Your webtoons illustrations are excellent *-*


After returning to China, Lu Dingning replaced his missing older brother.

Disguised as a boy, Lu Yining can easily seduce a group of girls with maximum effect with his charming smile and gentleman demeanor!

Women surround him constantly, and even men bow badly when he is with him, unable to escape. (Bending, twisting etc. straight, that is, individuals with normal sexual feelings are gay)

Her life motto: As long as she dances well, there is not a single boyfriend she can steal! (And the translation is bad here, I didn fix it either ;-;)

The king of the city treats Zong Jize as his older brother, but…

She is pushed into bed by him.

Lu Yining angrily said, ”Master Zong, I treated you like a brother but instead you sick bastard wanted to sleep with me! ”

To the rest…

See for yourself (╭ರ_•́)

Note: Both the noveli and the webtoon are available.

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