ies are not serious at they thought and they knew vince just showing ace how weak he was and by telling him how large a gap between him and vince.

When luffy saw ace he was not worried cuz he knew vince holding back his power when he attack his and he also suffer the faith same as ace suffered.

When the news of ace being knocked of unconscious by vince. Makino directly received this news and he was angry at vince at not showing a slightly mercy against ace. She knew vince power who can rival shanks.

Vince just replied: i just shown him mercy without killing him ”

Vince received a smack on his head and Because of that vince scolded by makino a lot and garp just laugh of vince and ace misery.

Vince returns to the mountain with luffy.

Vince: hey luffy ” tell that brat when he wake up to train if he wants to beat me ” i will gone for a week and aunt karli take care of them i will train for a while bwhahah!!

He left before he send a message to ace.

Luffy and karli: okay!

Luffy and the rest just watch vince disappear in a blink of an eye.


After vince left.

Ace manage to woke up after a day.

He touch his head with already bandage and still feel the pain cuz of vince attacked his head.

He weakly stood up to his bed when suddenly luffy enters.

Luffy: ohh ace your awake!! Shishishi ”

Ace: where is that bastard???

Luffy: ohh vince nii san will be gone for a week to train and he said if you wan to beat him like i always aiming too he said to train hard you weakling brat ”

Luffy is a honest idiotic child but he has a kind heart.

When ace hear vince message pass by luffy.

Ace: damn that bastard ” he gritted his teeth with anger

Luffy: told you ace that he was strong!! I was also train by him but for a 3 months shishishi ” and suffered a lot than you. Luffy was proud by being beaten by vince.

Ace shooks his head in defeat by luffy idiotic remarks.


2 days pass by ace head was recovering but still he was full bandages of his head.

Ace knew that vince holds back when he attacked him.

He clench his fist with anger when he remembered mocking vince that he was weak

But ace manage to accept that facts.

The two travels towards the gray terminal and met sabo.

Sabo: hey what happen to you ace?? Your look like a mommy.

Luffy: shishishi!! He gotten beaten by vince nii san just using his one of his finger ” shishishi.

Ace was stupefied by luffy remarks. He was annoyed by luffy honesty.

Ace: luffy shut up!! So sabo how your day when were not here??

Sabo: like as usual the blue jam pirates still searching for us. And i manage to knock out some hehehe ”

Luffy: why not beat all of them and steal there treasures?? Shishishi.

Ace and sabo: this idiot ” sighed

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