first horny Race be careful

daisy loves to ride so after her school she starts to go deadly street which is far from the city and no one used it because its famous for the death of Teens when she heard about it she became curios her parents used to fight with each so she doesn want to go home so she spends more time outside her parents both deceives each other her father Mr. Daniyal wants to leave her mother Miss Louis and her mother also wants the same thing some time daisy became so frustrated and try to suicide and wants to close the chapter of her life but once when she is in the balcony of her room it was a night filled with stars seems like the universe is welcoming her like everything is speaking to her that you are worthy there are so. many things for you now she realized her importance at the same time she forgets about all her anxiety sadness now she smiles and decided to do whatever makes her comfortable and relaxed so the next day her best friend Emily told her about the paper she found outside it was the advertisement of the deadly street race starts from 1 Oct only 1 week was left so she hurrly decided to join that deadly race then after school she went toward deadly street office which was near to that street she pays the fees took her helmet and walk out of the office she has signed all the agreements of death she calmly sits on her bike and took a little ride on that street its surrounded by dark trees only one light after few meters it hardly shows the road it was the horrible situation but daisy isn afraid of anything then after taking a short ride she turns back toward the city where she has to prepare her project on her way she saw a boy his name was Shawn sitting under the tree on the bench she stops her bike and after a sec she decided to ask him that why he is so upset so she start walking toward him he is unknown of every thing even he don knows when daizy came and sits with him after few minutes he saw her with tired eyes and say what are you doing here at mid night she replied the same question i want to ask you after few minutes he break the ice and say today is my birthday so daizy said so whats bad in it he says no one remember it and even my parents forgets to wish me daizy has faced almost the same thing so she knows how it feels so she take shawn with her bike the firstly go on resturant and cut the cake then they ride whole night and daizy took shawn with her in her home where shes living alone they both fall in sleep and whoen they woke up its evening time shawn thanks her for yestrday night she smiles and say i also should be thankful to you because i never felt that kind of happiness before he laughed and look in her eyes which is grey in color her short hair gives a funky look to her personality then Daisy told him about the deadly street race he got shocked at the same time he delt that he will lose her he tried to convince her but he falled every time so he decided to be a part of that race on the very next day he told daisy that i am with you on that race because you are my best friend and there is nothing for me without you daizy smiles.

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