”From today, you will replace your brother and inherit the Gu family legacy! ” By his mothers decision, he succeeded his twin brother.

Dressed as a boy, but unintentionally deceived many sisters!

Meanwhile, the younger sister of the man with the most powerful authority in China was also fascinated and said he wanted to marry her!

The girls older brother, Ming Shao, was furious: ”From now on, you will follow me. I will train you to become a qualified brother-in-law! ”

Since then, he has been eating with Ming Shao during the day and living with Ming Shao at night.

He always thought that Ming Shao was treating him like his brother-in-law, but one day Ming Shao pushed him on the bed and attacked his lips!

Hey! Didn she say she wanted him to be her brother-in-law, how did he become her boyfriend?

The fiction cover is seriously ugly

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻︎┻

Anyway, the plot is nice.

Shes pretty beautiful, too. Ah, when will I see this kind of fiction again…

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