Novels where girls dress as boys (Gender Bender/Crossdress)

Transmigrating to Before the Big Boss Blackened

There was a webtoon for this too, huh?


He is a modern secret ghost leader of an organization that brings together crazy geniuses who are proficient in a variety of different skills. Extremely talented in medicine and poison, he carries out secret assassinations that are seen as crazy and evil in the eyes of the people of the world. She died in an accident and was reborn into the body of a disfigured teenage girl.

What? Face shape distorted, identity stolen? Return to family, dull and hopeless? His identity may be renounced, his family may be forgiven, but as for the one who harmed his incarnate predecessor, how could he achieve his demonic reputation if he had not at least made them scream in unimaginable agony and plunge them into a state of misery? Endless mayhem ensues and a battle to dominate everything! See how dressed in a red suit he shakes the world, swings his sword against the dominant forces that shake the Heavens! His name spread to the seas, shocked the world!

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