It started off very interesting, but progressed well, until the finale… not at all satisfying! Frankly, it was sloppy as if it was made to end as soon as possible, it can be said that I was a little disappointed compared to my expectations.


Alien DNA is the best thing that ever happened to Ye Shuang because the genetic optimization he offered made him prettier, tougher, and brighter.

But… why doesn this unknown alien species have a fixed s*x before adulthood? Its going back and forth between both sexes every few days, why? For gender equality? Fortunately, he still has a chance to save himself. As long as he can settle in with a partner before full genetic assimilation, he will be able to continue his life as a certain sex only. For the sake of the perfect female body, all men out there, be careful!

But wait, what are all these women doing? Why are you all staring at me like a wolf for a delicious piece of meat? Stop, stop, don come any closer…

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