Paragon of Sin

Chapter 128: Cashing In Spirit Oath

Fairy Blessed Spirit ’s departure was sudden and left no trace. Qing Qi and Wu Jiao could only stare at the empty space. Qing Qi ’s expression was ugly as his own daughter was taken before his eyes and he could do nothing about it.

Wei Wuyin and Long Chen were also at a loss.

What just happened?

Events were happening all over the place, with the wedding, the attempted coup, the arrival of the Ancestral King, an abrupt lecture on cultivation, then Wei Wuyin ’s escape, and this Fairy Blessed Spirit arriving and leaving in a blink with an order to gather all talents beneath a hundred!

”… ” The crowd was silent for a good dozens of seconds, unable to process matters. A few didn ’t even understand what was actually happening, lost in the excitement and randomness of it all.

Long Chen was quicker on the uptake of information and realized what had just happened. This Fairy Blessed Spirit just gave the orders to gather all the continent ’s talents for a chance to enter a sect that seemed to be far above the Myriad Yore Continent! Wasn ’t this a grand and majestic event?

Unfortunately, this was not a story that would simply end like this.

Wu Jiao was frustrated. He had wasted so much time that now he couldn ’t even kill the person responsible for his grandson ’s near-death and near-crippled state. Furthermore, Wei Wuyin ’s life aura was below a hundred and even he was protected. This was a disastrous blow to his heart, and the pent-up rage and fury in his heart seemed to be naturally rising.

This was completely uncharacteristic to his calm and elegant demeanor, as if something was stroking the flames of rage and violence in his heart.

Wei Wuyin may not be here, but his senses were still keen. He felt a trace of the Heavenly Daos influence in this world. It was faint but present. His eyes shifted to see the blazing embers of fury and murder in Wu Jiao ’s eyes that seemed to intensify with every passing moment. Was this the Heavenly Daos pointing out a calamity?!

While he felt calm due to him not actually being there, he felt an ominous cloud looming over this world.

As if the world was confirming his instincts, Wu Jiao ’s eyes swept like lightning through the crowd. It seemed he was marking those within his mind.

While he couldn ’t touch those under a hundred and were at the sixth phase, these ungrateful citizens of his were different. With a thunderous swiftness, he circulated his astral force and swatted his palm outwards. It was unfathomably swift, and no one could react as a vicious and violent worldly power engulfed selected individuals in the matter of a blink of an eye.

They were instantly suppressed.

Wei Wuyin was the first to see these figures. They were Shen Fang, the Sky Sword Sect ’s Ancestral Elder, Qin Feng, several Mortal Gods who sided with Wu Chen in this event. Notably, Lian Yaling was ignored, but not all the females.

Before long, every figure that sided with Wu Chen above a hundred years old was ensnared by Wu Jiao ’s power.

Wei Wuyin ’s avatar didn ’t know this, but his real body felt a tingling within his head. It was as if his karmic luck was streaming out to engulf another, yet it didn ’t decrease.

Within the Scripture of Sin, it was noted that Karmic Luck Value could extend to others to avoid calamities or benefit from association. The former didn ’t require any karmic luck value decrease, simply a sufficiently high karmic luck would do. The latter, however, required Karmic Luck Value to decrease. This was what happened with Bai Lin and the Golden Phoenix Fruit.

Him and Qin Feng had an agreement. He would ensure Jiao Ning ’s pleasant life. It was this karmic tie that acted to bind them. Such a small request, yet immense ramifications that would later be his saving grace!

This karmic luck flowed invisibly and tied Qin Feng and Qing Qi together by some inexplicable connection.

Unlike Wei Wuyin, Long Chen ’s reaction was drastic and dramatic. Reasonably so.

”NO! ” Long Chen felt Wu Jiao ’s action and attempted to take action. His spiritual sword and slaughter qi flared and erupted, attacking Wu Jiao in haste. But this attack was dealt with by a mere glance of Wu Jiao. The world ’s force gathered and suppressed this assault, crushing it out of existence with utter ease.

Yet this delay allowed Qing Qi to gather his bearing long enough to use his own force. Unfortunately…

He seemingly could only reach a single person before Wu Jiao ’s will was enforced.


Body after body became a mixture of blood, crushed bones, and minced organs. The picture of a complete and utter death without a proper corpse. They were like exploding bags of water that sprayed every last person here in bright-red liquid and brain matter. The scent of death overtook the senses.

Only Qin Feng, this lucky bastard, was pulled to Qing Qi ’s side, and a few already shattered fleshy bodies that had been a millisecond too late to secure.

Long Chen ’s eyes immediately turned bloodshot and violent as he charged recklessly towards Wu Jiao. His body erupted with the sharp aura of a sword and the ominous aura of slaughter. Without any hesitation, he brandished his sword and sent a sharp ray of sword qi racing towards Wu Jiao with massive killing intent.

”Hmph, ” Wu Jiao waved his index finger on his right hand, and the sword qi was pressured by an invisible worldly force into dissipating harmlessly. The attack was laughably weak.

Wei Wuyin was startled. Wu Jiao ’s attack didn ’t exceed his expectations. What exceeded his expectations was them dying. According to what he learned from the various scriptures, karmic luck faintly extended to all those in one ’s bubble of acquaintances. This meant just knowing someone with a high karmic luck value meant that person would benefit and could survive calamities.

To think these people were directly killed instead of benefiting from association. How cruel.

Long Chen let loose a beastly roar as his entire body erupted into a tempest of power. His aura exceeded anything he ’d ever reached before, and with a ghastly guttural sound, he launched himself towards Wu Jiao in the sky. He didn ’t try to stop the cloud, but kill the controller. The anger he felt was so palpable that even Wei Wuyin felt it.

Who knew the stories behind those people and Long Chen. It definitely couldn ’t be minor. Especially if they were willing to initiate this coup and gather because of Long Chen, fearless of the consequences. Who knows, they might have helped him reach where he was now.

”Could his karmic luck value be drained? Or decreased to the extent his allies can ’t survive this rank of calamity? ” As Wei Wuyin thought this, he recalled the black skeleton. He had a decent degree of karmic luck, but the moment he entered the Scarlet Solaris Sect, he started to rapidly lose it. Therefore, luck truly does run out.

After all, heaven ’s support wasn ’t infinite.

If his karmic luck value reached a certain low, then it made perfect sense. Unfortunately, this was a sign that his blessed status was waning. After all, wasn ’t he beheaded because he couldn ’t survive the calamity that gave Long Chen the opportunity to kill him because of his own low karmic luck?

Seeing his attack fail, Long Chen was filled with murderous intent, raw violence, and profound sadness, decided to shout a promise, no, an oath: ”I swear upon my name, my life, my soul, my everything! I WILL KILL YOU!! ”

Wu Jiao looked towards Long Chen and revealed an openly disdainful sneer, ”A trash cultivator who practices a flawed method, who ’s a blind frog in a well, and possesses a limited future wishes to kill me? You should worry if you can even see the next year. The Myriad Monarch Sect isn ’t something anyone can survive in.

”Not to mention, you ’re a toad going after swan meat, an insignificant speck. There will be countless individuals wanting to eliminate you. Ha! Kill me? When you fail the entry examination, I ’ll personally kill you and anyone else who dares go against my family. This Myriad Yore Continent is MY continent! MY WORLD! ”

He scoffed with contempt.

When those words were said, Qing Qi frowned, seemingly unconcerned about the deaths of these humans. To him, he had merely acted because he felt an urge to. He didn ’t care about their life or death. In fact, he cared more about those words spoken by Wu Jiao. ”The sect gave you this continent? That ’s… ” He couldn ’t help but feel shocked, but then his eyes brightened with a light of realization.

”Fairy Blessed Spirit descended here to push your cultivation base to the Second Stage, so you can once again unite the continent! This… ” he seemed absentminded as those words were said. But Wei Wuyin and the others noticed this. Was the Astral Tribulation that briefly arrived the product of Fairy Blessed Spirit? Did she help Wu Jiao over it?

This seemed to be the piece missing in the puzzle as to why this existence that seemed to exceed the continent was here.

Wu Jiao coldly smiled, ”Now you understand. ” The rage in his heart had abated slightly, but he truly wished to kill Long Chen. If it wasn ’t for Elder Xiang ’s words, he would be nothing more than a mess of flesh and blood right now.

Wu Jiao didn ’t say anything else. He could handle these fools at his leisure in the future. For now, he had to alert the entire continent regarding Fairy Blessed Spirit ’s decision. With this, there were bound to be countless geniuses flocking here in hopes of leaping through the dragon ’s gate.

He took one last look towards Wei Wuyin. This young man was the only one that gave him a sense of trepidation. He was outsmarted and had mysterious means. Even though he also cultivated Dual Spirits, it seemed like it might not limit him. Unfortunately, even if Elder Xiang hadn ’t issued those orders, its unlikely he ’d have found Wei Wuyin. While that avatar was made from energy, if he falsified a self-detonation, he would ’ve assumed Wei Wuyin ’s death.

This made him even more fearful.

Because he could threaten him, and if he chased, who knows if he would be able to survive against someone who plots so cautiously with so many means and methods at his disposal.

He coldly snorted. He grabbed King Wu and Prince Lei and directly left. It seemed he didn ’t care about the rest, not even Prince Zhen.

Shaking his head, Wei Wuyin turned towards Long Chen who was heavily breathing and staring ferociously at the spot Wu Jiao previously stood. One could only imagine the heart-rending guilt, soul-shaking anger, and sadness he was feeling.

He was powerless to stop the death of most of those who came together with him. How cruel…

Qin Feng swiftly discovered that he was the only survivor and thanked Qing Qi profusely, but he was ignored.

Wei Wuyin realized the atmosphere had become tense, dark, and bloody. Everyone was at the loss as they were processing what happened or their own loss. Wei Wuyin walked towards Mei Yang, who was unaffected by Wu Jiao ’s actions. After all, she hadn ’t acted in either side ’s favor, so her and the other neutrals were safe.

Mei Yang ’s beautiful eyes regarded the scene, and even her mischievous personality couldn ’t stop her eyes from flashing with solemnness.

Mei Yang saw Wei Wuyin arrive. Her senses swept him over but couldn ’t find out how he was an actual avatar. He seemed real. She was confused whether this avatar was the one who took advantage of her or not.

Wei Wuyin could see her questioning gaze and slyly smiled. ”It was the actual me, no worries. ” Unlike the dreary air, he was calm and relaxed. He had achieved what he wanted. His eyes flashed with a hint of desire as he walked forward and leaned into Mei Yang ’s ears.

He spoke a few words that caused her eyes to bulge slightly, but then immediately became curious. ”You can? ”

Wei Wuyin leaned back and nodded with a confident smile. Mei Yang ’s eyes blazed with brilliant light. She was clearly happy and contemplating some things.

”Where ’d you take Ming Shufeng?!! Bring her back now, or I ’ll kill you! ” Lin Ziyan had finally regained her sense of self. To her, all of these people ’s deaths didn ’t affect her heart the slightest. She didn ’t even know many of them. Her anger was flared and wild as she marched towards Wei Wuyin with the intent to strike. She had nearly forgotten that this was Wei Wuyin ’s avatar.

Wei Wuyin turned towards Lin Ziyan and said, ”Well, I love her, and I realized she was in danger after Wu Jiao appeared. Clearly, she was considering the events that took place. ” He seamlessly lied as he swept his gaze on the lifeless mess of blood and flesh. ”While many things did happen, I was unsure if she would be okay in the end, so I had to take action swiftly. I couldn ’t let her get hurt. I ’m sure you understand, right? ”

He smiled.

Lin Ziyan was rendered stupid for a moment. Wei Wuyin ’s first sentence sent her mind into confusion and his later words were similarly shocking. Loved her? What? But…she was in danger…

She couldn ’t help but question her own thoughts and intuition with the evidence before her.

Wei Wuyin calmly continued, ”Well, my real body will definitely remain hidden for three months until the gathering. After all, while Wu Jiao can ’t kill, doesn ’t mean he can ’t capture and torture me. I ’ll bring her after three months. ”

Lin Ziyan was once more thrown, but immediately realized the implications of Ming Shufeng staying with a man for three months who could control her every action. ”You-! ”

Wei Wuyin interrupted with, ”Don ’t worry. She ’ll maintain her primal yin, unless willingly given. I ’m not despicable, ask Mei Yang here. I ’m true to my heart and soul, pure in thought and body. ” After saying this and some more nonsense, Wei Wuyin turned towards Mei Yang with a smile.

Afterwards, he didn ’t bother to look at anyone else. His body became a mass of bright-red and grey misty energies and he split into eight directions, obviously covering his tracks as his avatar returned to his main body. Those energies seemed to merge with the wind and moisture, vanishing completely from the senses.

While Long Chen remained fuming, his mind in disarray, the curtain fell on the event of the wedding with all sorts of twists, turns, and developments.

But, the journey of cultivation had just started for these two. Their future would soon travel into the stars and beyond.

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