Paragon of Sin

Chapter 136: Gathering - Dominance

ongest art was being ruthlessly suppressed by three elemental dragons, all of which were renowned for their ability of contain and suppress!

Earth! Metal! Wood!

If this continued, he might be killed. Her heart started to unnaturally race. She still needed him for now!

Wei Wuyin gave zero fucks about their cries or thoughts, his actions were decisive and clear. He showed no hesitation in ridding the world of Long Chen. Just as the three dragons were about to combine into one, a worldly force encapsulated and surrounded the fire and wind dragons, instantly restricting their movements.

”Halt! ” A domineeringly powerful voice filled with imperial authority resounded. But within this voice, a tinge of reluctance and disgruntledness could be heard. While merely a tinge, it was sufficient to realize it didn ’t wish to take action.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t hesitate. He heard the direction of that voice and withdrew ten seventh-grade pellets!! These were low-tier pellets, but they were all of a high-quality and contained ferocious explosive strength.

Without any hesitation, he used his mountain-crushing strength and flung the pellets in their fully activated state directly towards the voice.

”Ah!? ” The voice was shocked by the abrupt incoming projectiles, but reacted with haste. It used the world ’s force to restrict these pellets in mid-flight!

”Explode! ”


Wei Wuyin instantly detonated them simultaneously. A raging wind storm whipped upwards and sent everyone flying hundreds, and some even thousands of meters, spitting blood or with broken bones. A few who weren ’t well protected were likely at a near-death state. All these experts and elites didn ’t even conceive the possibility that Wei Wuyin would throw out seventh-grade pellets so decisively!

Wei Wuyin leapt forward. His body transformed into a light filled with saber and elemental qi, and draconic power! With Element as its core, this energy shot him forward at vanishing speeds!

He had Element in hand and he swung!

”Ah!! ” A shriek of pain and horror resounded, originating from the owner of that once imposing voice. In a flash, Wei Wuyin returned back atop the water dragon, his eyes calm, and his hand held an entire arm severed at its base, still dripping shining blood!

”The next time you dare order me or stop me with your nonsense, I ’ll take your head! ” Just as he shouted this, his fire and wind elemental dragons regained their freedom and once more attempted to merge with the lightning dragon, likely producing a beautiful deadly explosion as a result!


The dragons dispersed by some ungodly spiritual power, shattered at their spiritual foundation.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes lit up as he felt his control of the dragons slip entirely. They unraveled and became pure elemental energies of their respective bodily compositions. However, he wasn ’t too shocked.

Instead, his eyes focused on Long Chen ’s location unblinkingly. The reason he didn ’t use the pellets on Long Chen was the unassuming black ring in his possession. This ring seemed to contain some unfathomable spirit, and he felt that even now, he likely wouldn ’t be able to take Long Chen ’s life as long as it was present, even if he used a hundred pellets of this level.

This was a feeling, but also an instinct.

He wanted to draw out the spirit, figure out a way to distract it, then slaughter Long Chen instantly. He had prepared numerous methods to do so, and its also why he didn ’t rely on his close range abilities. That unassuming black ring was a variable that caused his heart to tremble ceaselessly, and he would definitely not make the mistake of Hu Jiwei!

But, after witnessing Long Chen tumble out of the dragon yet the ring ’s power was nowhere to be seen, his heart inevitably calmed down.

”Fairy Blessed Spirit? ” He hadn ’t even felt her presence when she acted, but she had effortlessly and utterly dispersed his dragons and dismantled a portion of his multi-link Spiritual Qi Formation. If so, she could likely effortlessly kill him without him noticing. After all, he didn ’t have some magical trump card of an unfathomable spirit in his possession. Considering she had interfered, he halted his actions.

Long Chen was not worth dying for.

He was definitely, utterly, and absolutely not worth dying for.

He calmly breathed as the Spiritual Qi Formation dwindled until it dissipated. The energies calmed down and returned to their natural dormant states. While the entire venue was irreversibly damaged, no lives were lost.

Gently, Mei Mei and Wei Wuyin met the ground.

”You bastard! Give me back my fucking ARM!! ” A raging voice descended alongside an unfathomable amount of power. This was astral force and it was truly world-shaking! The quaking of the earth was constant as if it was a heart beating with fear.


Wu Jiao landed crushingly on the ground. He held his left arm socket that had been severed at its base. It was patched up, not dripping blood, but the fact it was gone shook everyone!!

Wei Wuyin ’s gaze was like electrifying lightning as he shot Wu Jiao a cold, vicious, and murderous gaze. ”Speak again. ” This seemed like an order, but it was most certainly a daring request to see if Wu Jiao had the guts.

Wu Jiao ’s voice choked. His immortal bearing and exceptional aura was diluted with messy strands of his hair and labored breathing. Wei Wuyin ’s ten seventh-grade pellets had caused severe injuries to his entire body, and in his moment of shock, Wei Wuyin claimed an arm! In fact, he nearly claimed his head!

If it wasn ’t for his senses being sharp, dodging at the last moment, and Wei Wuyin ’s lack of control at that speed, it damn well would ’ve!

So he felt choked and indignant! Wei Wuyin should ’ve been an ant to him, yet he could make him feel fear?! Despite his emotions, he didn ’t dare speak another word in fear of Wei Wuyin throwing even more pellets at him.

Everyone who saw this had gaped mouths, even while tending to their various wounds. Wei Wuyin, in the midst of fighting Long Chen, claimed the strongest expert on this continent ’s arm!

Holy fuck.

With a casual shrug, Wei Wuyin threw back the arm like it was trash. ”Leave. I don ’t want to see you again until the examination. In fact, I don ’t want to see you again in this lifetime. The next time I do, I claim that head of yours. ” His declaration was fierce, imperious, and mighty! What did it mean to be domineering? This!

What did it mean to not fear the strong?


Wu Jiao was enraged, but considering the monstrous pellets Wei Wuyin could deploy, and his current injuries that ’ll likely take years to recover from, he could only coldly snort, take his arm, and leave while he had some face. In truth, he had absolutely none left.

Wei Wuyin wanted nothing more than to turn and talk to Mei Mei. Speak to her, touch her, but he couldn ’t. Her Dao Companion Oath would restrict her from close relations with any member of the opposite until that was over. If she broke it, she ’ll be punished by the heavenly daos and her spirit will shatter.

After all, they swore this oath to both themselves and the heavens. That was what it meant to be Dao Companions. The most frustrating issue was his inability to kill Wu Chen. Dao Companions fates were tied during the oath, so if one died, so did the other. It was an absolutely frightening oath. The only way to break it was naturally, with a death unrelated to the other side entirely.

You can say this was heaven ’s way of helping Dao Companions complete their oaths. If their former lovers wanted to kill the newly decided Dao Companion, doing so would kill her or him too, so the Dao Companion usually had a hostage. It was cruel, but highly effective.

”… ” Mei Mei.

With a cold sweeping look at everyone present, he spoke with dense killing intent. ”Anyone so much as touch the edge of her clothes, I ’ll kill them and every last ancestral lineage and generation they have on this continent! ”

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