”She might escape death. ” One of the general said. ”Perhaps, a mercy marriage to someone else might be allowed. ”

”No! ” She knew that voice. It was the emperors and they were speaking about her, so pressing her ear to the door of his study, she leaned forward.

”She is death herself and death cannot be escaped when it has rested on a particular body. ” The emperor emphasized.

”If she objects the marriage, I suggest she should be kept at the highest tower of Melvin, locked and kept for eternity. ” The general responded.

The emperor sighed and walked to his table grabbing a glass and a wine. He poured it gently into the glass and said, ”Do you know the gravity of that power she possess. We are talking about thousands and millions of lives here. If hundreds were lost, what makes you think a simple tower cannot be broken? ” The emperor asked and looked at him.

The general pursed his lips in distaste and scratched his head in confusion. ”Then she should be executed. She is death and death should be avoided! ”

The emperor took a sip of his wine and smiled. ”What will people say about me, you know them to well. An emperor who kills his daughter? ”

The general scoffed. ”Its only those who doesn values their lives speaks such. Those who knows what life means, understands. ”

”I know, I know… ” He stressed and walked out of the table, standing near the open window. ”I have planned everything, and she is one of the most important equipment needed as part of my plan. ” He smirked. ”And I need her alive anyways. ”

”My lady, I have been looking for you. Where have you– ” She was interrupted when Meghan placed her finger in her lips to stop her but it was too late.

”Who is there?! ” The emperor asked with a frown. His face darkened and his eyes turned cold. He dropped his wine and walked towards the door.

At the sound of his footsteps thumping, Meghan rushed and pulled Alina behind a corner and hid behind a wall.

”Who is there? ” The emperor asked again, instead silence greeted him. He looked around again, he felt something suspicious but after awhile, he went back inside.

Meghan breathed with her eyes shut. ”Sigh… you almost got us caught Alina. ” She said, and walked out with Caithre.

”Am sorry my lady. ” She apologized. ”I was just worried that you left without saying where you left too. ” She explained.

Meghan blinked. ”That might have skipped my mind. I just needed fresh breath outside. ” She lied.

Alina arched her brow. ”Fresh breath near your fathers study? My lady, what is going on? ” She asked.

Meghan hesitated. ”Nothing Alina. Lets go back now, I need to rest. ” She said and walked away.


She tossed and turned, she couldn sleep. Her mind where disturbed and worse she could barely shut an eye.

Staring at the ceiling restlessly, she groaned and sat upright. As much as she tried to force the disturbing thoughts off her head, it wandered more and that made her dizzy.

Then she should be executed. She is death and death should be avoided

What will people say about me, you know them to well. An emperor who kills his daughter?

Those words kept flashing back to her head hitting her with a bang. She hissed and placed her head in her forehead, relaxing on the headboard.

I have planned everything, and she is one of the equipment needed as part of my plan. I need her alive anyways

The lines on her forehead thickened as she sat up. What plan is he talking about?

She is one of the most important equipment needed as part of my plan… she… equipment… plan… alive

”Get off my head!! ” She screamed and the lights blinked, the glass on her table started to shake and her bed vibrated with force. Her hand left her head and she looked around. Everything was back to normal.

What was that? She thought, the lines becoming much visible, and beads of sweats formed on her face. Once her feet touched the cold metal tiles, she felt a spark, and most of it all, the tension of someones presence. The presence was quite familiar but she couldn remember what it was or who it is.

”Is… anyone there? ” She asked into the dark. She rushed and turned on the light, her gaze swiveled around her surrounding, yet she didn see a shadow.

Maybe am just hallucinating She thought and slowly walked out of the room. Right at the side of her bed, a figure under a dark cloak smiled and walked towards the open curtain, and with a snap, he disappeared in dark fogs.


In the outside garden…

Then she eased down on a bench, gently relaxing her back in a soothing way. She listened to the night birds and the whisper of the wind through the leaves. But mostly, she tried to focus her attention in the darkness of the quiet night.

Taking deep breaths, she closed her eyes and played with her fingers to keep her distracted, but it didn work. She found herself wondering again.

Tomorrow will clock a week, she will get married but to whom? That question really recked her head. She believed that person she will get married to, is not just an ordinary person. He must be power and power for a plan.

She must think of a way to escape before another nightfall but how? Not when her father kept her under surveillance with up to fifteen guards and four dark knights. He must have reasoned that possibility, but she wouldn let her guard down. She must think of a way to escape, she must! But with a smart strategy…

”Something troubles you, my lady. ” At the sound of a hoarse voice stopped her from further thoughts and she turned to the direction of where the voice came from and found a girl smiling at her.

From the help of the dim light, she found her smile the most radiating she has ever seen, accompanied with her dimples at the side of her cheek. Her brown hair, thick long lashes and the finest brows of women she came across so far. Her eyes sparkled and twinkled like the moon itself. It was like the moon where created for her.

”May I? ” She brought out her palm towards the sit and Meghan slipped back to earth.

Meghan smiled back and shifted to her side. ”And you are? ” She asked. Her face wasn quite familiar and she was certain such a beauty, hasn been seen by her so far before.

”I go by the name Zephyr, daughter of a commoner, my lady. ” She described her self with respect.

Meghan arched her brow at the confirmation. ”Zephyr.. ” She pronounced. She looked at her. ”Your face gives a clear description of your name. A calm, gentle breeze right? ”

She smiled again and nodded. ”Yes my lady. ”

”Ohh ” She emphasized. ”I haven seen this face before. Are you new here? ” Meghan asked.

She nodded. ”Yes my lady. I just got here two days ago. ” She replied.

”Ohh ” She emphasized again. ”How has the castle been treating you so far? ”

”Normal treatment for a maid, my lady. ” Came her short reply.

Meghan raised her brow again. They both sat down in awkward silence, but after awhile, Zephyr spoke. ”So if you don mind me asking my lady, you looked bothered. What troubles you so? ” She asked.

”Was it that obvious? ”

”Enough to make a passer-by stop to ask what the problem is. ” She answered genuinely.

Meghan hesitated. ”Nothing really. Maybe, just stress. ” She said.

”Then you should get some rest my lady. For stress is not good for a lady like you. ” She urged, and when Meghan eyes met hers, she smiled.

”Sleep is even the stress. I can even shut an eye. ” She explained and then sighed.

”My father once told me that a problem shared, is a problem half-solved. My lady, you are worried about something. What could that be? ”

Meghan looked at her intently and saw honesty in her eyes. ”Like I said earlier, its just stress. ” She hesitated and forced a smile.

Zephyr nodded, clearly understanding her mood. ”Then permit me to do something my father once taught me. I bet you will like it and perhaps, fall asleep. ” She suggested and Meghan just gave a nod.

”Can I have your palm? ” She asked and slowly, Meghan brought it forward. Zephyr gently took it and placed it on her own palm. Using her finger, she circled her palm continuously in such a way it brought a tingling sensation to Meghan. She smiled, she liked the feeling.

”Music heals the soul. Permit me to sing for you, my lady. ” Zephyr said, and Meghan nodded.

”My father always say, a broken heart troubles the mind. Maybe a song, could be the cure. ” She looked at Meghan. ”I shall start. ” She faced her palm.

[ In a soft tone ] ”When your heart and mind do wails,

You take a breath, and heave a sigh

And tell yourself that I won die, have a life to live at last

And look up high and see the sky.. ”

”What do you see? ” Zephyr asked Meghan and her gaze slowly narrowed to the sky.

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