Allen Vans face clouded at Luna Vans defiance. ”The rumor may not be true. Those Omega are just cowardly when they
e scared crazy. They just scare themselves! ”

”You are the daughter of the Van, the approved partner of the Emperor and Queen, including himself, to the Duke of Darcy Anjou. So long as you do not provoke him by yourself, why should he harm you for no reason? ”

Hearing this, she even wondered if her father thought the **** victim was being raped for wearing too little clothing? Luna Van looked at him coldly, like she was looking at a fool.

She realized that reasoning with Allen van was a waste of time.

Allen Van sneered. ”Besides, my dear daughter, by choosing to come back and stand here today, you have given your consent to the marriage, have you not? Otherwise, youd have run off with that young Alpha… ”

He made it clear to Luna Van that he was under surveillance when Bernt Brown asked her to elope today.

Allen Van is scheming and never a good person. In his eyes, Luna Van, the Omega daughter who does not like him, is never a simple and kind little woman

In his eyes, Luna Van, on the other hand, is synonymous with an ambitious and sinister Omega.

To Allen Van, Luna Van is a gold-digger. Luna vans despondent, sarcastic, and reluctant presence in his presence was nothing more than a disguise to show him, a bargaining chip.

Hes too smart to fall for Luna Vans trick!

”My dear father , in Ofian Empire,If I want to elope from the kings son, can I really success? ” Luna Van dropped her eyes to her toes and sneered.

With the Van having tipped off about the marriage to Duke Darcy Anjou, it would cost her life to run away from wedding.

Luna Van knows that all too well.

Allen Van said, ”Darcy Anjou is the only son of the Emperor and His Majesty and there is a royal commitment that if you can have a child with Darcy Anjou, the child will be first in line to the throne. ”

The personal happiness of his unfavored daughter was of no account in the context of so great a family interest.

And, in his eyes, Luna Vans reputation was so bad that it was impossible to find a good Alpha…

Might as well make the most of it and sacrifice more thoroughly for the good of the family.

”Luna Van, you should count yourself lucky. ” Allen Van said quietly.

”If I have a child with Duke Darcy Anjou in the future, I will be first in line to the throne. ” Luna Van looked at him firmly and sneered. ”It does sound tempting, ” she said, ”But do not forget, my dear father — these are the interests of the family, and the business between you and the Queens family. What is it to me? ”

If I have a child with Duke Darcy Anjou in the future, I will be first in line to the throne. Luna Van looked at him firmly and sneered. ”It does sound tempting, ” she said.

”But do not forget, my dear father — these are the interests of the family, and the business between you and the Queens family. What is it to me? ”

Luna Van looked at him coldly, her hurt much more, she was already invincible: ”Why should I go to the tiger for this, risk my life and sacrifice my life in vain? ”

She has no great spirit of sacrifice and dedication, and she has no feelings for the cold and heartless Van family. If she wants to make sacrifices for the family without complaining or regreting, she will sacrifice to Si…

Im sorry. Shes not an idiot. She needs Allen Van to pay for something!

Allen Van looked at her coldly, his face turning slightly blue with anger.

After a long pause, considering the stakes involved, he took a deep breath and gave in heavily. ”What do you want? ”

Luna Van pulled a piece of paper out of her briefcase and shoved it directly in front of Allen Van. ”This is what I want. ”

After knowing Allen Vans plans, Luna Van had already accurately predicted Allen Vans bottom line and was ready to take what the family deserved and sell herself at a good price.

Born and raised in such a family, Luna Van does not believe in love, nor in Alpha.

Its just that, being one of the few Omegas, she knows that the Van family will never allow her to love freely. That, coupled with the fact that the inhibitors were becoming less effective for her, made her realize that she might have to enter into a marriage tied to an Alpha.

All that forced her to make a choice.

As for her marriage to what kind of person, her husband is crazy fool or ugly disabled… Luna Van could not think too much anymore. She only knows that as long as she can achieve her goals through this marriage. In this sense, her fathers self-serving criticism of her is not entirely unreasonable.

”My dear Luna, aren you a little greedy? ” Allen Van looked at Luna Vans protocol and was livid.

She not only wanted to take most of the Ruans current working capital, but also wanted to take many fixed assets and planetary resources.

How could Luna Van leave away with all the money he needed?

”Greedy? ” Luna Van looked at him coldly, but said: ”Look carefully, these assets are my mother and big brothers and big sisters to set up a foundation, and your personal assets, I don want a penny. ”

”My mother married you when she was poor in your family. At that time, you had nothing. It was she who took out all her savings and all the possessions of her husbands family to accompany you to start from scratch.

”And my brother, Reynold, when you led the army to war, he was always at the front of the line fighting for you and the empire, beating a hundred… Without him, how could you marshal your outstanding achievements today? ”

”… Janie, she was you who separated her from her beloved, forced her to marry into the family, and forced her to have an abortion, divorce and break off relations after the accident of her husbands family… You drove her mad and ruined her life. ”

Allen Vans face turned blue when he heard Luna Van mention his first wife and eldest child.

Hes a typical Alpha male, and he sees Omega as an add-on to Alpha, a toy. But the eldest child was different for him. Luna Vans eldest brother and sister were nearly 20 years older than all of Allen Vans subsequent children, and were born at a time when Allen Van had nothing.

At that time, the family was in a difficult situation, the house was small and servants were not available, and the two children had really grown up under Allen Vans nose. Allen Van had very different feelings towards them.

Allen Van felt his heart hurt more than anyone else.

Unwilling to think of his eldest sons misery, Allen Van never looked at them again after he was sure there was no chance of them getting better. He did not want anyone to mention his eldest sons misery in the whole Van family.

Luna Van, however, kept mentioning it to him over and over again

In order to gain his sympathy, how could he like his daughter when he was so unlovable?

Luna Van saw the pain in his eyes, but only thought it was funny. Allen Van had been at home since the accident and had given them the best medical care, but he had not set foot in the big house to see his so-called ”favorite ” children for 20 years.

Why should such a man pretend to love him here?

Luna Van sneered and pressed forward. ”My mother, Grace Green is your first wife. Considering the contributions made by your elder brothers and sisters to our family, I don think its too much to take away half of your property, let alone these things. ”

”After all, you loved them so much that you shouldn t blink… ”Luna Van sneers. ”Besides, aren you going to sell me now for the greater benefit for the family? Why spare such a little? ”

The veins in Allen Vans forehead burst, recalling his excellent eldest son and Luna Vans disobedience.

After a lengthy balancing of interests, he backed down and signed the legally binding conveyances required by Luna Van.

”Now you
e satisfied? ” he asked Luna Van with a sneer.

”Thank you, father. Ill follow your orders and marry the Duke of Darcy Anjou, but — I have one more request. ” Luna Vans smile on her face was genuine after winning the battle and seeing the future of her mother, brother and sister secure.

Allen Van, who already had a bad look on his face, immediately fumed. ”Why do you still want something? ”

After all this stuff, how can you still be greedy?

”I want to take Grace Green, Reynold and Janie out of the Van house. ” This time, however, Luna Van looks firmly at Allen Van.

Allen Vans face is grimmer than his demand for money. It was as if Luna Van had done something wicked. Suddenly, the desk was shocked. ”They are my married wife and children! ”

Luna Vans trying to get them out of the Van house. Thats some kind of joke. Wouldn he be making fun of other noble family?

”My mother is no longer your wife. Your wife is Vivia Taylor now! ” Luna Van smiled. ”It is true that Reynold and Janie are your sons and daughters, but since their accident, these twenty years… Have you looked after them for one day? You do not want to see them anymore! ”She knows that Allen Van was only trying to save face.

”Im going to leave the your house soon, and Im really afraid that if I go, I won be able to watch them, and theyll get hurt without anyone knowing… Since you have given me money, I believe that no one will accuse you of anything even if they know that mother and brother and sister are no longer in the house of Van… ” At this point, Luna Van was telling the truth.

She looks at Allen Van calmly. ”For my peace of mind, you might as well let us go. ”

On second thought, Allen Van decides that Luna Van was right… He gave so much property, even if they left the Van family, it is true that no one can blame him for abandoning the dross, unworthy of a pair of children sacrificed for the family, can not affect their own reputation.

Allen Van, however, no longer resisted Luna Vans insistence on taking his mother, brother and sister away with him. He only laughed and said, ”How could there be such a dirty thing in the Van family? Don judge the stomach of a gentleman with the heart of a villain… ”

Even so, Luna Van immediately understood that he was giving her permission to take them with her.

With a forced smile, she looked at Allen Van and replied, ”Thanks, Dad. ”

Luna Van doesn care about her own father mocking her as a villain. She just wants to be able to leave the Van family in one piece and live her own life.

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