can do is obey as his hand caresses down my chest and into the waist band of my jeans.

”Mmmm… wet for me. ” Those words alone cause another gush of fluids. He starts caressing my most sensative mound and I all but fall apart. As themoans start escaping my throat his mouth is on me again swallowing my sounds like a hungry animal. He slips two fingers inside me and starts pumping viciously in and out of me. As I reach my climax I start grinding down on his fingers for more friction. I need my release and Im right on the edge. ” mmmmm greedy girl, give it to me, give me your orgasm princess. I wanna feel you cum on my hand. ” Thats all it takes. Im shaking bucking and about falling over when a strong arm holds my waist while the other hand continues to rub. I lay my head against his chest as my orgasm rips through me, covering my mouth so I don make to much noise I finally start to come down from the intensity of the high he just gave me.

As he slips his fingers out of me he sticks them in his mouth and moans. My mouth falls open in shock as he locks them clean and admires my ”taste ”. He then takes my phone out of my back pocket and puts his number in it. As we start to walk to the door he stops and turns to face me. He moves my hair behind my ear kisses me gently this time and says ” I get off at 3…..I wanna feel that ass gripping my cock after work. ” He then opens the door to the walk in freezer just as employees are walking by. Im sure we
e caught and hes fired. But no he just grabs my hand and walks me out while telling me ” see nothing to worry about your not actually locked in when that happens ”. The employees look at me shaking him holding my hands and the words he said and at the same time said awwwww poor girl…

This man is devious, cunning, naughty, and very Alpha like. Dominating and knows exactly what he wants. He is trouble with a capitol T and I should stay away. All of this goes through my mind and I know its true but as I watch the clock strike 3 I start heading that way….what is this going to be like is my last thought as I text his number…… ”Im close by ”.

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