Paragon of Sin

Chapter 106: Eliminating Possibilities

A pill like that required an experienced and exceptional Lord Alchemist to concoct. Even then, without an Alchemic Heart, their success rate would be abysmal, like all other products. In fact, not only would the success rate be less than a percent, but it could take decades to succeed. Only a King Alchemist, someone who can concoct Seventh-Grade products reliably would be able to reduce the time and increase the success rate to reasonable levels.

Unfortunately for the Myriad Yore Continent, especially the Wu Country, there was no King Alchemist.

Therefore, the price of a single peak-tier sixth-grade product, regardless if it were elixir, pill, pellet, or paste, it would cost an absolutely astonishing fortune to purchase. There was a reason that alchemists were so wildly popular despite non-Alchemic Heart alchemists ’ utterly abysmal success rate and long time to concoct these products.

The Myriad Yore Continent didn ’t lack alchemists or materials, but it lacked product. It was a scarce market only saturated by the lack of product. Everyone desired products that could stimulate or advance their cultivation, but there would never be enough to satisfy the vast numbers of cultivators. Therefore, only the rich could afford them.

If they were talented, capable of etching out some time to practice alchemy, they could do what Wei Wuyin did as an inner disciple. This was both a way to support one ’s cultivation and make money.

A single fourth-grade Essence Pill was worth a single essence stone, but a single essence stone and a few common materials can make a total of a hundred Essence Pills. As long as one ’s success rate can exceed one percent, they can profit. The only issue was time to make.

For non-Alchemic Heart alchemists, they might spend a few days trying to concoct a single Essence Pill. Whether they succeeded or not was up to fate, but if they didn ’t, they could lose those days without profit. It was even possible for a complete failure leading to an exploding cauldron and subsequently death.

This was why those with Alchemic Hearts were treated like jewels. Those who had the potential to birth one would never be neglected, but their free-will and life purpose would be to concoct, as was his when he was a part of the Eden Earth Sect. Anyone with a brain could understand why.

As for the Spirit Earth Life Pill, it was a peak-tier sixth-grade pill that could uncripple a cripple. It was a miraculous product, but in the entire Myriad Yore Continent, excluding the now deceased Eden Earth Sect ’s Sect Leader, you can count the amount of people who can concoct it on one ’s fingers—literally.

The fact that Wei Wuyin was a rare Godlord who had an Alchemic Heart was a fact that could not be underestimated in value or importance. Amongst all the Alchemic Hearts in the Myriad Yore Continent, not a single one was a Mortal God or higher. Usually, they would spend most of their time concocting with forcefully risen cultivation bases that left no room for improvement or die in their rooms from overwork.

It was simply the fate of those blessed with that specific talent. An unfortunate, depressing fate.

Therefore, Han Bo had kept this quiet as he seeked to procure this pill. His spies had been in the Jade Lotus Sect, quietly gaining information. When he learned of this, he decisively acted and eliminated all other potential spies to seal this information so that only he knew of Wei Wuyin ’s identity.

The only people he couldn ’t influence was Qin Feng, but as he was always cautious and saw the bigger picture, he too would ’ve silenced all forms of information from leaking. Luckily, Han Bo spies were a little quicker.

In the end, regardless of what reason he needed the pill, he knew Wei Wuyin wouldn ’t hold back. As for trying to capture and force Wei Wuyin to concoct pills? Even though Wei Wuyin had an Alchemic Spirit of Qi, he was still a Godlord with Spiritual Strength and immense spiritual energies.

His spiritual spells could still be used. While it wouldn ’t have offensive strength, it could be used to disorientate, bewilder, or suppress. As for escape? If he reached the Godlord level at this stage, how could he not have a thousand and one trump cards?

All decent alchemists were rich, but those Alchemic Heart alchemists who had full control over their own wealth were stupid rich.

In truth, Wei Wuyin knew of the value of alchemical products, but it was only while he was extorting Han Bo that he realized his vast overestimation of their value. Since the beginning, he had always used the market price as a baseline.

The market price?

Utter bullshit.

Most products, especially high-grade ones at the fifth and sixth phase were hundreds, if not, thousands of times worth their market price. Yes! Thousands!

Only then did he realize he was stupid for exchanging market price with Qin Feng, the Jade Lotus Sect Leader. His eyes nearly turned red as he briefly estimated his losses from those exchanges. His agitation even led Han Bo to suffer further loss as he panicked that Wei Wuyin ’s frustration was due to his unwillingness to pay more.

At the end of the deal, Wei Wuyin had delivered a single low-quality, sixth-grade, peak-tier Spirit Earth Life Pill for a Darkness Rising Spirit Battle Armor, an eighth-rank Qi Armament, the Yang-Aegis Robe, Darklight God Saber, and True Steel God-Slayer Saber, another eighth-grade Qi Armament. The True Steel God-Slayer Saber was a saber refined with high-quality saber energy and True Steel metal energy for a decade and forged with the bones of a Godlord who cultivated a True Steel Metal Body.

It was incredibly powerful, and the perfect host for Element, Wei Wuyin ’s Nascent Saber Soul. As for the Darkness Rising Spirit Battle Armor, it was a set of light-armor that amplified Dark Qi Arts and resisted attacks. With it and the Darklight God Saber, Su Mei ’s strength would reach unfathomable levels for an early-Mortal God.

Despite being extorted for all this, Han Bo had a large toothy grin on his face as he received the pill. While in the grand scheme of things, it might seem as if he suffered a loss, he was willing to pay any price for this pill.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t leave the emporium after that. Instead, he asked Han Bo if other managers would want to exchange items for products. Han Bo was hesitant for a moment, but considering Wei Wuyin ’s intent, he proceeded to introduce him to all the available managers.

It was on that day that the managers of the Life World Emporium were left with a helpless fate. Without a single exception, Wei Wuyin essentially raided everything he needed for products he didn ’t even need or had an excess of.

Spiritual Qi Arts? Get.

Spiritual Formation Designs? Get.

Qi Arrays? Get.

Siphoning Darkness Essence? Get.

Formless Light Essence? Get.

Information on all Mortal Gods, Godlords, Godkings of the Myriad Yore Continent? Get.

All details regarding landmarks and interesting or forbidden locations in the Myriad Yore Continent? Get.

”Is there a reason to rob when you can just buy everything you want? ” With his hands on his belly, he bellowed out a hearty laugh of contentment. He had obtained so much for so little that he now realized why there were so many non-Alchemic Heart alchemists: Wealth Ruled All.

Su Mei was similarly astounded at the events that were happening. She never expected Alchemy to be such a valued commodity amongst top-tier experts. They were willing to give an arm and a leg for a single sixth-grade product. It was somewhat embarrassing as all of these managers were Mortal Gods.

After an entire day of shopping, Wei Wuyin immediately wore the Yang-Aegis Robe and placed the True Steel God-Slayer Saber and its scabbard on his hip. The Yang-Aegis Robe ’s dark-gold colors with a black trim exemplified Wei Wuyin ’s already mind-boggling good looks, and its form-fitting design displayed every contour of his sharp and domineering muscles. The saber at his hilt had a silver scabbard with a black hilt.

”I feel like some rich young master showing off his wealth with this gold…but it still looks quite awesome! ” He flourished his sleeves and observed himself, not holding back his praise. He could already feel the yang energies stored in the robe were already refined from sunlight, ready to be absorbed into his body at a mere thought.

”I think Lord Wei looks nice, ” Su Mei said. As for her, she had a set of black battle armor that seemed as if shadows were lurking within. The darkness of the armor would get darker and lighter, making it seem alive and moving. As for her saber, it was in a grey scabbard specifically designed to prevent darklight energy from spewing over.

She looked like a demonic heroine, with her black hair and pure black eyes, calm and sharp eyes roaming the world. The more she cultivated, the more her aura was invigorated and her features became perfect. Her skin lacked a single blemish as vibrant yang energies supported her body and yin energies help promote her feminine features, such as her curves.

Just as Wei Wuyin was about to compliment her, Han Bo arrived. They were currently a little away from the Life World Emporium. When Wei Wuyin saw him, he was a little surprised.

”Godlord Wei! There ’s a piece of information that I ’m not certain if you would be interested in or not, ” Han Bo said and his expression truly did betray his hesitation. It wasn ’t fearful, but uncertain.

”Oh? What is it? ” Wei Wuyin was quite intrigued.

Han Bo thought briefly and said, ”I ’ve received reports that at the eastern border of the Wu Central Lands, a number of people have mysteriously vanished…without any trace… ” Han Bo spoke softly as he observed Wei Wuyin ’s expression. In truth, he wasn ’t certain if the Wei Wuyin before him was the Wei Wuyin who went missing and was later confirmed dead by the Scarlet Solaris Sect, but from the images of their appearance, it seemed possible.

After all, Wei Wuyin from the Scarlet Solaris Sect hadn ’t evolved his Heart of Qi yet from the information eleven years ago, so it was still possible. The only issue was Wei Wuyin ’s jump in skill and cultivation in a mere eleven years seemed skeptical.

According to the reports, the old Wei Wuyin nearly went through cultivation deviation after a series of people inexplicably went missing. While they were later found without incident, there were countless suspecting details around this. After his disappearance then, it was said he returned to the sect and then abruptly vanished. If the incident was connected, perhaps Wei Wuyin would be interested.

Wei Wuyin was calm, nearly non-responsive. He thought for a moment and calmly said, ”Give me all the information you have on these disappearances. ” He withdrew a sixth-grade high-tier pill called the Spirit Bonding Pill. It could increase the chances of merging Spirit with Core, reaching the Eighth Phase and becoming a Godlord.

When Han Bo saw this, his eyes flashed with a bright, intense light. He hastily compiled everything into a jade. He forgot about his goal of seeing if the two Wei Wuyins were the same.

Wei Wuyin was lost in his thoughts, ”Has it appeared again? Is it another Inheritor of Sin? ’

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