My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 94 The Third Night (2)

[NSFW: Warning! There will be an R-18 scene in this chapter. Please skip this chapter if you dont want to read stuff like this. All chapters with R-18 scenes will have this warning tag to help with your reading experience. Otherwise, to the ones who stuck around, please enjoy! ;D]

“… If you would have me.”

“Hehe, I would want nothing more.”

My face broke into a wide smile. The moment Ysabelle accepted me, my entire being felt liberated, as if the weight of the entire world had been lifted off my shoulders. All this time, I feared that she hated me and didnt want to have a relationship with me. And while I would have respected her opinion, my heart would have been forced to take the bitter pill.

Now that I think about it, my possessiveness over my girls was nothing short of spectacular. I wasnt going to let anyone touch or harm any of them, even if it meant the destruction of my soul.

I hated to think that Ysabelle would jump into the arms of another man. I loathed the feeling that one of my girls disliked me. And most importantly… I wanted both of us to bond in marital bliss.

And now that I had her approval…

“Ysabelle, may I?”

There was no need for elaboration. Ysabelle saw the feastful desire in my eyes and the flames of lust that laid dormant in every man. The pearly white complexion of hers was dyed vermillion as a result, and she twisted her head to the left. Raising her chin, the black-haired beauty released the tight buttons of her battle suit, unveiling the heart-line of a womanly body.


Shyly, Ysabelle gave her consent.

A knot appeared at the bottom of my chest, and my face quickly turned red with excitement. Unconsciously, my tongue wet the corners of my lips, and saliva started to fill my mouth.

Once more, I stared at the perfect specimen underneath my arms.

Ysabelle was a tall lady, easily standing at 1.85 metres. She was the biggest woman Id ever held in my arms, yet she felt as light as a feather. Her black hair was short but not too short to be mistaken for a man. It reached the base of her neck, barely touching the shoulder blades that were both sharp and sculpted.

With her battle suit loosened, I could thoroughly examine the feminine curves that defined the black-haired beauty. Ysabelle was in the pink of health, more so than any female Vampire Id ever met. There was barely any fat on her oyster-white flesh, which made her hourglass figure a delight to watch. I couldnt see it just yet, but I could tell that there were defined abs just from looking down on her loose battle suit.

And to top it all off, her womanly bosom was the largest Id ever seen. Yet, they didnt sag in the slightest, and rather, they were perky and fresh, like a peach.

Supermodel, no, Ysabelle would easily stand at the apex of all models on the planet.

But I wasnt one to focus on a womans body alone.

When Ysabelle unbuckled her shirt, a strong wisp of feminine pheromones filled the air. It was inviting and intoxicating, an aroma I would never forget. The released heat warmed my pale skin, turning my cold Vampire blood into a boiling pot of aphrodisiac.

Ysabelle noticed my raging emotions and blinked her nebulous, agate eyes like an adorable hamster watching its owner. Her impeccable, ochrous complexion had turned redder by the second as she imagined the things that I was about to do to her. Her gaze contained both embarrassment and hope… Hope that I will be faithful to my desires and eat her up.

Dont worry about that, my kitten. I will be eating you up soon. But first…


Ysabelle let out a sultry moan that echoed through the tall, empty chambers. It probably wasnt such a good idea, doing this when we were inside Eyghons stomach, but I couldnt stop myself anymore. And I doubt Ysabelle would have the mind to stop as well.

And so, I lunged my face down at the unveiled neck, piercing my Vampiric fangs deep into the white flesh of Ysabelle. Red liquids escaped from the young girls body and gushed into my hungry mouth.

Ah… Its been a while since I felt this while drinking blood.

A fresh taste. A refreshing taste. And a taste that burns my heart.

Ysabelles blood tasted savoury, like a red-hot chilli that was basking in the Summer Sun. The heat from her blood burned just as fiery as her spirit, giving it a spicy yet refreshing sensation. The world within my taste buds changed as my teeth sunk deeper into her flesh. The aromatic blood felt like a mixture of a thousand spices, giving it the acidity of fruit, the intense flavours of peppers and the distinct sizzling aftertaste of a carbonated drink.

Altogether, it created a unique flavour profile that I doubt I could describe with words.

It was just… Delicious.

That blood flowed deep down my throat and entered my stomach effortlessly. It flowed smoother than satin and continuously fueled my hunger and desire for the woman.

At the same time, I felt Ysabelles fangs pierce through my shoulders, doubling the intense emotions coursing through our veins. Pheromones rose in the air as my musky scent and her delectable fragrance mixed together. Our bodies were locked in a dance as I pressed myself deeper into her chest and crotch while she did much the same.

Before long, I couldnt endure it anymore.


I released my fangs from Ysabelles shoulders, leaving behind two small holes. As I raised my face up, I could hear Ysabelles soft gasp like one would after drinking a refreshing beverage.

Regret? No, there was reluctance within her glorious agate eyes. She desired me to stay for more; she wanted me to suck her blood dry; she wanted us to remain coiled together like two anacondas.

Good god, arent you an adorable one?

Dont worry; well have plenty of time to suck each other dry soon. But now…

“Ysabelle, Im taking off your clothes.”

“H-huh? W-Wait?!”

In a daze, the black-haired beauty was slow to react. My fingers grew into claws as they sliced open the tight battle suit, revealing everything from her breasts down. Just as Id imagined, Ysabelle had toned abs, one that would make fitness instructors cry in shame.

As my eyes naughtily traced down her stomach and belly button, I saw the cutest little black bush. It was exceedingly small, as if Ysabelle was an adolescent girl who had just reached puberty. Her nether region was protected by that black bush which was no more than three centimetres long.

Thinking about it, as someone who trained excessively, Ysabelle needed to ensure that the hair on her crotch wouldnt affect her, and therefore, she did the bare minimum to groom herself. But still, it was an allure that I couldnt resist.

“Im diving in.”

“D-Dive? W-What do you mean? H-Hey, Jin!”

My head fell faster than the speed of light, silencing Ysabelles question with my actions. My lips were happily placed on her lower lips, instantly tasting the forbidden fruit that no one had yet to touch. My tongue spiralled into the tight opening, entering the secret garden of every mans dreams.

“J-Jin! W-Wait! I-Its dirty there!”

Caught between pleasure and embarrassment, Ysabelle tried to push my head away from her most sacred region. Alas, even if you had the strength of a million elephants, I wasnt going to separate from you.

“Nothing here is dirty, Ysabelle.”

“B-But… Ive been out all day, and I didnt shower…”

“Haha, you worry about the weirdest things.”

Yes, a pungent aroma came out from the deepest parts of her crotch. But that didnt deter me in the slightest. Instead, it added to the magnetic allure of that tiny little garden.

Like a thirsty beast, I slurped greedily with my tongue, forcing Ysabelle to let out moans she never thought she was capable of. Since I had experience with this, I knew which buttons to press and what not to do. When to use more force and when to give gentle bites.

But for some reason… When I saw Ysabelles meek demeanour… My sadistic side took over.

Pushing rougher than I would normally do, my tongue pierced through the hymen of the twenty-four-year-old girl, and a gush of the densest virgin blood in the world burst into my mouth.

Intoxicated, I was run over by the lustful beast that laid dormant within all men and greatly relished in the taste. If Ysabelles normal blood was like a magic Summer chilli, her hymen blood was dozens of chillies thrown into a hot pot that was mixed with a million ingredients and stewed for twenty-four hours.

It was something Id never tasted before, and I thoroughly enjoyed every single drop.

Ten minutes had passed since I started giving Ysabelle a head, and my lower half could not take it anymore. A rising dragon bulged out from my pants, creating a tent without me even pitching it. It was getting tight, and my posture changed to accommodate the lecherous creature.

And Ysabelle noticed it too.

“J-Jin, does it hurt?”

“No, it doesnt.” I shook my head to ease her fears. “But it is a little uncomfortable.” And without waiting for her response, I unzipped my pants, releasing the monster Id been hiding.

Ysabelle gulped as she watched that magnificent creature continue to elongate in size, clearly unsure of what to do in such a situation. Her hands twitched as if wanting to move to touch the beast, but she hesitated. Clearly, she was too shy to partake in this debaucherous activity.

Huehue, dont worry, child… You will become an expert in it soon.

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