Paragon of Sin

Chapter 114: Guests

Several weeks had passed since Wei Wuyin received the invitation, and the Royal Capital was busy and bustling with all sorts of figures. These included Mortal Gods, Lord Alchemists, and elite geniuses of the ages. They had all come to represent their respective forces to give the Imperial Clan and Prince Lei face. And it was impressive the amount of face given.

Wei Wuyin could feel a shift in the ambient essence of the world, affected by the spiritual strength of numerous top-tier experts. There were too many. Far too many for a simple wedding.

”There ’s definitely something afoot, ” Wei Wuyin ’s instincts were far sharper than the normal cultivator. This was due to his True Dragon Bloodline and Alchemic Spirit of Eden Qi. They were both attuned to various invisible forces pushing against the world ’s trend. These were the ill-intent exuding from thoughts or bodily reactions.

And Wei Wuyin got a whiff of something fierce.

Atop Bai Lin, he and Su Mei soared the restricted skies thanks to Prince Zhen ’s permission. They were dressed in formal robes and dress that suited weddings. These were refined wear nor very battle effective, but they gave the both of them noble appearances with high-born bearings.

They were quite expensive as well, bought from the Life World Emporium. Despite not being very battle effective, they were durable.

Su Mei wore a blue dress. It was short-cut, revealing her toned thighs and supple legs. Her skin was flawless and her legs were exceptional dual-pieces of womanly form. Wei Wuyin was startled as he observed Su Mei with rapt and undivided attention. When he first met her, she was somewhat flat chested and lacked an ass. The most he could say was that she was pretty, befitting the girl-next-door with her pure black eyes and short hair.

Now, she had grown into a full-grown woman. Her chest was quite ample, natural growth too, and perhaps his entire hand couldn ’t grab it all. Her curves were defined and that shapely form gave her an alluring stride wherever she went. Her eyes were still as pure and black as before, but the brilliance and concealed sharpness was quite soul-snatching.

Thanks to her physical training, her ass had formed a perfect bubble shape with tender and soft flesh. This coupled with her now-long black and luscious hair that favored her right side, placed in front of her right shoulder, and reached to her alluring bosom brought her femininity to an impressive limit.

This once before average looking woman had become a beauty. Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but nod in approval of this direction. However, when she wore her black armor and wielded that saber of hers, she seemed like a demonic knight with fierce and decisive killing intent. The juxtaposition of these two images could cause one to misidentify her as two entirely different people.

As for him, was there anything that needed to be said? His light-grey formal robes were form-fitting and extraordinary. His already unearthly handsome visage was sufficient to carry the robe, so it was mostly a non-factor. Even if he wore nothing but tattered robes, no one could miss his brilliance.

They rode on Bai Lin into the Royal Palace where Prince Zhen and the twins were diligently waiting. There were numerous people in the surroundings that were bewildered by a Prince waiting at the entrance for the arrival of a guest. Whoever it was must be exceptional.

Could it be one of the top beauties on the World Life Beauty Ranking List? If so, they wouldn ’t mind waiting also in hopes of catching a glimpse.

There were even some hushed discussions.

”I heard Prince Zhen was originally supposed to marry Godlord Lin, but he was rejected by her, and she only wanted to be with a worthy Prince. ” A guest at the Mortal God level said to another.

”What? No. It ’s that Prince Zhen had obtained her approval, but Prince Lei arrived and she immediately left his side. I even heard, mhm, it ’s because of Prince Zhen ’s ’condition ’. ”

”Oh? Is it the…micrope- ”

”Shuuush! Its only rumors. You don ’t want to get executed. ”

Prince Zhen ignored all this. They were mere lies used to heightened Prince Lei ’s image while lowering his own. That being said, the rumor that was circulating was quite damaging.

I have quite a sizable one, you know! If anything, it ’s at least above average!

Despite being in the sky, Wei Wuyin heard every last word and couldn ’t help but smile slightly.


Bai Lin arrogantly announced her arrival with a loud cry. It contained her bloodline power and caused the surrounding avian mounts to shiver. Some directly plummeted out of fear, causing their riders to fall.

Su Mei shook her head. Bai Lin seemed to love to make an entrance. This was the fault of her master. Every time he took action, he shocked the world time and time again. From shattering a gate with purely his physical body, domineeringly ordering others around, killing with a single word, and slaughtering the peak experts of this world.

Bai Lin ’s exposure was tainted, and her addiction was clear. If Wei Wuyin let her loose, perhaps she would arrive in blazing golden flames while declaring her territory: the entire sky. Just the thought made her feel helpless.

Wei Wuyin rubbed Bai Lin and calmly saw the gaping Prince Zhen. Bai Lin ’s aura was extraordinary, rivaling his own. Mounts could have such strength? While she had heard of the Beast-Taming Sect, they mostly won through numbers rather than individual strength.

Even the twins were sent into a shock. Those watching were similarly flabbergasted at Bai Lin ’s aura. When she landed, her wings flapped, causing a surging waves of wind that caused many robes to flap wildly and even a few poor cultivators painfully learned how it felt to fly, albeit temporarily.

There were growls and ill-intended gazes leveled at Bai Lin, but very few felt confident in taking action. There was also the prince there, and he should get justice.

Looking at the gazes sent his eyes, Prince Zhen clicked his tongue. Wei Wuyin could one-shot Godkings. Justice? Can you eat it? I don ’t know what that is, so you can find it yourself.

He cupped his hands respectfully and said, ”I ’m happy you could make it, Godlord Wei. ” His words caused many to become startled. Godlord? There were less than twenty Godlords in the entire Wu Country, and this was a Godlord? While Bai Lin ’s aura was terrifying, it matched a peak-Mortal God, but a Godlord was an entirely different existence.

Wei Wuyin nodded. He and Su Mei left Bai Lin as they arrived before Prince Zhen. Wei Wuyin directly said, ”Did you invite me here to kill your brother? ”

”… ” Everyone.

Holy shit!

Did he just openly speak about murder? This…to speak about killing another royal member in front of the Royal Palace? The balls on this guy must be steel and the size of mountains.

Prince Zhen ’s eyes shrunk, not expecting Wei Wuyin ’s words. However, he was quick witted and naturally said: ”Godlord Wei, absolutely not. My brother and Godlord Lin are in mutual agreement of their relationship and acceptance of this marriage. My feelings are of happiness and excitement at the heights of Prince Lei. He will definitely usher the Wu Country into a greater era. I invited you here so that both of us can enjoy this momentous occasion. ”

Wei Wuyin silently looked at Prince Zhen ’s eyes. Then, he nodded in acceptance. His reasoning behind such a public declaration was to feel out Prince Zhen ’s sincerity towards this matter. It seems that, while Lin Ziyan was taken away from him, his grudge was not a driving force of his life.

He truly was an overall extraordinary man with an exceptional character. His sense of loyalty was defined and uncontentious regardless of the circumstance.

”Please, ” despite Wei Wuyin ’s brazen words, Prince Zhen invited him in as he acted as an escort. He wasn ’t concerned that Wei Wuyin ’s words would create waves. In fact, it ’ll probably be met with scorn and a belief that Wei Wuyin was unaware of the height of heaven and the vastness of earth; a true fool.

In fact, from the sneers in the background, this seemed to be the case.

But, if Prince Zhen had joked about this or revealed a hint of hatred for Prince Lei, Wei Wuyin had no issue with slaughtering Prince Lei openly. Perhaps not now, but if he reached the Astral Core Realm. Prince Lei was a puppet, and he would act according to others ’ desires, no matter how sinister. Prince Zhen was a much better option for king in his opinion, so he no qualms with ending Prince Lei to ensure his ascension.

Under Prince Zhen ’s escort, Wei Wuyin arrived at the wedding chambers where thousands of seats were lined up appropriately. There would be quite a few spectators for this, and all of these spectators were elites, powerhouses, or exceptional figures with grand fame.

As for Bai Lin, she took to the skies and arrived at a grand platform constructed for the ground and aerial mounts of the guests. When she arrived, her body exuded an aura that cowed the other mounts. Her haughty eyes were brilliant as she let loose a cry, her meaning clear: ”For now, you all are my servants. ”

There were a few defying roars, but a little exertion of her aura ceased that as those beasts lost consciousness. Now that she had spiritual strength, her aura contained power that could impact the sea of consciousness of others, and this was especially effective on other beasts of weaker bloodlines.

Being brought to his seat, Wei Wuyin and Su Mei calmly sat. Prince Zhen said a few words, but declared that he had to handle other matters. Before he left, Wei Wuyin sent a close-range spiritual transmission with his Spiritual Qi.

”There seems to be quite a lot of guests for this. ” His eyes were telling, and Prince Zhen was exceptionally perceptive.

He faintly nodded as he said, unable to send a spiritual transmission due to his seventh phase cultivation base, ”I forgot to tell you, but there might be a chance of rain. But don ’t worry, my Imperial Clan is well-prepared to handle it. ” He gave a warm smile and left.

Wei Wuyin went silent. It seems his thoughts were right; there was a storm coming.

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