Paragon of Sin

Chapter 138: Gathering - Na Xinyis Choice

In the end, the ferocious battle came to an abrupt end. The entire area was devastated by elemental energies, but these experts minded this very little as they suppressed the random, uncontrolled energies, and once more set up their respective camps. This area was the designation of Fairy Blessed Spirit, an Elder of that sect, as the gathering location for the Myriad Yore Continent ’s utmost geniuses and elites, so how could they move due to this?

Wei Wuyin quietly sat in his earlier location, with Su Mei and Bai Lin just like before. It seemed they simply returned to their original area, and the chaos had been handled effortlessly and returned to a peaceful state.

He was calmly recovering the spent qi that he used in the earlier confrontation. Internally, he wasn ’t dwelling on his failure. In fact, this had similarly been in his consideration when he originally decided to fight against Long Chen. Considering that little girl and Qing Qiumu was taken by Fairy Blessed Spirit for these last three months, he could make an assumption that a relationship had formed.

It was highly possible that one or both were taken as disciples in Fairy Blessed Spirit ’s lineage. While she disdained Long Chen, evidenced by her direct and insulting words from earlier, it wasn ’t likely he could push it too far. He simply desired to protect Mei Mei. How could he be willing to let Long Chen bring harm to her? Furthermore, this examination was produced due to that little girl and Qing Qiumu, and Long Chen was a large reason for this.

In a way, it was a test for him to prove his worth towards Qing Qiumu, while simultaneously allowing Qing Qiumu to see that better talents existed and that Long Chen was merely a flawed insect.

In his heart, he truly felt unfortunate that he couldn ’t kill Long Chen at this moment. Earlier, he had some misgivings because of Qing Qiumu, but those considerations all vanished when he rushed towards Mei Mei with such dense killing intent.

”Blessed are very difficult to kill. ” He felt this was an undeniable fact, and this was even true for him, an Inheritor of Sin.

Still, his earlier domineering display had at least produced some results. Long Chen was nursing his injuries inflicted by the elemental lightning dragon within his bevy of beauties. They were quietly gathered and huddled together in an area that was still in the visible range of Wei Wuyin. As for Mei Mei, Su Lanyi, and Wu Chen, they were rather conspicuous as a large empty area was made around them.

Not a single expert present wanted to get into conflict with Wei Wuyin. His insane actions and violently arrogant words had caused them all to feel some fear. While they might never admit it, they truly didn ’t want to cause a misunderstanding and trigger a conflict.

Therefore, they were left in peace.

Mei Yang, on the other hand, was a lot more bold and brazen, sitting next to Wei Wuyin with a bright smile. She rubbed her chin against his arm as she leaned against him, seemingly unwilling to leave his side.

Wei Wuyin ’s left eyelid twitched a little. This beautiful woman was unwilling to separate even more now.

”I didn ’t think you were so strong! ” She coquettishly said. Her words that were like music to one ’s ears could melt the bones and heart in the body. In fact, even Wei Wuyin felt an itch to accommodate this woman ’s desires in another battle in the sheets.

To her, it seemed that he dominated the scene, spared Wu Jiao and Long Chen ’s life despite his overwhelming advantage. In fact, this was the view of everyone present, unbeknownst to them that Fairy Blessed Spirit had intervened.

Like this, the time passed quietly as no one engaged with each other and new arrivals continued to appear. It seemed Fairy Blessed Spirit, despite being present, hadn ’t started this so-called examination due to people still arriving. This meant it might take several days or more before it began.

A few days soon passed.

There had been no new arrivals for an entire two hours, likely indicating that everyone was present. A few members of the crowd who were knowledgeable regarding the top-tier elite geniuses of the continent swept their analytical gazes over and found that all these spectacular named individuals that met the qualifications had all arrived. There were even some unknowns that had arrived with their reclusive masters or alone.

This was truly a gathering of the utmost elites on this continent. With such youthful talent, it was likely a few bountiful seeds were here that would grow in the new environment and become exceptionally radiant stars. In the future, these figures might become titans of the cultivation world, returning to become leaders of new countries and forces.

”Na Xinyi! ” An anxious voice hastily called out. It was pressing and urgent, seemingly wanting to reach out and pull her away. At the area that Long Chen ’s group was gathered, Long Chen revealed an exasperated expression on his face as he followed after Na Xinyi, whose eyes revealed unfathomable determination and steeled resolve.

She walked directly towards Wei Wuyin.

Behind Long Chen was the other members of his group, a line of beauties that seemed to follow his shadow. Just the sight of this birthed immense envy in the hearts of every heterosexual male present.

Why didn ’t he just die?

These beauties all had varying expressions, from a faint smile, indifference, worry, and even confusion. Their gorgeous and picturesque existence attracted everyone ’s attention. After all, Long Chen and Wei Wuyin were the main characters of the two earlier events, and everyone was terrified of one and hateful of the other.

Wei Wuyin ’s recent achievements were simply too exceptional and bright. He had declared to the world that he was a Lord Alchemist capable of concocting top-tier, sixth-grade alchemical products, revealed an unprecedented battle power for a Godlord, and took an Astral Core Realm expert ’s arm.

He even declared that his presence was effectively forbidden before him! How tyrannical and domineering. There were countless young men and women that had their blood boiling and their bodies becoming moist at his actions. Not only was he an exceptional cultivator with profound skills, he was handsome and justifiably haughty! These were characteristics they either wanted to have in themselves or their partners.

Mei Yang ’s current display of affection was a clear desire in many women ’s hearts, but with those sharp eyes of hers sweeping around whenever a female gaze lingered caused quite a few to feel lethal danger.

Wei Wuyin slowly lifted his eyes to view Na Xinyi ’s figure. In his heart, he truly felt she had grown-up an unreasonable amount after awakening her physique. He couldn ’t help but wonder what would ’ve happened if he kept her beside him to dual cultivate with; would she develop feelings for him?

These thoughts were fleeting as she appeared a few feet away with a stomp. Her eyes were fearless as she stared at Wei Wuyin intently.

Mei Yang wanted to say something, but Wei Wuyin sent her a glance and she shut her mouth, pouting cutely. To think this woman likely was hundreds of years old.

Su Mei ’s hand rested on the hilt of her saber. If Na Xinyi made a single action that seemed to contain ill-intent, she would strike with full force to claim her life. Her black eyes swirled with a mysterious darkness.

Of course, Na Xinyi was entirely unafraid of Su Mei.

Na Xinyi took several breaths as she heard the footsteps of the others behind her. They were obviously vigilant against Wei Wuyin, standing protectively behind her. Long Chen especially, who was just an arm reach away. Even though to them, Wei Wuyin had spared Long Chen, they were unwilling to entrust things to his mood.

Wei Wuyin ignored Long Chen. He was more curious as to what this entire event meant. Why would she arrive before him in this manner? Did she want to say something?

Just as he thought this, she spoke words of steel through her beautiful teeth. ”You owe me! ”

Her words were not a transmission, but clearly said. Many didn ’t understand what that meant, but their interests were piqued. An ambiguous history between Long Chen ’s woman and Wei Wuyin? Was this the true reason for their fight?

Wei Wuyin ’s eyebrow raised slightly, ”For? ”

”Everything! ” She spat out coldly. Her eyes still contained a wisp of resentment.

”… ” Wei Wuyin was silent for a long while. When he thought about this, he recalled what her primal yin had helped him accomplish. He advanced his cultivation base by leaps and bounds and survived two assassination attempts as a result. His survival that day led to him meeting that mysterious man who passed him the Bloodline of Sin, allowing him to become an Inheritor of Sin.

If we ’re talking the laws of cause and effect, if it wasn ’t for her existence, his life would ’ve ended on more than one occasion. But in the end, he shook his head.

”I owe you nothing, ” his words were direct and clear. His silver eyes contained a guiltless conscience. If it wasn ’t for his actions that day, she would ’ve been ravaged until death by his men. If anything, she owed him her entire life.

If he owed her, then he owed every single person or thing that allowed him to grow stronger. That was an endless list. He grasped those opportunities and put in the work to make those advancements, and no one could claim responsibility for it. He would never allow them too.

Na Xinyi stilled. Then, she fumed with rage. To think that Wei Wuyin would be so shameless as to refute this indisputable fact?! Of course, this was a fact to her and only her and those sympathetic knights of hers. Long Chen frowned, and a spark of killing intent entered his gaze once more.

This Wei Wuyin acted far too much.

Wei Wuyin scoffed, he directly said: ”Your memory must be quite selective. Your entire sect was on the verge of utter collapse, hunted down like dogs on the streets, captured, and sold at will. You were also captured. Do you not remember that?

”I know the significance of my actions, and I know the importance of what I received that day, but do you not recall what you received?! Freedom. You obtained your freedom. Don ’t you owe me for what you have? ” His words were brutal and contained an undisguised truth.

He was by no means a sympathetic individual to the plight of females in this cultivation world. Regardless of gender, cultivators were exploited daily and slaughtered in front of their siblings and homes without much rhyme or reason besides weakness. Countless cultivators had their essence forcibly extracted and subsequently felt torture until death.

She was capable of dodging this horrible fate, and even became a Mortal God after Wei Wuyin noticed her Three-Point Yin Physique. He was already merciful on that day, not relegating her to a cultivation resource.

Na Xinyi truly was enraged, but she couldn ’t refute. Long Chen shouted in fury, ”You perform such an evil act and then have the audacity to not even take responsibility? ”

Wei Wuyin indifferently glanced at this Blessed that seemed to act so righteous; who knew how many people he ’d killed to reach this point? ”To think you have the audacity to speak to me. Do you think I spared your insignificant life because I wanted to? ”

When those words were said, the expressions of everyone changed. How arrogant!

Wei Wuyin directly ignored Long Chen.

Na Xinyi gritted her teeth. If Wei Wuyin wasn ’t so strong!

”I want to kill you! ” Her words were drenched in hate.

Wei Wuyin remained indifferent as he replied, ”I know. ”


She stomped her feet in frustration, causing Su Mei to lift slightly as her saber nearly left its scabbard. Wei Wuyin gestured for her to halt, and she calmly retreated.

Then, he said, ”If you want, I can and will take full responsibility. I will, with everything, take you as my wife and support you through the trials of heaven and earth, ensuring your happiness and dreams! ” He boldly declared. He understood her feelings, as he wasn ’t an emotionless drone that acted without thought. The very reason he questioned himself numerous times regarding her matter was due to his own inability to fully reconcile with his act.

While he had no guilt over the incident, he had always felt as if his actions were inappropriate. He had principles, morals, and beliefs. They formed the core of his personality, and he disliked the act of taking a woman under the threat of death or worse. He preferred, no, only wanted to do it if it was their choice.

That day, he used the circumstances to force her to agree. While it didn ’t directly go against his principles as he offered her a deal, an exchange of sorts for her freedom, it still felt abnormal due to him taking her precious first time.

Na Xinyi, Long Chen, and everyone else was immediately startled.

Na Xinyi ’s mind flashed back to that day. No one wanted to die or suffer such a fate, and she was incredibly young and filled with a lifetime! How could she be willing to die?! So when he had given her a choice, she grasped it entirely. Perhaps it was Wei Wuyin that she directed all her hate to, as he was the image that took her precious thing and his sect destroyed her sect.

Her anger was fueled and sent to this living existence, and she held a grudge to push her to no longer be weak and suffer tever again. In truth, if it wasn ’t Wei Wuyin who hunted her sect members, then it would be someone else.

She knew this.

But her hatred was so exceptionally strong.

Then, now, Wei Wuyin was willing to take responsibility…

Could that be what she wanted? Instead of being taken and thrown away like trash as her sect members were killed and captured? Could she have wanted someone to take responsibility?


A supreme expert, handsome champion, and talented alchemist!

The wife of Wei Wuyin.

Her eyes went dazed.

Long Chen ’s heart quaked with distress and unease. Na Xinyi was a woman that held a place in his heart, and he went through trials and challenges with, and even faintly felt that if he became an expert that looked down on heaven and earth, he could give her a proper life. While they had a close relationship, they never breached that gap between man and woman.

The very thought of the possibility of Na Xinyi accepting Wei Wuyin ’s offer caused his heart to clench. He wanted to speak, but inevitably held himself back.

He trusted Na Xinyi.

He had to.

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