Deep inside the cage lies a very frightening existence that would strike fear into the heart of many shinobi with just the mention of his name. The nine tailed fox shows himself from the dark and stare at Hiruko who was standing quite a safe distance from the cage.

”who are you? where did you learn that name from? ” Kurama asked him as his face becomes even more terrifying.

”My name is Hiruko and as to where I learned your name from, that is not something you should worry about. ” He replied but looking at the demon fox face he can tell that his reply displease him.

”I know you knew about what has been happening since you were sealed inside Naruto and I know you won let him die because that will also danger your own life so I came here to make a deal with you. ”

”What kind of deal is that? ” Kurama asked already looking displeased with the fact that Hiruko knows his name as the only one who knew his name in the past was his old man.

”I want you to lend Naruto your chakra….. ”

”WHAAAAAAAAAAT !!! ” Kurama yelled in anger which create some sound waves as the that push Hiruko back a few feet. He didn like the fact that someone other than his old man knew his name and now that same person his telling him to give his chakra to a human. He is a tailed beast, the strongest amongst the nine in the world but now he is sealed by a human and before that he dislike human for always fighting and killing each other just to get his power and now here is a human telling him to give his powers to another. He thought that if it wasn for the fact that hes sealed he would have torn him shread.

Feets away from the cage at where he is, Hiruko knew he can be careless as he knows that even though Kurama is sealed, he would still have powers enough to kill him. But now hes angry and one slip up could cost him his life.

”Kurama I know you can hear me; why don you listen to what I have to say first before getting angry. ” He yelled from afar to make sure the beast hears his voice.

”whatever you have to say doesn corcern me; just get the hell out of here before you die for real. ”

Hiruko didn move. He needs to get the nine tails approval to help Naruto before leaving but don know what to say in this situation. He kept thinking for a while if it would be a good idea to tell the nine tails about his past life. The future that was destroyed by the Oktusuzki and no one survived even him was killed before the war even began.

”Kurama I know that you dispise us humans and I don blame you but just give me a chance to explain somethings to you. ” He might not tell him about his past life but he can at least tell Kurama about the Akatski that is hunting the tailed beasts. Perhaps he might lend his powers to Naruto to protect himself because Naruto safety also means he is also safe.

” What exactly do you need to say? You just want to trick me in giving him my powers but you won succed. ”

” Kurama Im not going to trick you and what Im about to say now is also up to you to believe it or not because by the time you realize it, it might be too late. ”

” Are you threatening me? ” Kurama asked him getting even angrier that before as his voice became deeper than before.

”I won dare to threatening you Kurama. But what I say now will still happen no matter what happens from here on. He. takes a deep breath and walked forward towards the cage again so he could see the nine tails clearly.

”In the shinobi world, there is a group of rogue ninjas called the akatski whom have an ambition to dominate not only the five great nations but the entire shinobi world and their ticket to that is you and the other tailed beast. ”

”Is what you say true? ”

”Its the truth Kurama, I won lie about this. While its true that the power of a tailed beast far surpass any shinobi alive today, while they are in the body of their jinchurikis, their powers are not only suppressed but also limited so right now you are just a sitting duck to the akatski. Only by lending Naruto your powers and him getting stronger would you be safe. ”

Kurama seems to have calmed down a bit as the dark aura surrounding him before seem to have lesened and he also looks like to be thinking about something.

”The deal I want to make with you is that as long as you protect Naruto when he is in danger and also lend him your chakra at his time of need then I promise you that after we get rid of the akatski, I will make sure you are released from this cage even though I don do it myself, I know Naruto would. ”

The nine tails seems to be deep in thought as he was thinking perhaps he should lend his powers out whether Naruto can control it or not is all up to him but what if the person in from of him is just making things up and even though it was true how would he if the person can keep his word. But the person in front of him did say that wven if he didn free him himself, he believed Naruto will at some point free him but whether its true or not can be known and he can only take a gamble. If at some point in the future he would be able to gain freedom then there was no harm in lending his powers to Naruto.

After a long thought, he looked up at the person who is looking at him for an answer.

”Alright, I will agree to your request but you must keep your end of the bargain. And also whether that brat can use my chakra without losing control of himself is still unknown. ”

”You don have to worry about that as long as you agree its enough and besides the seal is still strong so not much of your chakra can leak out so I think he would be able to handle it. ”

After that, Hiruko regain himself outside and he was quite surprised that the sun was beginning to set.

”Whoa! Hiruko are you okay? when you weren saying anything and your eyes were shut I kinda think you were asleep ” Naruto laughed

”Naruto, you don have to worry about insufficient chakra now and can train to your heart content. ” Hiruko said while getting up from the ground. ”The sun is starting to set so we should call it a day now. Train on your own for the next few days and try to master the shadow clone jutsu and after that Ill teach you a new jutsu. ”

”Really !! thats great. Ill complete it in one day if I have to. ”

”Theres no need to rush things, just take things easy and slowly…… ” Naruto was already running to the distance before he realized it and he just shukkle and sign

”I hope he can master it so that I can show him the jutsu his son Boruto invented; the Boruto stream. ” just as he was say that, a plain screen appeared in front of his eyes only shows

[ congratulations, you have achieve the ninja system ]

”What the hell is this?…….

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