Paragon of Sin

Chapter 108: Phantom Rogue of Evernight

, darkness and wind qi surging and devastating the surroundings.

”If it was a hundred years ago, perhaps you would be my match, but today…today, you ’re my prey! ” Phantom Rogue ’s voice echoed throughout the world as his aura started to rise. His spiritual qi seemed to embody the world, exuding a dominating world force within.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes brightened as he observed this clash, ”Qi Essence? ” This was the aura of a Godking!

Sheng Jiu ’s eyes narrowed in shock as the clash that seemed to be even took a sharp turn. Before he could react, the darkness overwhelmed his attack and smashed against his body. He was sent flying like a rocket as the darkness trailed and attacked him without end.

”Well, he ’s dead. ” Wei Wuyin commented. However, Sheng Jiu seemed to wish to defy fate. He withdrew a small pellet the size of a marble. There was no aura or light emitted by the pellet, but all those here could feel its presence.

「Evernight Qi Art: Sphere of Night」

Phantom Rogue clenched his fists and pulled them to his body. The darkness attacking Sheng Jiu retreated and encompassed his body protectively. In the blink of an eye, he was shielded by his Evernight Qi empowered by his Spiritual Qi Array, the Evernight ’s Fall Array!

Sheng Jiu sneered, ”Die! ” He crushed the pellet within his palm. Then, the world seemed to quake. It was a quake that affected everything within a hundred miles. But what came next was truly earth-shaking! Within his palm, a dark-brown light surfaced that contained an immeasurable amount of earthen energies refined and focused. It was without an owner for a moment before Sheng Jiu ’s aura integrated into this energy and his aura seemed to spike to unfathomable heights.

This aura wasn ’t his, but from the combination of earthen energies and spiritual strength.

He chucked the light within his palm towards Phantom Rogue. A sound resembling a raging and endless stampede resounded. The earthen energies and spiritual strength shot outwards and transformed into a thousand dark-brown oxen that stomped viciously forward.

Each ox was at least ten meters in height and with a thousand of them in a uniformed group stomping forward was a majestic and frightening sight.

The oxen crashed into Phantom Rogue ’s darkness barrier and crushed it in the matter of moments. Before long, only specks of evernight qi remained, the remnants of Phantom Rogue ’s protection.

Wei Wuyin felt his heart tremble slightly. Pellets were one of the four products of the Dao of Alchemy. Unlike Elixirs, Pills, or Paste which was suited for internal usage, pellets were expendable concoctions of alchemists. The basis of the Dao of Alchemy was the refinement of essence, energy, and material into a unique product with effects beyond its individual component.

Pellets focused on energy. Alchemists refined energy into a pure state, sealing it within a pellet. While this energy can sometimes be given shape or form, other times it can just be chaotic and unfocused like an explosion. Pellets can be defensive, offensive, or even movement-oriented, and they were the only combat tools for the Dao of Alchemy.

The cultivator would crush the pellet and integrate their spiritual energies, strength, and aura into the energies and utilize it as they saw fit.

”The Thousand Oxen Earth-Crushing Pellet! A sixth-grade, peak-tier pellet that can even rival a full-powered strike of a Godking! ” He was truly shocked by Sheng Jiu ’s means. In fact, sensing the energy, he had already retreated some distance away.

”Unfortunately… ” a tinge of pity was in his voice. As if solidifying the truth of his pity, ”Kekekeke! You shouldn ’t just blow your load like that. ” The voice of Phantom Rogue resounded and from the dark sky, he descended unharmed.

Sheng Jiu ’s eyes shrunk to needlepoints. Without any hesitation, he shot off and attempted to flee. He had already been injured by Phantom Rogue ’s earlier attack, and against a Godking, he had zero confidence.

In truth, if this wasn ’t within Phantom Rogue ’s Evernight ’s Fall Array, perhaps he would ’ve been able to cause severe injury or even death to Phantom Rogue. Unfortunately, he could hide within the darkness and give him an empty target thanks to the dense ambient darkness energy.

”Sorry Little Jiu, but I need you. ” With a maniacal laugh, he exploded with a raging storm of darkness qi as he seemed to become darkness itself. He shot forward in pursuit.

Wei Wuyin softly sighed in his heart.

”Hey! You! ” A voice called out to him, drawing his attention. It was the female guard who was assigned to follow him. At the moment, she had removed her helmet to reveal her features. Beneath her armor, she was quite pretty.

Her short-brown hair and light-brown eyes were very harmonious with her jade complexion. This coupled with her sharp features, such as those eyes and chin revealed a valiant and courageous bearing, the makings of a heroine.

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t help but give her a second look. To his eyes, this was an attractive woman worthy of his notice. However, he didn ’t seek to ingratiate himself into her good graces or tried to establish a notable impression. Instead, he waited for her to speak.

The woman, Sheng Xinmei, walked towards him with her spiritual sense scanning the area wildly. It seemed she had been assaulted by that shadowy fist as her armor had cracks, and it seemed her helmet was shattered. A line of blood flowed down from her forehead to her left eye, which only heightened her valiant appearance.

She wiped off the blood and said, ”You ’re an expert, right? ” While her voice seemed fearless, Wei Wuyin could sense the taint of fear within.

”I can be considered as one, ” as he spoke, a loud explosion from a clash of powers erupted from the distance. A tornado formed and ravaged the world, but it was being assaulted by rivers of darkness that blended further in with the world that was being filled with darkness energies. A little bit longer and the Evernight Qi will be practically invisible.

Sheng Xinmei felt her heart throb with hope when Wei Wuyin casually emitted this. She asked with a tickle of ferocity within, ”Help us delay until the Royal Commander arrives! If you do- ”


A raging storm swept the world. They were bombarded by the shockwaves and Sheng Xinmei lost her footing, her legs weakly collapsed and she nearly kneeled. It seemed her injuries were intensive, and her current display lacked substance.

Wei Wuyin acted swift, grabbing her armored waist.

Sheng Xinmei was startled. But she couldn ’t speak as the shockwaves continued to occur, the sign of Sheng Jiu ’s all out effort to repel and survive. The smell of desperation lingered in the air. As for the Imperial Guards, that shadow fist was more than enough to crush any early-Mortal God and lower, so he had no support.

”I think you ’re a little too late. This cultivator needed something, and he obtained it. ” Wei Wuyin ’s expression changed as he saw with his extraordinary senses the Phantom Rogue drawing out a translucent figure from Sheng Jiu ’s stomach—his Spirit of Qi!

”What?! ” Sheng Xinmei felt panic set in.

Before her fear could cement itself, the dark sky went quiet. They and all living creatures in the area looked up at this exact moment in a synchronized fashion.

”How fearless! ” Wei Wuyin exclaimed.

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