Meghan recoiled in shock, her heart hammering triple times, unable to process what she just heard. Her eyes widened, both terrified and horrified. Has their distaste reckoned into hatred?

Her eyes narrowed, but her mamas eyes had always been cold whenever she looked at her daughter. When their eyes met, a flash of pity schemed through her eyeballs, she couldn believe it. She wouldn !

She shaked her head roughly. ”This can be true right? ” She held her breath waiting for a response, but her father answered. ”Meghan I understand this can be tough for you to take in, but you must understand why we are doing this. ” He explained but there was no sign of pity in his voice.

Her eyes settled at her mother once more, an apology in her eyes but she was already lost in rage. Stream of tears threatened to fall off her eyes so hard, but she swallowed her emotions away and forced herself to answer as demurely as possible.

”I can presume to suggest you are not different from others ” She said.

She frowned and added. ”You betrayed me, I trusted you… I would have never believed those sweet words that fell off your mouth. I should have known those where mere sour lemons! ” Fury radiating out of her as her temper started becoming more intense.

Her father frowned. ”How dare you talk to your mother at that manner and raise your voice at her! ” He bellowed in anger, and his eyes grew cold.

”She is not my mother! ” Everyone including the entire royal family gasped in shock and stunned disbelief. Their eyes shot wide but still kept their composure.

Even Meghan was surprised at her last words, but she disguised it with a menacing gaze, rather vague in her mannerism. Her head filled with her most inspid thought.

It was now fury that boiled through the emperor, her father, but just as he was about to talk, one of his general spoke. ”Lady Meghan, you must understand why we are doing this and the gravity of what it weighs. ”

”This matter is none of your business ” She pushed the words, receiving another gasp from everyone, which includes the advisors and few generals.

The emperor slammed his fist at the arm of the throne and spoke under his gritted teeth. ”Meghan, I would not have you talk to my cabinets with that clumsiness and inappropriate manner of yours. ”

Meghan kept her face as blank as possible. ”What wrong have I done? ”

”I should remind you of your position Meghan, if you were
t lucky enough, your title would have never been in history. ” Mia, the second princess rebuked with a frown.

Meghan eyes never wavered. ”Then it is a privilege to let you know that no matter the position I am, that doesn make me an entitled slave to the objection of decisions that concerns my life. ”

”You never had a life! ” Mia said with her arm crossed. ”… and you don . ” she added and meghans hands tightened to a fist.

”If you would allow me… ” One of the generals looked at the king for permission to continue and the emperor gestured his hand as an approval. ”Am sorry princess, but you know the amount of power you wield within you, is capable of killing thousands of people. ” He stared firmly. ”And you cannot control or supress it. Our lives is at stake here! ”

”Then marrying me off to a stranger is the solution? ” She cut off and faced him with a frown.

”With all due respect, you are letting selfishness cloud your thinking. ”

”Then isn it better than allowing stupidity fall off your mouth. ”

The emperor frowned at her. His face darkened more and his eyes grew colder. ”Meghan… To your room now! ” He ordered with a raised voice so that others will hear, accompanied with a hard compact fist slammed on the arm throne.

She fidgeted her gown and gritted her teeth in anger before storming away not caring to look back.

As she left the meeting room, everyone returned to the matter with a dispirited frown and as the

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