My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 8 Everwinter Estate (1)

“Irina… Everwinter? My… Little sister?”

The words that came out of the young ladys mouth didnt make any sense. If she was my little sister, why wouldnt I have known of her? Furthermore, why would my little sister be a Vampire? Besides, even if we were related by some miracle, this woman looked nothing like me!

Fortunately, the beauty noticed my mental turmoil and proceeded to clear my doubts.

“No, we arent related by blood or anything! Honestly, it would be an issue if we really were related by blood! But even so, you are still my beloved brother!”

Irina proceeded to fire out a series of odd statements. We werent related by blood, but we were siblings? I had a million ways to refute this girl scientifically. But it didnt help that she was giving me those puppy eyes that were beyond adorable.

Hold on a second…

“Irina… was it? Can I call you that?”

“Please, by all means!!!”

Overwhelmed by mylittle sisters enthusiasm, I subconsciously took two steps backwards. Irinas eyes sparkled in pure joy, and her snowy white complexion turned a little flushed. I had to admit that simple expression tugged on my heartstrings tremendously.

Why was I feeling this much affection for someone Id never met? Why do I not feel perturbed by any of these developments?

I had always been a rational person and could always keep my head cool in the tensest of situations. However, this was a whole different ball game. The affection that I felt for this gorgeous woman… Came from deep inside my soul.

It wasnt a mens primal urge to procreate with a beautiful woman. Neither was it the infatuation one might have with their idol.

The feeling that I had for this Irina… was different.

And there was only one explanation for this phenomenon.

“Irina… Do you know what happened to me fifteen years ago?”


Irina turned silent at my simple question. The excitement in her face had disappeared, and it was replaced with a heavy sadness. The change in her emotions wasnt just transmitted to me visually. Deep in my heart, I could feel a spiritual connection with the young beauty. It was as if her feelings were directly fed into my entire soul.

The frustrations she had… The remorse she harboured… The pain and suffering that weighed on her heart, and finally…

The yearning she had for me.

It was all so heavy.-.

“Yes, brother…” Irina replied sadly. “The reason why you got that injury in the first place… Was because of me.”


“Yes… Its a long story.”

“Ive got all the time in the world.”

Irina paused for a moment and sighed. Softly, she reached for my hands and said: “… As you may have guessed, wed met fifteen years ago.”

“Is that so?”

I kind of got that impression. Although I couldnt remember anything, from the familiarity I felt with this young woman to the amount of affection she displayed for me… There had to be some underlying reason. As for why I couldnt remember anything…

“You wont remember it now, but we spent three entire months together. During that time, you protected me, you showed me the warmth of a human and… You truly became my brother. The days we shared together… Were the best moments of my life.”

A tinge of sadness enveloped Irinas face as she fondly recollected the memories we shared. However, that bitter smile quickly turned into a rage-filled sneer.

“And like any brother would do… You protected me from the Outer Demon that came to attack us. That fucking monster! If I were just a little bit stronger!!!”

… Im starting to get a better picture of what was going on.

From Irinas words, wed met many years back and became as close as siblings. It wasnt an absurd story as my parents were often busy with their Hunter work, and I would usually wander into isolated areas to train my magic and martial arts.

I should have bonded with this beautiful girl, not knowing that she was a Vampire. Or maybe I did but just didnt care?

Urgh… Even as a child I was a chauvinistic brat, huh?

“Wait, so if I protected you from the Outer Demon, why do I not remember anything?”

“Its complicated… The Outer Demon that attacked us was one that could attack souls. Even though we put up a valiant effort and managed to chase it away, you took one of its attacks, and your soul ripped into many pieces.”

“My soul what?!”

A soul injury was much more severe than any other injury for regular human beings. Heck, even the most elite of Hunters would have trouble healing from a soul injury. And if Irina was correct, having my soul ripped into pieces was practically a death sentence!

The fact that I was still alive is probably a modern miracle.

“So to save you, I performed a forbidden ritual…”

At that point, Irinas grey winter eyes began to water. She glanced up at me with a reserved demeanour, unsure of whether she should divulge all of the details.

“To ensure that your soul didnt dissipate, I ripped a portion of mine and glued it back in place.”

“You did what?!”

Was that even possible?! That goes against all logic! And wait… Didnt she say that she was my younger sister? Does that mean she was even younger than me when she performed such a mind-blogging thing?!

“… I had help, of course.”

Irina shifted her eyes while wearing a suspicious smile. For some reason, I could tell that she was hiding something behind that smile, but I was too shell-shocked to follow down that route. Besides, if she had the help of other older Vampires, it would make more sense.

“Thats the reason why you could survive that ordeal, my dearest brother…”

To stop me from further probing, Irina raised both her hands onto my cheeks and grabbed my head so that my eyes wouldnt leave hers.

“Theres so much that I want to say… So many things that I want to do with you… Its been so many years, my dear brother…”

Irinas eyes began to water. The image of a cold beauty had quickly changed to that of a longing lover. Or in this case, sister? Her silky smooth hands slipped up the back of my head and pushed it down to the base of her neck.

Instantly, the fragrant smell of fresh winter snow, filled my senses. It was an intoxicating feeling as if I had returned to the place where I belonged.

This fragrance… This touch… This feeling…

I had it all before.

“I waited… I waited so long…”

Still stroking my head, Irina continued pouring her heart out to me.

“Forgive me, brother… I couldnt turn you into a Vampire then… Your soul couldnt take the burden. I had to wait until it was fully healed before I could truly save you. Also…”

Irina continued to open up her feelings to me. Perhaps it was the connection with her soul in my body; I could feel every wave of emotion that Irina had. Grief for causing my fifteen years as a cripple… Regret that she couldnt do more for me… And more importantly…

“Sorry, it had to be this way. I know I should have asked before I turned you into a Vampire, but there was no other way. If you remained as a human, your healed soul with my Vampire factor would rip your body apart. And…”

The gorgeous young lady lifted my face and brought her face close to mine. We were now close enough that our noses were practically touching. And with that simple deed, her eyes were all that I saw.

Time had slowed down, and it felt as if all my other senses had dulled. I didnt care for the world that surrounded me. All that mattered was the girl in my arms.

“I didnt want you to die!”

Irina blurted out in remorse. I could truly feel the amount of turmoil she was in. Irina was worried that I would hate her… That I wouldnt forgive her… For taking away my humanity without my permission.

“It was my selfishness that turned you into a Vampire. But between the choice of losing you and making you hate me… I had no other choice! Ive been watching you from a distance for so long! I couldnt just let my beloved brother die!”


Watching this beauty rage, a thought came to my mind.

Did I hate her for turning me into a Vampire? Perhaps the gravity of the situation hadnt hit me yet, but oddly enough… I dont feel all that bad.

So what if I became a Vampire? The alternative was dying on the hospital bed, never becoming strong enough to clean my own body. Becoming a Vampire had also reverted back my ability to use magic, something Id thought that I would never use again.

Maybe I was just naive, but…

Becoming a Vampire might be the best thing that happened to me. Besides…

“I dont know the implications of becoming a Vampire, and neither do I know if everything you are saying is true, but…”

I reached out my hands and gently stroked the young ladys soft hair. Stunned by my touch, Irina jolted a little, but she quickly got used to it. Leaning her left cheek into my chest, she allowed me to continue playing with her ivory hair while letting out a purr or two.

“If I were in your shoes, I would have done the same thing. I would never choose to die.”

That was an undeniable fact. Even without Irina, if I were given a choice between death or becoming a Vampire, I would have taken the Vampire deal, no questions asked. There was no way I would allow myself to die before becoming someone great. Or, at the very least, someone who wasnt crippled his entire life.

“Also… I cant seem to hate you, Irina.”


Watching the adorable creature in my arms jerk like a frightened bunny, my heart began to fill up with emotions Id thought I never had. All my life, I never had a lover. It was primarily because I was a cripple and no one ever found me attractive, but I was also never drawn to any romantic interest.

It was as if the part of my brain governing emotions had been sealed for a long time, and I now realise why.

All of my affection metres had been reserved for this charming beauty in my embrace.

“Is it because of your soul in my body? I dont think I can feel any sort of negative emotion towards you. Its weird…”



From the moment Irina appeared, I could feel my entire being drawn to her. It was a complex emotion to describe. It was as if she really was my long-lost sister. A precious sister that I would do everything in my power to protect.

In fact, I hated myself for not knowing the past. If only I had my memories… The precious memories I had in the past with this lovable beauty.

Seeing that I wasnt angry, Irina finally relaxed her tense self. She slid her hands down my neck and brought her mouth next to my ears.

“So… Brother… Will you stay with me?”

It was all so intoxicating. From Irinas welcoming aroma to her overflowing emotions… I was tempted to take up her offer right then and there. However…

“… Thats hard to say.”


I shook my head and smiled.

“Im not saying no, Irina. Its just there are many things I dont know yet.”

From my perspective, I had just become a Vampire, a being that Id never thought I would ever become. And then, this beauty shows up from nowhere and says that she was my Vampire little sister. She also said wed met many years back, even though I dont remember it. And these feelings that I had for her…

“I dont know how much of the things that youre telling me is the truth.”

“I would never lie to you, brother!”

“Alas, as much as I would love to trust you… Weve only just met.”


Irina took two steps back as the revelation began to take over her senses. If what she had said was correct, Irina has been observing me for many years now. Plus, she had the memories that we shared when we were younger. But in my mind, Id just literally met her for the first time.

If my memory returns when my soul recovers, it might be a different story. But for now, Irina was nothing more than a stranger who happened to have some mysterious connection to me.

“Youre right… You cant trust me yet…”

Irina put on a bitter smile, one that seemed as sad as it was remorseful. That downtrodden face tickled on my heart, and it made me want to eat my previous words and do exactly what she said. However, this time, my logical brain triumphed.

“STILL!!! You cant stay here! Youve just become a Vampire, and the human world can no longer treat you! I know you cant trust me yet, but please follow me back to my estate!”


“Please! Dont you want to recover as soon as possible?”

“Thats true…”

I didnt know anything about Vampire biology. Not to mention, I was still recovering from the soul injury that Irina had told me about. Besides, there was no point in crying over spilt milk. Now that I have become a Vampire, I should learn more about them. And leaving with Irina seemed to be the right idea.


“My parents… Could you bring them along?”

“Are you agreeing?!”

Irina grabbed onto my hands with sparkles in her eyes and exhaled an excited cry.

“Yeah, but I need someone I trust to be with me. But you need to promise me that no one will hurt them there.”

My parents were former Hunters, high-ranking ones at that. In fact, to call them former has-beens would be an insult. If not for them retiring early to be with me, they could have easily climbed the ranks with their current power. So, I wasnt worried about their safety. But, there was no guarantee that Irinas family wouldnt overwhelm them with numbers.

“Dont worry about it! I swear on my soul that no harm will ever befall on your parents!”

“You dont have to go that far…”

I gave a bitter smile. Honestly, seeing Irinas earnest reactions made me feel guilty about doubting her. Alas, I was never raised to be a trusting person. Even if everything Irina said was true, I still had to have some protection.

But still, watching the young beauty leap up in the air with a dazzling smile…

Really made my heart tingle.

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