ble to leave his body without her everybody in the hospital was shocked about his life but unfortunately its miracle a gift for her love when she arrived dr Philip was smiling she was thinking that what is this I lost my friend and he is looking at me like this he said daisy its big new for you I saw happening this first time in my carer when dead man hearts starts working it was a heart pause which causes a temporary death but now his heart start working and congratulation he is alive Shawn is alive she starts weeping with to toj when she opens the door she was looking at her with a same smiling face and the first word he utter is Im back she hug him tightly and said I really missed you it makes me feel like that I lost my whole world but now Im good as your back I will take care of you throughout my life you are the reason of my happiness shawn she again smiles dr philip said you are fine and your are free tommorow and we will at our home soon now you should rest Im here for you if you need any thing you can ask me when he sleep she left the hospital and went to the same place where the david is prisoned by her he free the david and again return to the hospital where shawn was waiting for her he said where you have been ? She said for some work but now its okay Im here


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