”Where am I ” those where the first words that left his mouth as he woke up. His body seems to be in pain but theres no sign of injury anywhere. He sit up to look at his scenary around him, the green grass, the tall trees and the clear blue sky and the entire environment were all familiar to him because hes at the leaf training grounds.

”But how did he I get here, Im suppose to be dead at the hands of the oktusuki. So why the heck am I here. ” He wasn just at the training grounds but he seems to also be back to the past because although its the same, it also looked different from what he remembered.

The oktusuki invaded the world and were planning to suck all life from the shinobi world with the divine tree. The entire world was in great chaos because of the sudden war with the oktusuki clan. The entire five great nations and other smaller villages were destroyed as none had the power to resist them and him himself was a victim.

The fifth great ninja war is what people called it saw many people die, the hokage Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and all the other kage were no match for the oktusuki and their destructive power and soon the entire shinobi world was gone as any form of resistance was smashed over by the oktusukis and they were successful in growing the divine tree again and suck the life of the world to grow the chakra fruit.

But now he not only didn die but it looks like he was reborn back to his younger self when he was still 12 and was still in the academy. ”if Im alive, does that means that everyone else is also alive? ” That was the question going through his head but there is no way to confirm without walking around to look at his new surroundings because as far as he remembers, he was born right after the fourth great shinobi war and now that he was given a new life, he made a pledge to protect the shinobi world from destruction this time no matter what price he has to pay.

He got up from the ground and walked out from the training grounds and when he got out and looking at the structures of the buildings he could really tell that he was in the past considering how old the buildings are and the most change that caught his attention was the great stone faces of the previous hokage. Instead of 7 like he remembered, it was now 4 which proves that he was really in the past.

As he was walking around, two shinobi dressed up in their leaf uniform and the hidden leaf band on their head stood in front of him.

”What are you doing walking around at this time of the day when you should be in class? ” One of them as with a serious look on his face.

”umm! ” before he could say anything, the two of them grabbed him on the arm and carry him to a building that hes already familiar with, Its the ninja academy.

In the class he was taken to, he could see lots of familiar faces like Naruto Sasuke and even the teacher in the class who was already the principal of the academy in the future Iruka Umino.

”Iruka, we found this kid wa

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