”Not at all my love. Do you want him to come with us? ” She asked as she sat him on a huge rock.

”No… but I was worried about our guards. Why are they not here… ” Meghan placed her mouth on her sons lips, when she heard strange noises coming from a distance. Her heart raced.

”Son, hide behind that tree and don come out until I say so, understood? ” She whispered, and he nodded.

”Now go! ” She urged and he walked in fast steps and hid.

She unsheathed her sword and stood in defense. The footsteps were coming closer. Meghan heart pounded over millions of thoughts, that includes the life of her son. The confidence level in her where decreasing. She could barely raise up her sword without it shaking.

A great fight were going between her mind and her heart. A river of sweat flow through her spine. Then the footsteps stopped. The only sound she could hear was her heavy breathing and the creaking tree trunks at her front.

Her mind were splintering, and her head felt dizzy. Then she had this feeling of deja vu again. The grip on her sword loosened and fell to the floor. She clenched her chest and fell on her knees.

What they never expected appeared at their front with a loud roar and caught her on a huge gasp. A roaring torrent pours out from the sky, each drops a shrieking demon swirling into monstrous form. It looked at her, roared again, long fangs and jagged teeth gleaming in the moonlight.

The smell of fear and sweat becoming more dominant. She could feel her hands getting sweaty, her body frozen, her heart beats faster than ever before. The monsters becoming more vigorous. There were two.

His snout looked like the one of a giant bull. His entire face were covered in thick black scales. When it opened its mouth, it revealed several rows of larger pincer teeth, and released a great amount of fire like that of a mixture of methyl. With quick and heavy steps, she sauntered towards the tree where her son hid.

It charged smashing the tree to splinters, slowly only enough to gather a sight of its quarry. Its heavy and large claws scratched another tree, obstructing its way.

Meghan knew she had to move but were frozen in horror at the scene behind her.

The second one followed it, its footsteps approaching where Meghan hid with her son. She closed her eyes and held her sons little body to her chest, and prayed silently. She would give up her life to save her son, after all, her life were worthless.

It snouted and growled massively, but then walked away. She breathed in relief, her heart drumming heavily inside her chest when she spotted her horse from a distance where she left it. When its eyes met hers, it neighed and that drew attention of the monster to it.

Meghan gasped. It were all she had to escape. Her chances would be ruined if it were killed. Her head spined tremendously at the thought of it…

The other monster growled and smashed the top of the tree where she guided herself.

”Ahh…! ” She groaned in pain, quickly held her son in her arm and ran out to the other side of the tree.

When the monster spotted the two, he growled again approaching them with an intent to kill and not to spare.

She looked at Lucas. ”Get to the horse and release it. Take it to the river at the side but hide it behind a tree. Don let it leave your sight for a moment. ” She said, and kissed his forehead.

”Mama…? ”

She sighed. ”Lucas… Please, Ill come for you okay? Now, go! ” She shouted as her eyes settled on the monster who kept matching closer to them.

She stood with her sword pointed to its body. It were huge and she were small, so the sword cold only stopped at its leg.

With her gathered strength, she ran forward and slid to the floor. Her sword bites deep into the flaming hides of rage monster and rip away before the heat stings her skin. It growled in pain and stumbled back.

It growled again, its eyes were darker than ever. An explosion of rage, fury and pain peered into the look he gave her and with one swift move, it spread it wings and used its leg to kick her.

She stumbled and rolled behind, her sword diverted from her hand to her side, faraway from her reach. Her head wrecked and throbbed badly. She tasted blood in her mouth and her hand flew to her left temple and she flinched.

Powerless, she stood up but kept stumbling as she tried to run. Lucas peered through the tree and looked at his mother before his eyes landed on the floor where the sword where a bit far from his side. He glanced at the monster and then at his mother, before he rushed to pick up the sword.

Once he got it, he shouted, ”Mama…! ” and then flung the sword but that alone moved the second monster to his spot.

She stood up on her feet and rushed to pick it, arrayed her sword in the air, trying to scare of the monster but instead, it drew more attention to her.

”Mama..!! ” Little Lucas voice were barely audible and he looked into the monster that kept approaching him. He was lost at the huge sight of it, his eyes scraped horror and fear.

When Meghan saw it, she quickly ran to block its way from her poor son. Swinging her sword left and right, she protected. The monster shook his head and roared again. Then it opened its mouth and where about to release fire when she bent down and covered her son with her both arm.

A tear fell off her cheek, she didn want to die now, at least not here. Then she pitied her son. He has not reach half of his life but he will end here. Her cheek where hot and wet with tears but it took few minutes to realize she wasn dead yet, no, she wasn burnt.

Hearing the growl of the monster, she opened her eyes and released her head form her arm, only to see a tall white long haired man facing her with his back. His movements where swift and fluid, his hands went in rthym with his body and she watched him thrust the sword at its lower body, and cut off its leg.

It groaned again, used its left wing to tackle him but he was fast enough to dodge the compact and roll to his side. He rushed and retreated his sword from its leg and slashed its second leg.

Black blood dripped off its open wound and as Meghans eyes followed his movement, his skilled swordsmanship and his perfectly fallen hair, danced in the night breeze. Then he jumped, higher than she has ever witnessed, and he landed firmly on the monster neck and slaughtered its head.

Her eyes widened, her mouth dropped as she watched him throw the monsters huge body to the floor and grab its head by the horn and flunged it like a light thing.

”Mama…? ” He tried to raise his head but Meghan objected.

”Don look! ” She said and her vision returned to the tall man on a dark cloak. His face where covered with his long white hair, making it difficult for her to see his face.

Then he returned to the next monster, jumped on its neck and slaughtered its wing. He was trying to give it a slow death. It growled, and shook its body to pull him off but it ended up biting itself.

With a groan of pain, it released fire from its mouth and shook its body. The tall man climbed off its neck and went to its leg, and it released fire from its mouth but it ended up burning itself.

Then, with a deep thrust, his blade went through it leg, he retreated and watch it fell on it knees, and then he thrust it deep into his belly that it came out from his back. With a push, it fell on its back with heavy shook and died.

Meghan heart raced when she saw his back slowly turning to face her.

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