My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 72 The Second Night (4)

[NSFW: Warning! There will be an R-18 scene in this chapter. Please skip this chapter if you dont want to read stuff like this. All chapters with R-18 scenes will have this warning tag to help with your reading experience. Otherwise, to the ones who stuck around, please enjoy! ;D]

“Jin… Become my Bloodmate.”

Bloodmate? Werent Lilith and I already Bloodmates? Did we need to do something special for that to happen? Id always thought that being a Bloodmate was synonymous with being lovers.

Seeing my confusion, Lilith didnt hesitate to enlighten me.

“Being a Bloodmate is similar to conducting wedding vows in human tradition. We will bind our souls together in a ritual, committing our relationship and sealing it with blood.”

“… Another ritual? Wont that harm your soul?”

Lilith shook her head and replied: “No, the Bloodmate Pact establishes a connection between us, something that we already have. If anything, it might be easier to cast the Bloodmate Pact since you already have a quarter of my soul.”

“I see…”

“Also, Vampires separate all the time, and none of them wishes to be bound by an eternal contract that forces them to be together. The Bloodmate Pact is like the marriage contract youre familiar with.”

“Thats good!”

“But there is one caveat…”


“You see… The Bloodmate Pact was created by the Vampire Progenitor in order to protect his consorts from being chased by any of his subjects. So, when someone enters into a Bloodmate Pact, there will be a distinct marker on their body, showing that this Vampire already belongs to someone else.”-.

“So, like a wedding ring?”

“Exactly like a wedding ring!”

Oh? So thats how it worked. I didnt expect to get married so soon, though. Not that Im complaining. I looked lustfully at the pure white-laced wedding lingerie that Lilith was wearing, and once again, my lower half did all the thinking.

“If Lilith knew how to cast the Bloodmate Pact, she would have left a mark on your soul. But from the looks of it, she has yet to do so.”

“I see…” I gave out a knowing smile. “So you want to be my first Bloodmate?”

“… I want to be your only Bloodmate.”


“I know,” the blonde girl sighed heavily. “I would be doing a disservice to you since you still harbour the other twos souls in your body. Also, while I hate Irina for doing what she did, her love for you is pure.”

“Im sorry…”

I could feel Liliths pain. After all, no one wished to share their loved ones with another person. The only reason why Lilith still stayed with me even though I had three other girls was due to her obsessive love. Without it, the girl might have left me and gone to create a male harem of her own. Not that Ill allow it, though.

“So, will you grant me this wish? No, you will grant me this wish! I want to be your first Bloodmate, and thats final!”

“Haha, quite the assertive type, arent you?” I chuckled happily and leaned forward to embrace the girl. “But dont worry, I dont mind it. If it makes you happy, youre free to cast as many Bloodmate Pacts as you want.”

“Youve promised me! Theres no turning back now!”

Liliths eyes sparkled with enthusiasm far beyond my wildest imaginations. Her vigour was so high that Id started to have second thoughts about letting her have my way with me. But still, even if I wanted to go back, the girl was already in the middle of casting her magic.

Runes of light appeared above her head and underneath my body. They orbited around in a clockwise direction, finally settling down into two magic circles between the both of us. One stuck itself on my chest while the other found its way onto Liliths bosom. And before I could say anything, Lilith dove deep into my neck and sank her teeth with a little nibble.


Due to her sudden action, an audible moan escaped from my teeth. Id thought that the girl would continue with her feast, but she left my neck just as quickly as she approached it. Numerous drops of blood fell from her fang, but Lilith wasnt interested in all of them. She chose the thickest, warmest drop and suspended it in the air using the runes that were the bedrock for the ritual.

As my drop of blood dropped onto the magic circle on my chest, a mysterious red string burst forth from the depths of my soul. It seemed ephemeral, just like a flickering flame in the howling winds and at any given moment, it could be ripped to shreds.

But Lilith wasnt going to let that happen.

Using her sharp fangs, the girl sliced open a small wound on her thumb, drawing yet another drop of blood. This time, however, she placed the drop on her own magic circle, creating a new red string much like my own.

Like two serpents doing a mating dance, the red strings of fate were drawn to each other. Swirling and twirling around in the air, their tips eagerly hoping to meet. There was no aversion, and neither was there any chance of the two being incompatible. It was as if… The two strings were always meant to be together.

And the moment they touched, a wave of euphoria tackled my mind. My mind, body and soul were all interconnected with Liliths, pushing our desires for one another to a limit Id never experienced before.

“Jin Valter! Will you take me as your Bloodmate? Will you love me, cherish me, and be with me from this day to the end of your days?”

Before our minds could be overwhelmed with lust, Lilith hurriedly shouted out her nuptial vows. It seemed rather abridged and rushed, but I guess Lilith wanted to get this over with. And well… I wasnt one to deny my beloveds request.

“I do!”

At that moment, the two red strings spun around into a knot, bringing forth yet another wave of thrill. However, the pact was not done yet.

“Lilith Moonreaver! Will you take me as your Bloodmate? Will you love me, cherish me, and be with me from this day to the end of your days?”

“I do! I do! I DO!!! I will never, ever let you go!”

With our vows completed, the two red strings merged into one. They created a knot that was nigh unbreakable, connecting our two souls together tighter than ever before. I could feel Liliths heartbeat in mine. Her breath, her soul, her desires… Everything was connected by the red string that served as a bridge between our bodies.

As the heat settled down, the string faded away as if it never existed in the first place. However, as proof of their existence, two runes that resembled love tattoos could be seen on each of our bodies. Liliths one was placed directly above her heart on the milky white breast that was now fully in view. I couldnt see where mine was located at the moment because my eyes were currently preoccupied with the two bunnies that popped free in the midst of our ritual, and Lilith noticed.

Lilith smiled and moved her hands onto her waist. Gingerly, the inexperienced woman pulled down her white panties and revealed the hidden garden that no man had ventured to before. Unlike Irinas, there was some bush covering her immortal cave. It had been trimmed nicely around the edges like a small floral oasis. And just like an oasis… It was dripping wet.

Liliths distinct fragrance, which was already as alluring as can be, had been amplified once the floodgates were opened. No mere man could resist, let alone me, a pent-up man who had been enduring himself for about a month.

My rod of lust instantly doubled in size, reaching its maximum length without any stimulation. Lilith looked down, somewhat apprehensively like a virgin would. No, since she really was a virgin, the girl had no clue whether her womanhood could take in such a massive thing. But still, her desire for me burnt down any hesitation that she had.

Lilith pulled down her wedding dress from underneath her breasts and pulled the hem of her skirt up. And so, while the girl wasnt completely naked, all of her essential bits were showing. Not to mention, there was some kink in doing it in a wedding dress. Perhaps, the girl liked to have cosplay sex? If thats the case… Well, Im a happy man.

“Jin, we are Bloodmates now.”

“Yes, Lilith… Yes, we are…”

“If thats the case…”

Lilith dropped her body onto the bed and spread her legs wide. The hue of her cheeks was painted red as she reached down to her bottom lips shyly. And then, while using her white fingers to spread the hole that all men wished to explore, my Bloodmate whispered:

“Fuck me…”


My reason snapped at that moment. My lower half did all the thinking as I skipped directly to the main dish. But truthfully, there was no need for foreplay. The Bloodmate Pact had already aroused us beyond belief. Heck, no amount of foreplay could make me desire another woman so much. The same could be said about Lilith. Her vagina was more lubricated than an oiled engine. If I wanted to go in, it would slide right through.


My member ripped through Liliths hymen as if there wasnt any restriction there, forcing its way to Liliths baby cave. The blonde goddess convulsed twice as if she had climaxed, sending waves of warm fluids onto my penis. And that was when I remembered…

Virgin blood. Liliths virgin blood.

I wanted it.


Ignoring Liliths cry, I pulled out before we could climax together and placed my mouth down at her leaking, peachy womanhood. Viciously, I thrust my tongue into that tiny little hole and sucked every ounce of virgin blood that came from it. Lilith was moaning desperately as if she was trying to contain the pleasure. But alas, I was experienced on this front.

As far as my tongue could reach, I slurped. The mixture of her virgin blood, womanly liquids and overall taste of her flesh completely took over my senses. Id always likened Liliths blood to that of a Spring meadow with flowers blooming and morning dew rising. But tasting her right from the tap?


There was a somewhat naughty taste to her virgin blood. It was as if all of the sweetest floral nectars in the world were blended into one, and a cup from the Spring of Immortality had been mixed in. Not to mention, Liliths own taste was divine. Her insides clamped down on my tongue, unwilling to let it go for a moment.

I didnt know how long my oral action lasted. I only released my hold on her womanhood after Lilith splashed my face with two more squirts and when I was sure that I had scooped every single drop of her hymen blood.

“J-Jin… Y-You were awesome…”

“Thank you, Im glad that you liked it.”

“W-Where did you learn that?”

“I had some practice-…”

Shit, I shouldnt have mentioned that! I only noticed the gravity of those words the moment they left my mouth. Lilith was plenty jealous enough, and if I mentioned that I had experience with Lilith here…


As Id anticipated, Liliths soft panting abruptly stopped as her face of extreme pleasure turned quickly. She sat back up and stared right into my soul. With a pout, she asked:

“Hoh? So you did it with Irina, huh?”


“Hah… This is frustrating…”

Lilith scratched the back of her head with a little frustration in her eyes. However, that didnt last long as her next action was to push me squarely onto the bed, riding me on top in a cowgirl position. Without me moving, my manhood automatically found her immortal cave, merging Yin and Yang together in blissful harmony. And while I was desperately trying to contain the pleasure my veiny rod was feeling, the Moonreaver Goddess leaned right next to my ear and whispered:

“No matter… Tonight, Ill make you forget all about Irina. Tonight… You are mine.”

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