”This is really good. ” Everything is going on really smoothly, Hello there Im Ciera its my farewell party everything has been going on nicely, me and my friends are enjoying a lot, now its end of the day and start of my studies. I have got to study a lot so I can get admission in my dream college, I have been good in studies so Im quite confident that Ill make it there.

Time skip – ”Im coming there wait for me. My result came and I made it in the college, Now Im going to my sisters place as I took admission in her college, Yes she studies in my dream college.

Let me tell you about myself a little bit Im really good girl who listens to everyone at my best even though they think I don work according to them but then too, I can also be notorious sometimes, Im the younger child in my house I have one elder sister her name is Sieri, she is one year older than me. We have a nice bond unlike other siblings, we don fight we get along well. Our parents are good to us but some time they control us like toys.

So Im here at my sisters place now, from tomorrow onwards Ill be attending college.

”Listen to me this is a really good college as you know, but there are some spoiled brats who will try to pic on you for sure, just ignore them, they are the heirs of some reputated families so they do what they like and … ” ”Don worry about me Ill handle everything, trust me. ” ”Ok, fine go on, Ill catch you later ”. My sister really do look after me and whatever mess I make.

I entered my classroom it was so boring I took management as my subject because I understand it well but sometimes it bores me. After that, classes went on one after another the day got over, many days went like that.

At room ”Sis, don you think everything is quite boring like, there is nothing interesting. ” ”What have you thought in college you will be having a romantic love story you will fall and a handsome boy will come and catch you ” ”I will not lie to you I would love it if something like this will happen. ” ”STUPID, get out of your dreams. ” ”Not only of dreams, let get out of here too lets go for a walk. ” ”Ok, lets go. ”

On our way back to home she said ”Do you remember I told you I have a boyfriend? ” ”Yess, I do. ” ”Blake, he is my boyfriend. ” I was so surprised to hear that but I remember I met him once, they perfectly compliment eachother as they both are matured and can be childish at times, and obviously how can I ignore the point that they both are really good at ignoring and at being rude.

Good you should have told me about it now I feel like I should also find someone.

Next day I bumped into someone when I was going to general store, he apologised and ran away. He was like some fictional character tall, good looking and deep voice, but I didn get much time to adore his looks he was running away from someone I guess and then I found him again when I was returning but this time I saw him fighting with some people I didn want to get in between so I went on my path but I saw him noticing me and leaving from there.

I told Sieri about this, she didn care much about it. But after living such a boring life for a time I thought to look for him and date him I know it was a stupid idea but I wanted nothing much but something interesting I decided that if Ill find him again Ill propose him right away.

After a week I found him again on the same street. I went to him and said ”I like you, would you like to go out with me? ”.

He was shocked.

It took him sometime to realise what I asked him he said ”Are you out of your mind? ” ”No, Im not I saw you, I liked you and now I wanted to be with you. Say it, would you like to be with me. ” ”I.., You made me speechless I don know what to say. ” ”If you don know what to say just say YES ” ”What do you like in me? ” ”Shutup we are not in a story that you are asking me what do you like in me. ” ”I know now what I have to say, I LIKE YOU TOO. ”

Good than lets see eachother later same place same time. When I reached home I told Sieri I got a boyfriend she said hmm and continued with her work.

Next day I saw him in my college I was shocked I asked him ”what is he doing here? ”. He said I study here ”No way I never saw you ” ”No worries I have, you are from management department ,your name is Ciera ,you live with your sis and doesn hang around with many people.

”You know quite a lot about me but I know nothing about you , thats not fair ” ”Find out If you want to know ”.

”Meet me at the CLC cafe at 5 today. ”

”OK ”

At cafe:

”Why were you fighting with those guys, yesterday? ”

”Is this your first question, don you want to know about me? ”

”Tell me ”

”Okay let me start Im Jade, Im in Sketching department, Yesterday they were the one to start the argument thats why we had a fight, they deserved it. ”

We sat there and talked for like about two hours I got to know about him after that we said goodbye.

I went back home, Sieri asked me where I was I told her about everything she freaked out ”Really, I thought you were kidding when

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