My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 97 The Tides Have Changed (1)

Jerome Warclaw.

The Alpha of the Warclaw Tribe. The Wolf of the West. The Golden Claw. The Tempest Fang… There were innumerable epithets attached to his name. A tall and macho Werewolf who stood at the apex of his tribe.

A winner of a thousand battles, and the champion of his tribe, it wasnt a stretch to call him the most imposing Werewolf of his generation. And being one of the worlds most dominant Werewolves, he was naturally invited to combat the Demon Lord that had invaded the realm.

Not that he was anywhere near the vicinity when Eyghon arrived.

“That motherfucker! He just sent me flying to another country!”

No longer in his prim and proper attire, the suave Ubermensch walked dizzily out of the Blackburn Houses encampment. His hair was in a total mess, with remnants of leaves and twigs stuck within his head. Spitting on the floor, Jerome cursed out in pure anger:

“Who the fuck was that guy anyway?! He just attacked me without talking! Fuck! If not for this emergency, I would have forced the Vampires to drag him to my feet!”

The calm and composed facade that Jerome always wore evaporated, leaving behind his dirty Werewolf self. Jerome had never been humiliated like this before, especially since the day he ascended to the top of the Warclaw Tribe. Every man hed met would cower at his feet or at least keep the pretence of subordination.

Even the Vampires, who had been openly hostile to him in the past, had to treat him with respect.

And yet, a random black-haired Vampire came out of nowhere when Jerome was trying to seduce Ysabelle and sent him flying to the neighbouring country a thousand miles away.

Since the Werewolf couldnt fly, he had to run back on foot, which took him a good few hours. However, when he returned, Jerome discovered that Eyghon had appeared, and the entire World had allied to battle the threat.

While being the Warclaw Tribes Alpha was a big deal, it was nothing compared to the various big shots gathering at this very moment. Heads of state, bishops from the Holy Church, S-Ranked Hunters that had the power to stand toe-to-toe with him… The list of powerful entities was endless.

Before, when the Blackburn House only needed to attend to the Warclaw Tribe and a few other Hunters, Jerome was practically a VIP. The head of the Blackburn House would welcome him personally, and he would always have a Vampire on standby to accommodate his request.

But the situation has now changed. At best, Jerome would be called upon to a meeting once, and then, he would return to being an afterthought.

That change didnt sit well with the proud Werewolf; to top it off, he had just been thrown a thousand miles into the air by some random Vampire. To call his mood irritated would be an understatement.

To cool his mind, Jerome decided to take a walk outside of the encampment. In the middle of the night, when the winds were cool and the full moon hanging, it was the perfect peace a Werewolf could ask for. However, when he was about five kilometres deep into the woods, his superhuman senses picked up something amusing…

“Ah! Ah! More! Faster! Harder!”

Hidden in the trees, two humans were bonding vigorously with their pants down. The woman had both her hands grasping a tree trunk as she bent her body into an inverted L-shape. The man was pounding into her butt hard, making slippery noises that werent fit for the peace of the night. Yet, Jerome wasnt insulted. Rather, his eyes and nose twitched happily while a smile crept up his face.

“Hoh? They are probably having sex thinking that it would be their last time.”

In times of war, it was common for men and women to bond as they never knew if they would survive the next day. And while there wasnt a war to be fought, facing Eyghon was arguably much more dangerous. No one knew if they would make it past tomorrow, and therefore…

“Should I join the party? Hehe, they must be a couple, right? I wonder how it would feel to cuckold a guy before his day of death?”

Jerome thought back on his many exploits in the past. Women threw themselves at him even if they had husbands or boyfriends back home. That was the allure of a suave, rich and powerful man. Not to mention, Jeromes superior physique did serve as a turn-on for many women.

Ysabelle was a special case where she didnt spare him a second glance, even after Jerome went all out to pursue her. Hed even abstained from sleeping with women for a month before arriving here, just to show that he was squeaky clean.

And since it had been a while since his last time, Jerome was yearning for some sugar.

“No, this is not the right time and place for that…”

The horny Werewolf thought about it for a moment and decided not to disturb the couples fun. Right now, there were plenty of mighty figures around, particularly those hostile to Werewolves. If these humans made a scene and escalated the issue, Jeromes nefarious deed would easily reach the ears of someone more powerful than him.

And if the clergy members of the Holy Church heard about it… Jerome might be exorcised right then and there.

“Its regrettable, but Ill have to find some random chick.”

With his charm and expertise, Jerome wouldnt have an issue finding a girl to sleep with tonight. There was no need to risk it all on some perverted fantasy of stealing another mans girl.

Fortunately for him, his keen sense of smell picked up two female scents just two kilometres east of his location. Ignoring the debaucherous couple, Jerome wandered past the woods, passing all the encampment lights until he finally reached the place in question.

“Hoho… Jackpot!”

The Alpha Werewolf licked his lips as he saw the two figures talking on the nearby cliff. The full white moon shone down on the two beauties, giving them a divine, ethereal glow. One of them had beautiful white hair, reminiscent of the first snow of Winter. The other had stunningly blonde hair that shimmered as brightly as the morning Sun.

Put the two together, and a portrait could be envisioned.

The Lunar Goddess whose white hair practically divined the coming of Winter.

The Solar Goddess, whose blonde hair glowed brilliantly even under the carpet of darkness.

Two transcendent women stood side-by-side, alone with no one to guard them. Not to mention, their appearances were far beyond the average supermodel; heck, even humanitys greatest beauties couldnt compare with their lustrous look.

Other than the Elves, only one race in the world could possess such otherworldly beauties.

“Two Vampires! And they must be Highborn! Haha, even if I dont get Ysabelle, I can settle my urges with these two!”

Jerome practically forgot about the Blackburn Princess at that very moment. If he could get his hands on those two Vampires, maybe even at the same time… Just the thought of it made the Werewolfs lower half stand.

Wiping off his perverted smile, Jerome dusted off his coat and straightened his posture. After ensuring that he looked as presentable as possible, the apex predator confidently strode towards the two girls, who had just realised they had company.

“Ladies, what are you doing this far from camp on this fine night? Are you perhaps-…”

“Stay away, Werewolf. Were not in the mood for your antics.”

The blonde beauty coldly cut off Jeromes opening line. Jeromes eyebrows twitched, not knowing how to react to such an icy response. However, the man wasnt a player for nothing. Hed experienced countless rejections before and learned the tools to turn ano into ayes.

“Haha, youre interesting! All I want to do is spend some time talking under this beautiful moonlight we have tonight. I hope Im not imposing.”

“You are, so leave.”

“Dont be that way,” Jerome laughed, but inwardly, he cursed the blonde woman off.Just you wait… Once youre under me, I wont stop even if you beg.

“Were on the verge of a great battle, and I wouldnt mind sharing my last minutes on the planet with the greatest beauties in the world.”

“I warned you.”

It seems like the two women had their patience worn thin. They raised their hands in unison without bothering to talk to the man anymore. Magic power started to rush out from their bodies, and two domains formed.

One created an illusion of the frozen hells of Nifelheim with cold Winter winds that froze anything it touched and spectacular white snow with the power to break bones and bury bodies.

The other was an illusion of a full Blood Moon, as a tempest of thunder and lightning swirled underneath the blonde womans feet. Dimensional barriers were irrelevant in front of this domain as reality seemingly trembled at the womans mere stare.

Unaware of what he had gotten into, Jerome finally realised the gravity of the situation. These women were like the man who had sent him flying half a day ago. They didnt care about the consequences; they didnt care about having a conversation… All they wished to do was to get rid of the nuisance in front of them.

‘Crazy Vampire motherfuckers!

Jerome cursed wildly in his mind and attempted to resist the two girls merciless onslaught. Alas, the Werewolf was caught unprepared since he was thinking with his lower half. Before he could muster up any resistance, the two Vampires had completed their spells.

The white-haired Vampire struck first. Ice crept up on the handsome mans skin, and they spread faster than a virus infecting a classroom of children. Even as a Werewolf with high resistance to magic, Jerome couldnt avoid the fate of turning into an ice sculpture.

Following that, the blonde Vampire folded dimensions together, turning the stationary ice statue into a levitating one. Not only that, with her expert control over the dimensions, Jeromes body was suddenly transported away in an instant.

And now, just like before, the lustful Werewolf had to make the long journey back to the Blackburn Estate on foot…


“Dont come back, you fucking Werewolf.”

Lilith scowled in disgust as she threw a flurry of insults at the stupid man who attempted to pick them up. Not that he would hear those insults with his body flung through the dimensions and into another country.

“Where did you send him?”

“The neighbouring country,” Lilith responded to Irinas question with a frown. “I wished to send him farther away, but surprisingly, he had some kind of resistance to my magic.”

“I felt the same… I wanted to freeze his organs and blood vessels, but I could only touch the surface. For him to have such a high resistance to our magic… Do you think that hes an Alpha?”

“Does it matter?”

“No… Youre right.”

They had disposed of their annoyance, and that was the only thing that mattered. No, there was one other thing that had been bothering the beautiful pair for half a day now.

“Its been twelve hours!!!”

With Jerome gone, Irina and Lilith could finally resume their conversation. They stared into the distance, where Eyghon was still lying motionless like a sleeping turtle, and their eyes began to turn crimson.

“Shouldnt we attack Eyghon now?! We dont have much time left before that monster disappears!”

“Relax, Irina… We cant rush these things. The coalitions forces had just barely arrived.”

“How can I relax?! Lord Brother is being eaten!”

“Yeah, but cant you feel his soul resonating with yours?” Lilith calmly explained while touching her heart. “The fact that his presence in us is beating stronger proves that hes still alive!”

“… How can you be so smart and dumb at the same time? Of course, I know that Lord Brother is still alive! Thats not what I meant!”


Irina sighed heavily while tracing her fingers on her forehead: “Listen here! Lord Brothers soul has been growing stronger ever since he entered Eyghon. And theres no way for ones soul to become stronger normally. So, how is Lord Brothers soul exponentially growing then?”

Finally, a light bulb lit in Liliths mind. Jins soul had been fractured, and to prevent their beloved lover from entering the afterlife, Lilith conducted a ritual to bind a quarter of their souls into Jin just to mend it back together.

Usually, there was no way to grow a soul. It just went against the logic of magic to do so. Therefore, the only way that Jins soul could become stronger… was when the bindings placed on him had finally been released.

Just like the time Irina and Lilith did so…

“Ysabelle… That thieving cat! Shes eating Jin as we speak!!!”

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