Paragon of Sin

Chapter 116: Anointed Crown Prince

? ”

The key difference was they lacked the perception to notice that it was a self-inflicted seal, and they weren ’t to be blamed. Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual and physical senses were far beyond his realm, so he could perceive more intricate details.

In their minds, many of them had awkward expressions as a single thought was mustered: ”Is this a forced wedding? ” And this thought was infectious as many started to feel that this conflict, this event, had too many layers to it. What were they getting themselves into? And what were the Imperial Clan thinking? The act of forcing a Godlord to marriage was unprecedented and immensely arrogant, especially one as talented as Lin Ziyan.

This was merely the beginning.


In the sky, a figure appeared riding a manifestation of a silver dragon whose body extended for nine miles. Atop this dragon, standing on its head, was a tall, impressive middle-aged man with outstanding looks, a stable and dauntless bearing, and an innate aura of imperial brilliance and regal superiority.

He descended atop this dragon with calm, intimidating eyes. When he arrived, no one even dared to breath for a moment, his aura arriving with him and inserting itself into the hearts of all.

This was the King of Wu, Wu Yu, and the second strongest cultivator in all of Wu Country! Beneath his feet was the manifestation constructed from his impressive cultivation. It was vivid and lively, seemingly alive as it opened its gaping maw and…


The rumbling draconic roar shook the hearts of many.

Wei Wuyin was not amongst the many. His silver eyes inspected this dragon and felt its composition. It was constructed from pure Steel Metal Spiritual Qi.

With an unrivaled appearance, King Wu lowered the dragon ’s head near the platform of his son and future daughter-in-law. With a leap, he landed gracefully beside them. The dragon slithered before shooting into the sky, becoming silver dust that sprinkled from above.

He had a calm smile on his face. Despite stealing the spotlight, he acted completely naturally. When his gaze met Prince Lei, it softened. Turning to face the audience, he gave a charismatic smile befitting a ruler. It was quite a likable act.

”This day is a celebration for the entire Wu Country, and it ’ll be the beginning of the great prosperity in the future of our beloved home. Therefore, I ’ll be brief. I, Wu Yu, King of Wu, will be announcing that Wu Lei, Prince Lei, my beloved son, has been named Crown Prince! ”

”What?! ” His words caused many to nearly jump out of their seats. While it was automatically assumed that Prince Lei, whose favor seemed to abruptly become greater than all others, would become the Crown Prince, they didn ’t believe it would occur so soon. This…

What about Prince Zhen? He was a peak-Mortal God known for his loyalty and exceptional decisiveness. His attitude may come off as a little bit too bloodthirsty and arrogant, but he had the ability to reign as the future King of Wu, in both attitude and talent.

What about Prince Chen? Despite his talent not being as high as Prince Zhen, his amicable attitude and belief of prosperity through union and peace rung in the hearts of many citizens. He was a favorite loved by many, and quite a few wished for him to become the Crown Prince and then the King of Wu. His righteous bearing served as a contrast to Prince Zhen, but they were both qualities that suited rulers.

As for Prince Lei…despite gaining the favor of his father and making some big moves recently, he was a well-known waste who indulged in women and drink. He had barely any collateral in terms of public opinion or connections within the country.

How can this happen so fast?

This was an immense shock to everyone.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes abruptly flashed. He felt it. ”It ’s begun, ” his words were quietly muttered.

”I ask that Royal Father reconsider! ” A voice, filled with a strong and stable tone thundered through the world. A figure arrived from the entrance, along with several hooded figures with concealed auras.

The man at the front looked like Wu Yu and Prince Zhen, handsome and exceptional. His regal aura was enriched by a hint of righteous bearing and charisma. He arrived in royal garbs, a sword in his hand, with a crystal held in his left hand. It was white and released faint yin energies.

Everyone saw the crystal and immediately released what it was: An Image Recording Crystal!

”What is the meaning of this Prince Chen?! You dare question his Majesty ’s Order! ” An old master from the Imperial Clan ’s side stood up and angrily questioned. He was a duke, and the younger brother of Wu Yu, Wu Yan. His cultivation was lacking, and he hadn ’t invested any time in maintaining his youthful looks, so he lacked the middle-aged appearance of his older brother.

Prince Chen gave this contemptible old uncle of his a derisive glance before shouting with force, ”I have evidence of my honorable brother ’s collusion with external forces, wanting to claim the throne for ill-intentions! Furthermore, his crimes of attempted fratricide, rape, theft, embezzling and unfair allocation of treasury funds, and murder! ”

He didn ’t even give anyone the chance to react as he poured his spiritual energies within the crystal and dozens of images were projected and played out. Each image gave off faint spiritual energies that relayed sound and tone.

The images were explicit and detailed everything in exceptional detail; irrefutable proof!

Especially fratricide! The image showed Prince Lei colluding with a shady figure actively plotting Prince Zhen ’s death, even giving them the optimal time and information to act. As for the others, they were as or even more damning. It was as if Prince Lei was tracked and recorded without his knowledge or anyone ’s.

”… ”

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