In his previous life, Si Huang was framed and controlled by his relatives. He was crowned as a movie emperor. However, he could die without a burial site.

Unexpectedly reborn, returning once again to its starting point and inheriting a unique legacy.

Si Huang touched his chin and thought: It is truly wonderful to be reborn. He can pay off all his old debts and take revenge on his old enemies.

When he returns to the throne of the entertainment circle, he is now the first male god in the eyes of all women. (I mean the most famous person or something)

The dark hand that controls everything behind the scenes, using the power of darkness.

A word to decide the stock market is the mysterious little god of wealth in the eyes of all businessmen.

A skilled punch to the enemy is a great man in the eyes of the military.

The most… moreover, it is the apple of ones eyes.

But one day, when everyone finds out that this person is a woman, the whole country boils down!

Confronted by a group of bees running around like wild bees, a certain man mocks: Who dares snatch this old mans long-protected wife from him?

”Reporting to the boss, the young master of the Li family asked Young Master Si to eat. ”

Close his familys hotel.

”Reporting to the boss, Young Master Si and the small crown prince of the Wang family fought. ”

”Tell military doctor to give patient special attention ”

”Oh? But Young Master Si is fine! ”

”Special care is for someone from the Wang family. ”

”… ”

Years later, a little boy pointed to the list of Most Desirable Men and Women chosen by the citizens. He looked at the man next to him with a confused expression.

A certain male put on a kind and fatherly face, ”Little Treasure, whats wrong? ”

The little boy waved his fingers for half a day and said, ”Are you finally my father or my mother? ” She asked.

A certain mans face instantly darkened. Of course Im your father!

The little bun solemnly said, ”But they all say your father is a male god and the male god is married to you! ” Said.

A certain man: ”… ”

I left the introduction directly uncorrected. If you are going to read any object from the English page translation, you have to get used to the language errors, there will always be errors in google translation ;-;

Its been a long time since Ive read it, if I have to talk about my general comment for fiction. Despite this, unfortunately, since my memory is familiar with these subjects, it is not possible to forget the same fiction and read it again ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

It was a quality fiction.

Hey, maybe if I run out of all the series I have Ill rewind and start reading again.

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