Fu Jiu is the main character in this fiction written by Ms. Qi. I think its a good drawing. I had a lot of fun while reading it and I remember reading it 3 times because I couldn guess what is called reading from Chinese sites and because there is not much gender bender element in English sites.

Anyway, even though 1000 episodes might seem like a lot, I finished a 755-episode fiction today, and the story was officially just beginning, and the sequel wasn written (눈_눈)

So it looks like a lot, but not a lot. It doesn bother you with literary style or boring descriptions while reading. On the contrary, you are having fun because it is a light novel.

Webtoon available. I know its available in English but Im not sure ~( ´•︵• )~

Now I remember, I think my love for silver hair started with this setup ;-;


Hes just a gay high school boy in sight. In fact, he is a hacker known as Z, who hunts criminals on the Internet. A girl dressed as a boy; A master of the highest skill at playing tricks, punishing villains and seducing girls. The entire population exploded when people found out that ”male ” was actually female!

Fu Jiu: ”Master Qin, do you have a girlfriend? ”

Qin Mo drops the laptop: ”None. ”

Fu Jiu begins to seduce in a low voice: ”So, its there now. I. ”

Hearing this, Qin Mo suddenly bows down.

Fu Jiu was confused: ”Stop! What are you doing? ”

Qin Mo: ”To exercise my rights as a boyfriend. ”

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