Paragon of Sin

Chapter 147: Sky Noble!

The sight of the heaven-piercing mountains left them in complete awe, unable to extricate themselves from the remarkable visual feast that it was.

”Big Brother will love seeing this! ” Long Tingyu exclaimed innocently, but her eyes shifted minutely to Qing Qiumu. This girl ’s thoughts were obviously mischievous.

Xiang Ling easily saw through her thoughts and lightly snorted. Ruthlessly, she commented without mercy, ”If he can even pass the entry examination. ”

”Of course he ’ll pass! At his cultivation, he can defeat Godkings! ” Long Tingyu bravely and proudly proclaimed. To her, Long Chen was the most talented man in existence. Even if he was weaker than others now, he ’ll eclipse them soon—especially this Wei Wuyin, humph!

Xiang Ling ’s brows furrowed deeply as she quickly and firmly said, ”Don ’t say anything about Mortal Gods, Godlords, or Godkings while in this sect or the outside world! That is considered an absolute joke within the starfield and its a saying to mock the ignorant, not to be used as a point of pride or praise! You understand? ”

Her stern and strict tone sounded faintly like a mother instructing her child. This coupled with Long Tingyu being carried like a doll in her embrace was quite the confusing scene. If others were to see this, they might assume she was the mother of this young girl.

’It seems my feelings back then were really the truth, and so were Wu Jiao ’s words. Mortal Gods of the False Dao…in this grand world, they must be ants. Or maybe slightly bigger ants. ’ Wei Wuyin tried to hurriedly erase his mental habits of referring to others as Mortal Gods. Now, they were just cultivators at the Sixth Stage of the Qi Condensation, not even considered experts.

Long Tingyu pouted slightly. She didn ’t answer, but she knew in her heart that Xiang Ling was trying to teach her, so she didn ’t feel indignant.

”… ” Qing Qiumu remained silent. Only after a long while did she ask, ”Is the entry examination difficult for those at the Qi Condensation Realm? ”

This question caused Xiang Ling to groan in her heart. ’That boy is going to be your limiter! Ugh! ’Regardless of what she felt, she explained: ”Yes and no. It doesn ’t test cultivation, just talent and comprehension. Your talent in controlling energies, qi, adapting to abrupt situations, and comprehension in understanding situations and the speed at which you do. ”

Those words didn ’t ease Qing Qiumu ’s worries. While she felt Long Chen was talented, the Myriad Monarch Sect was one of the five hegemons of a starfield with tens of trillions of cultivators. Yet how many were capable of actually joining the sect?

”Big Brother will not only pass the examination, he ’ll become a Sky Noble on his ’own ’ strength, even a Heavenly King! ” Long Tingyu touted proudly with the utmost confidence in his eyes. To her, there was nothing her Big Brother couldn ’t do. While she didn ’t forget to give Wei Wuyin a taunting side-eye.

Rolling her eyes, Xiang Ling felt a headache listening to the nauseating words of her disciple. Could she not be so obviously biased? ”Yu ’er, Wei Wuyin is an unofficial Alchemic King! How is him obtaining his ranking not earned by his own merits and talent? Do you think people are born with the ability to concoct seventh-grade alchemical products? ”

”… ” Long Tingyu might look like a little girl, but she was far from ignorant regarding the difficulties of alchemy. The Dao of Alchemy was one of the hardest cultivation paths to embark, and this was even more true for those without an Alchemic Natal Soul.

Qing Qiumu asked, glancing at Wei Wuyin, ”From what I know, the Astral Dipper Fountain Pill is a low-tier pill amongst the seventh-grade. The Myriad Monarch Sect is so immensely vast and developed, so how rare could it be? ”

Xiang Ling groaned again.

”How far is the Alchemical legacy of the Myriad Monarch Sect? Does it have Mystic-Rank Alchemists? ” Wei Wuyin added to the question. In alchemy, there were three known alchemic ranks denoting quality, efficiency, and limitations. These were: Mortal, Mystic, & Immortal.

The Dao of Alchemy seemed to be the faucet for which his future would pour. It would be good to have a better understanding of it.

Xiang Ling stilled. From her shifting expression, one could see a wisp of helplessness and embarrassment. She sighed, ”Amongst the five main mountains of the Myriad Monarch Sect, also called the Quintuple Extreme Imperial Mountains, there is one mountain specifically designed for the three types of Creationists—alchemists, architects, and forgers. A majority of them stay there, but among the Alchemists in the entire Myriad Monarch Astral Territory, there are several millions at the Lord Alchemist level. ”

’Woah! In the Myriad Yore Continent, there were less than a hundred! ’This thought immediately entered the three of their minds. Those at that level could concoct products suitable for Seventh through Ninth Stage Qi Condensation Realm cultivators. They were exceptionally rare and highly regarded existences.

To think that in the Myriad Monarch Sect, there were several hundred thousand Lord Alchemists! If one thought about the entire starfield, perhaps there would be tens of millions amongst the population of tens of trillions! This might seem small, but it was by no means that.

However, Xiang Ling didn ’t share their thoughts. Instead, when she looked towards Wei Wuyin, her eyes noticeably brightened. ”As for King Alchemists…there are less than three hundred. ”

”… ”

Three hundred?

Did she just say three hundred? No, LESS than three hundred?!

Their eyes carried dense disbelief and uncertainty. This was far too low, no? She must ’ve forgotten to add a few zeros in her words. Wait, this wasn ’t a written exchange…

”And…for Emperor Alchemists…only three existed in the entire Myriad Monarch Astral Territory, and one of them is the Grand Imperial Sage of the mountain that houses Creationist. ”

Long Tingyu ’s little eyes bulged as she stared at Xiang Ling. This news was like a wrecking ball to her little heart. She couldn ’t help but give Wei Wuyin a second look, and this look was unfathomably focused and filled with disbelief.

Qing Qiumu ’s heart was similarly deeply shaken. Only three hundred? Didn ’t this mean that there were likely less than two thousand Alchemic Kings in the entire territory of tens of trillions of cultivators?! Less than twenty Alchemic Emperors?!

’No wonder she didn ’t care about me being at the Lord Alchemist level, but immediately became amicable and affectionate upon learning I can concoct seventh-grade products… ’Wei Wuyin finally understood a crucial fact: There was a heavenly chasm between Lord Alchemist and King Alchemist.

What ’s more, it seemed even wider than the gap between the Qi Condensation and Astral Core Realm!

Xiang Ling helplessly sighed. The truth about the difficulties of alchemy was about to be revealed, and she truly couldn ’t help but feel helpless. ”Those at the King Alchemist level can concoct seventh-grade alchemical products suitable for Lower-Phase Astral Core Realm cultivators, and Emperor Alchemists can concoct eighth-grade products for Middle-Phase cultivators.

”There are those who can concoct seventh-grade products exceeding the three hundred count, but their success rates and refinement times are so ludicrously low and slow that it ’s just not worth it. Some might take several years to concoct a single pill at that level, or spend months trying and fail in the end. Only those who have a success rate of at least five percent and decent refinement times are considered true Alchemic Kings. ”

’Five PERCENT?! ’Wei Wuyin nearly threw up. How pathetically low, and that was the standard for a successful Alchemic King? He never considered the possibility that the development of alchemists were so fundamentally atrocious in the entire starfield.

This grander world just felt a little less grand for alchemists. Could it be an issue with legacies?

As if she could read Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts, Xiang Ling explained: ”We don ’t lack legacies and inheritances for alchemists. In fact, we have a substantially thorough legacy. You may have heard of the King of Everlore. He originated from your Myriad Yore Continent, and even was one of the core reasons the Myriad Monarch Sect, including the four other hegemonic powers, exists today. ”

King of Everlore?

Wei Wuyin had heard of this name. How could he not? He united the Myriad Yore Continent and was its first and only Mortal Sovereign Alchemist! To think he helped create the five hegemonic powers!

”He was a renowned alchemist, and the only Mortal Sovereign Alchemist born in the entire Tri-Vision Starfield….ever. But, he left a set of legacy arts and tens of thousands of alchemical recipes for the entire world. Everyone, from the lowest force that focuses on alchemy to the hegemonic powers of our starfield, they all have his legacy.

”Unfortunately, he never found a successor while alive and mysteriously disappeared, many believing him to be dead due to old age by now. Despite his legacy, despite its widespread nature, no one has ever come close to his ability. ” Xiang Ling spoke with a wisp of desolation in her tone.

It was this very reason that possible Alchemic Kings were highly valued and given a Sky Noble status right off the bat, regardless of their cultivation base. The world ’s need for alchemists wasn ’t really great, but the world ’s need for high-level Alchemists was unbelievably high!

”I see… ” Wei Wuyin could feel the helplessness in her voice at this undeniable fact. If he knew Xiang Ling had only consumed a total of three seventh-grade products throughout her entire life, he would be able to truly feel her frustration.

After all, he has long since casually consumed thousands of seventh-grade products like grapes.

After a short, despairing silence, Wei Wuyin asked: ”What about those with an Alchemic Natal Soul? Shouldn ’t their success rate and refinement times be exceptional, or at least higher than normal alchemists? Why don ’t Alchemists choose this cultivation path? ”

”Bah! ” Xiang Ling spat in frustration. ”Who would ever choose that willingly? Alchemical energies interact with the world in a harmless manner, and cultivating it into your Natal Soul meant you ’ll never be able to gain strength, only able to rely on others. While that may not be bad considering the existence of pellets, the Alchemic Heart technique contains numerous flaws within its design and severely limits one ’s potential and lifespan. After all, the Alchemic Natal Soul isn ’t a normal state for Natal Souls nor suitable for cultivation. ”

As she mentioned this, Wei Wuyin was immediately taken aback, a hint of panic suffused his eyes. ”What do you mean? ”

”In the Astral Core Realm, you have to overcome Astral Tribulations with your Natal Soul as the core of your strength. However, how can you do that when you have no offensive abilities to challenge the tribulation with? You ’ll be stuck at the Qi Condensation Realm for life, this ’ll severely reduce your potential lifespan. ” She explained.

”What if you cultivate the Haven Heart Qi Method? ” Qing Qiumu asked.

”You ’re adding flaws on flaws at that point. Although its been tried many, many times before, no one has ever succeeded. The Haven Heart Qi Method is a radical concept that is ridiculous to begin with. Let ’s not mention the obvious disadvantages you suffer from severing your spirit, but the fact both Natal Souls must share the same characteristic to merge or coexist means you ’ll just have two Alchemic Natal Souls. That solves absolutely nothing. ” She shook her head.

Wei Wuyin was startled, but then he thought about Long Chen. Right. They were interconnected, too much of a difference would only further the incompatibility of the two. Because his Elemental and Saber Spirits were ’Divine ’, no one questioned him either. His Alchemic Natal Soul and Draconic Natal Soul were hidden away in his sea of consciousness and heart respectively, so they were unable to peer into their existence.

He calmly breathed a sigh of relief. All his Natal Souls were independent because he used his soul directly, and not split their spirit into two or four. He ’ll simply have to see if he ’ll be unable to surpass the tribulation.But he felt that with the other Natal Souls to reinforce it, it was highly likely.

Xiang Ling hurriedly added upon realizing her careless words, ”As for you, you ’ll definitely be able to make up for any deficit if you gave up a Natal Soul. After all, with time, you can use products to restore it to full strength despite the splitting. ” She seemed anxious that she was causing Wei Wuyin to worry with her words, trying to comfort him.

Wei Wuyin comforted her instead, saying he wasn ’t that worried. Only after some time did she feel satisfied.

”Did you know that the King of Everlore was someone with an Alchemic Natal Soul? ” She abruptly added.

”Oh? ” He wasn ’t really shocked by the reveal. After all, he was the only Mortal Sovereign Alchemist in the last several or tens of thousands of years. There had to be something special about him, and this made sense.

”I ’m assuming the reason why no one can obtain his legacy is because of their lack of Alchemic Natal Soul? ” He asked.

”No. The sect has had many cultivators who cultivated the path of an Alchemic Natal Soul, and most of his legacy is simply using Alchemical Qi for concoction and refinement. Creating that is simply a matter of cultivating the right method, not creating a specific Natal Soul. The issue is that, while he was at the King Alchemist level, he refined a ninth-grade pill with absolute luck! There was no recipe known at the time, so he had to have created it himself! This pill then allowed him to overcome the Astral Tribulation and reach the Astral Core Realm despite the Alchemic Natal Soul ’s inherent weaknesses!

”With an Alchemic Astral Core, he became the first Mortal Sovereign Alchemist of our starfield at heaven-defying speed! ” Her words contained dense levels of admiration and a hint of reverence. A ninth-grade pill was suitable for upper-phase Astral Core Realm cultivators and he used it to overcome the first tribulation!

Wei Wuyin now understood why he became an absolute legend, even in the Myriad Monarch Planet.

Since no one else could replicate his feat, there was no need to say why no one could reach his level.

Long Tingyu exclaimed, ”Incredible! ”

She was patiently and quietly listening to everything her master said and felt a surge of reverence in her heart. Despite her young age, during the three months before, her master had constantly embedded knowledge in her head.

”Ah! We ’re at the border, ” Xiang Ling had only now realized that they finally reached the border of the sect ’s headquarters. She halted their flight, coming to an abrupt stop.

Her eyes looked towards the horizon, as if waiting for something.

Wei Wuyin and the others similarly followed her gaze and after a while, their eyes slightly widened!

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