. The only issue was its size wasn ’t large like Bo Kay ’s, so Bai Lin couldn ’t comfortably sit on its back.

He intended to ask Bo Kay to take Bai Lin to his residence. There, she can stay and cultivate while trying to reach the appropriate level to breach the sky layer. When she did, he intended to leave this pegasus to Su Mei.

After explaining the situation to the pegasus, he understood. He also realized that as long as he served Su Mei diligently, he ’ll still receive his fair share of resources. This elated him to no end.

These beasts sure are intelligent, aren ’t they?

Bo Kay returned and passed a document to Wei Wuyin, ”this is your proof of ownership. For now until death, even if you left the sect permanently, this pegasus would be yours. ”

Wei Wuyin was stunned by his words as he inspected the document. It had a unique aura and he felt he could track the pegasus, even control its life with it. For some reason, the document felt heavy despite being a piece of paper.

He spoke with Elder Niu briefly and learned a little about him. They exchanged transmission crystals and said their goodbyes.

”Let ’s go to your residence, shall we? ” Bo Kay suggested.

Agreeing, they departed with him and Su Mei riding his pegasus while Bo Kay and Bai Lin rode on the other one.

As they shot upwards at tremendous speeds, the sky layer above was collided into. A tremendous force exerted on their bodies, and threatened to push them downwards. Wei Wuyin and Su Mei held onto the pegasus to resist this unimaginable force.

Wei Wuyin knew that if he could fly, even with his strength, he would be doubtlessly sent back down no matter how hard he tried. He didn ’t even comprehend where this force originated from, but the pegasus seemed to have a unique power to resist it.

”No wonder the pegasus or a Sky Ruler cultivation base to enter! ” As he remarked with amazement, he realized the Sky Layer extended several dozen kilometers upwards. Because of the force, their speed was slowed down considerably and it took them an hour before they broke through.

Like a drowning man experiencing air, they all took a deep breath simultaneously, even the pegasus.

It took a few seconds before they could reacclimate to the vastly different degree of pressure between the sixth-level and the sky layer. When they entered the seventh-level, the pressure was reset.

He had to pop his ears, revealing an expression of ecstasy as the ambient sounds re-entered his senses.

Inspecting the surroundings, he was bewildered. The world before him was covered in golden mist. This mist was nearly translucent but it gave everything a faint golden glow.

Bo Kay excitedly remarked, ”This is Astral Essence! ” As he said this, he took a deep breath and hurriedly absorbed the mist. He suddenly seemed to be brimming with energy.

Astral Essence!

Astral essence was a higher state of the essence of heaven and earth that cultivators living on planets and continental flat earths used. It is a byproduct of various complex astronomical and planetary factors, but to put it simply, this astral essence originated from the stars in the starfield. In fact, planets and flat earthen continents had cores that possessed a unique form of gravitation power that can attract and retain essence in its atmosphere.

All essence originated from the stars, but astral essence was diluted by the planet ’s atmospheric and unique forces as it descended, making it the normal essence people were familiar with.

The sky layer acted as a divider of sorts that prevented those forces from diluting the essence. Even still, this astral essence absorbed was called low-grade astral essence. The quality spiked in the ninth-level, but it was still only considered low-grade astral essence. Supposedly, one can only absorb high-grade astral essence while within the dark void, and cultivate directly atop the star to absorb peak-grade astral essence. Of course, that was incredibly unrealistic without an unfathomably high cultivation base.

It ’ll be difficult to refine the chaotic essence into astral essence, not even considering the act of traveling in the death zone that was the dark void.

Su Mei and Bai Lin exclaimed in wonder as they breathed deeply. They were recklessly absorbing this astral essence without any courtesy. This benefited their fleshy bodies, bloodline, and spirit.

Su Mei could feel her mind, matter, and essence start to rise considerably. The innate energies she produced were all starting to transition into high-grade naturally, without needing to be birthed with high-grade essences!

Wei Wuyin felt the conversion of essence to his own various energies was much easier. His elemental origin, yin, yang, and yin-yang energies were all of a high-quality nature to begin with, so they didn ’t experience any rise.

After an hour of non-stop cultivation, Bo Kay said, ”I ’ll bring you to your new home. It should be ready by now. ” He pointed towards the various palaces that were like the Wu Astral Tower, they stably lingered in the air and used the Sky Layer as their foundation. Each palace was as grand as an immortal abode, glimmering with astral essence and profound power.

Wei Wuyin excitedly nodded. The entire seventh-level was filled with this astral essence, so regardless of where he was on this level, he ’d be able to absorb it with a breath. He couldn ’t help but feel like this sect was incredibly accommodating!

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