Paragon of Sin

Chapter 117: The Storm

, only the King of Wu did. However, the Wu Ninth River Globe Array was within her rights and ability.

「Water Art: Spiraling Lance of Endless Severance」

She mercilessly acted, aiming for Wu Chen. Her palm thrusted forth from above, a vast wave of Spiritual Water Qi was conjured. It formed a gigantic twenty meter lance that spiraled endlessly. The surrounding water energies were drawn into the spear, enlarging it and empowering it with every spin.


It shot forward with unprecedented speed and power, aiming to skewer Wu Chen to death. She was directly acting to kill a member of the Royal Family! Her will and intent was clear, and the Imperial Guards shot forward with weapons in hand.

However, Wu Chen seemed unbothered by all this. The figures behind him stepped out and removed their hoods. The leading figure was shocking.

It was a little girl, no more than ten years old, and looked like the most delicate porcelain doll. She was exceptionally cute. Wearing a flower dress that seemed innocent and pure, she lifted her pure eyes that seemed to contain exceptional power.

When she acted, it felt as if hell had been conjured to this world! Violet light erupted with a demonic allure that was both tempting and fearsome, but she lacked even the hint of a demonic trait in her small physique. With this hell-rising aura, the crowd gawked and stepped back.

A Godking!

This little girl, no more than ten years old, had Spiritual Qi with Qi Essence within! Everyone ’s heart quivered uncontrollably, even Ba Chen.

The little girl gave a soft humph, cute yet tyrannical, as she clenched her tiny fist and punched forward. The violet light condensed into a fist image that smashed upon the lance with equal speed and force. The spear and fist met, causing the world to be whipped about in a wild torrent of energy and force!

Tables, chairs, flowers, and all other forms of furniture were lifted and sent flying. Many were eviscerated as they landed on the spiraling array entrapping them all. Those weaker panicked as they cried, being sent away and nearly crashing into the array. Luckily, experts were in the audience so they acted to save these promising youths.

Wei Wuyin had already changed to his Yang-Aegis Robe, his eyes flashing as he tried to find that Seer. Was she really not here? If she wasn ’t then…

His eyes glanced at Lin Ziyan. If the situation required it, then for his future, he would have to take a hostage.

The little girl smiled cutely, kicking off and levitating as well. While true flight wasn ’t possible, temporarily lifting up the mortal flesh with qi was entirely possible. While it lacked maneuverability and agility, it changed the platform at which battles occurred

Ba Chen ’s eyes darkened. This little Godking was exceptionally fearsome and while she protected Wu Chen, taking his life was impossible. She had to kill or incapacitate this young girl first. They lifted high into the air.

Then, vicious clashes of blue and violet light exploded constantly. The raging winds were devastating and if it wasn ’t for the array, the entire Royal Capital might be toppled by the shockwaves.

The Imperial Guards shot forward to apprehend or kill Wu Chen, but a figure arrived above them. His aura vast like the sky, sharp like a sword, and powerful! He revealed his Spiritual Sword Qi and aura for the world to witness. His scholarly appearance coupled with a single sword held within his hand made him seem like a sword immortal.

Fang Shen! The Ancestral Elder of the Sky Sword Sect. When he acted, his spiritual strength targeted each member of the Royal Guard. With his strength alone, they were stalled and forced to resist his imposing sword intent. He had held a hundred elite guards alone, just with his strength.

”Shit! ” Prince Zhen observed this, conflicted. But he understood his loyalties and held a staunch belief. While he would love for Wu Lei to die, this was his clan and his father, and others were threatening it. Even if it was his brother, he always felt that Wu Chen was a wolf in sheep ’s clothing. There was no way he could stay behind and watch as his Imperial Guards were assaulted, even though he had inadvertently sided with the Hidden Shadow Domain that tried to kill him.

If Wu Lei were to have a normal trial with evidence and appropriate sentencing, he wouldn ’t interfere. But they obviously intended malicious actions with their abrupt arrival. However, he wasn ’t an idiot, and knew that Ba Chen ’s swift retaliation alluded to many things. It was only that the situation was developing too fast that even he couldn ’t breathe.

He was lamenting, feeling like an irrelevant game piece in a chaotic world. Regardless of outcome, how could he come out on top? The throne was no longer his.

With Lin Ziyan ’s state, he was naturally furious too. This was originally his fiancee, and she agreed to be with him! Yet, Ba Chen had decided otherwise, and for some reason, his father agreed.

Even with rage in his heart, he wouldn ’t abandon his family. He had never been such a petty person. He had to fight! The twin guardians didn ’t hesitate to follow, ready to fight against a Godlord!

From behind Wu Chen, another figure revealed himself. His black hair, black eyes, sharp eyebrows, uniquely handsome appearance, and fierce gaze was unforgettable. It was Long Chen! With his sword at his back, he stared at Lin Ziyan whose cultivation and voice seemed to be sealed on the altar. Rage, blazing and endless rage, burned through his heart to an unfathomable degree. His killing intent was limitless. His sword intent was boundless.

”Release her! ” He commanded, his thundering voice directed at King Wu and his son, the newly anointed Crown Prince of Wu Country. He was fearless, awesome, and inspired a sense of reliability and victory with every breath.

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