My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 71 The Second Night (3)

[NSFW: Warning! There will be an R-18 scene in this chapter. Please skip this chapter if you dont want to read stuff like this. All chapters with R-18 scenes will have this warning tag to help with your reading experience. Otherwise, to the ones who stuck around, please enjoy! ;D]

“And thats what happened after you passed out.”

“I see…”

I nodded my head and started to summarise the information that Lilith had given me. Firstly, it wasnt a hallucination; I actually defeated Sirius in a duel and won Liliths freedom. Which came as a huge relief, given that I was on the ropes during the last leg of the battle. I dont know how, but I managed to grab hold of the Stardevourer and land one single clean hit onto Sirius chest. And while it seemed like Sirius had dropped his guard for some reason, a wins a win.

Next, while Sirius was still reluctant to let Lilith out of his sight, he couldnt go against his own word, particularly since he was the Moonreaver Lord. After a few hours of back and forth, Sirius finally acquiesced and agreed to let the girl go off with me on my journey. However, it seems like a guardian would be assigned to her.

Honestly, what a siscon. But, I agreed with Sirius move. While I was going to protect Lilith with my life, there may be times when I couldnt be with her. Plus, having an elite Moonreaver by my side wasnt all that bad. After all, I was still new to High Vampire society. If I had the guardianship of the Moonreaver House, getting into places and finding out information would be much easier.

And finally, it seems like the Moonreaver House would provide me with the funds and aid needed for my journey. Well, they werent going to fund me per se; they were giving money so that Lilith could live comfortably while away from the Moonreaver Dimension. Apparently, they were given a substantial reparation fund from the Bloodborne House and had plenty of cash to spare.

Good… Now that I had the support from the Moonreaver House, reuniting with the last two girls just became infinitely easier.

While Lilith and Irina were reluctant to tell me more information about the final two girls, I did my due research. Fortunately, they were treasured daughters from two other Guardian Houses. Visiting them was just a matter of teleporting over using the Warp Gates, which connected the Moonreaver Dimension to their home base.

Two other Guardian Houses, huh? I hope that they wont have any more familial problems… If I had to defeat yet another Patriarch or Matriarch, I think I might die of exhaustion.

But, if thats what it takes to get those four girls by my side… Ill do whatever those Guardian Houses throw at me.-.

Alas, that was future mes problem. The current me had a more pressing matter to attend to.

“Lilith,” I reached out and grabbed the fragrant girl by the waist. “Im sorry that I took so long. Now, we can finally be together.”

Liliths vale eyes brightened, and her cherry lips soon blossomed into a smile. Pecking her lips together, she brought her face closer to mine and landed a soft kiss on my lips. At the same time, she repositioned her body so that her waist was firmly rested on mine.

“My little fool,” she whispered into my ears lovingly. “You suffered because of me, and now youre apologising? What logic is that?”

“My kind of logic,” I replied while sliding my hands up her bathrobe. “Youre my lover, arent you? I would do everything in my power to keep you in my hands.”

“Asshole… This is the reason why all four of us fell in love with you.”

At this point, Lilith was unable to hold back any longer. She pressed her face into mine, glueing our mouths together. Our two tongues soon found each other, gingerly swirling together as if trying to assert dominance with one another. Liliths distinct Spring taste bloomed within my mouth as her saliva mixed with mine, overwhelming my sensory organs altogether.

Lilith only let me go after two whole minutes of debaucherous oral action. Placing both her hands on my shoulders, the ungodly beauty locked her vale eyes with mine and smiled:

“However… Im not your lover yet. You have yet to return my soul to me.”

“… Is it going to be tonight?”

I couldnt see myself, but I was certain that a lustful smile had crept on my face. Truthfully, it couldnt be helped. I had been holding back for over a month now. I went from tasting the forbidden fruit of a woman for the first time to staying celibate for a month. Not to mention all of the teases I got whenever I went to suck Liliths blood.

I had every right to feel aroused right now!

To motivate me to train harder and, more importantly, because of the spies monitoring Lilith, I could not go all the way with Lilith. And in addition, Irina was still hard at work in the Dimensional Domain, trying her hardest to complete her own domain.

But now that I had won the duel and there werent any signs of Sirius spies…

It was time.

“Wait for a moment,” Lilith placed her finger on top of my lips, gently pressing me down before I could turn into the perverted monster she was expecting. She placed her hands on my chest and matched our line of sight together. There was a mixture of ecstasy and unease within her eyes, and I could tell she wasnt in the same lecherous mood that I was.

“Jin… Dont do or say anything. Lie there and hear me out for a bit.”

“… Okay?”

“Jin, I love you. I love you more than Id ever thought I was capable of! Ive been thinking about you ever since I lost you that day. And truth to be told, while I wished to meet you once again, deep down inside, I was afraid.”


“You know how they say you shouldnt meet your heroes as it may end up in disappointment? I was afraid of that phenomenon happening to me. In my heart, you have been placed on a pedestal for so long. Id always thought that maybe… Just maybe, my fascination with you might prove to be detrimental when we finally meet again. I was afraid that my love for you would be a figment of my imagination, and we wouldnt have the bond that I yearned for since we separated. And yet…”

Lilith looked down at me, her face fully formed with a beautiful smile.

“Somehow… You managed to surpass my fantasy. You made me love you even more. The image when you challenged my brother despite being weaker. The days of arduous training you suffered just to free me. And… That memory of your face at Starfall… It has all been burned into my mind.”

“Jesus, Lilith… Youre making me blush.”

“No, dont be too happy yet.”

Lilith shut down my eager enthusiasm with a sneering smile. I didnt know what was hidden within that face, but I could tell that the mood had changed for the worse.

“I love you… I love you so, so much! But… I cant accept the fact that I have to share you with three other girls, even if they are my friends!!!”

As they all say, jealousy brings forth the ugliest in all of us. Liliths love for me had turned into an obsession. She hated the fact that Irina and the other girls existed and would do everything in her power to seize me for herself.

“Especially that bitch Irina!!! Fuck, I wanted your first time! I wanted to take all of your firsts! Your first kiss, your first time sucking blood, your first time in bed!!! I wanted all of them! I was the one who used the ritual to save you! So why does she get to reap all the benefits? Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!!”

The beautiful blonde goddess almost turned into a demon through that epic rant revealing her innermost thoughts. Come to think of it, Irina was much the same. She wanted me for herself so much that she rushed the ritual to turn me into a Vampire andkidnapped me to hide me from the rest of the girls.


Am I going to suffer a real-life boat ending?

No, no… No matter how obsessive they are, they wouldnt want to harm me, right? Tch, Ill need to find the sequel toHow to train your harem soon. Else, I might really end up in a boat with just my head.

“Lilith, calm down…” I repressed the fear that I was feeling within my heart and gently consoled the raging beauty. I embraced her shoulders and brought my lead hand to stroke her silky head.

“I know youre mad, so… How can I make it up to you?”

“… Are you ready to uphold that promise?”

“Naturally,” I said with confidence. “As long as it doesnt harm the rest of the girls or me, Ill always do anything you say.”

“… You sweet talker.”

Lilith shook her head and gave a delightful smile.

“Irina may have taken all of your firsts, but theres one thing she has yet to claim just yet. And I want you to give it to me.”

“Whats that?”

Finally, after teasing me for so long, Liliths eyes turned into the ones that I wished to see. With our souls connected, I could feel her raging desire and the immense emotions that she hid so perfectly.

Our hearts and souls were now firmly bonded, which just left one final component…

Our bodies.

Lilith took off her bathrobe, revealing the clothes that hid underneath. A white lace wedding dress that was tighter than a swimsuit. No, to call it a wedding dress would insult the pure tradition of matrimony. Other than the parts hiding her lady bits, the white lingerie was completely see-through. I could see the distinct curves on her body. Everything from her perfect waistline up to her sultry swan-like neck.

Good lord… What was this cosplay? It may turn me on even more than if she was completely naked.

Lilith laughed as she saw my gobsmacked reaction. Not only that, she could see something rising beneath her, and with a knowing smile, the girl pulled down my pants and revealed my little brother that had come out to play.

That thick, veiny rod that hadnt seen action in a month was now erect beyond belief. Id never seen it stand so tall since Irina and I shared our first time. And Lilith noticed it as well. Licking her lips, the girl whispered something in my ear that would dial my desire for her up to eleven.

“Jin… Become my Bloodmate.”

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