My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 69 The Second Night (1)

‘Strange, I was clearly aiming for his heart. Why did it steer off course?

Sirius pursed his lips and questioned himself. In the beginning, he had looked down upon this Jin Valter character and saw him as nothing more than a buzzing mosquito that harmed his sister. However, as the month transpired and hed learnt more about this pest of a man, Sirius gradually changed his opinion.

Firstly, Jin discovered and chased away the Shadowfiends the first time, notifying the Moonreaver House of the oncoming Vampire civil war. Next, he managed to defeat Talon Bloodborne, a supposed elite of the Shadowfiends and saved Lilith from certain kidnap. Finally, he heard of Jins odd powers of Spacetime and Creation.

Not to mention, the man was a mere disabled person a few months back.

Sirius found Jins growth extremely strange. Thats why, even though it went against his principles to go all out against a junior, the Moonreaver Lord brought his mythical weapon along. He didnt want any excuses to lose against Jin, and his decision would prove right.

While his magic power was still inferior due to his age, the variety and potency of spells were nothing short of spectacular. Even Sirius, someone who was hailed as a genius from a young age, couldnt help but marvel at Jins prodigal capabilities.

If Jin wasnt gunning for his sister, Sirius might have been tempted to lure him to the Moonreaver House.

‘Whatever, he wont be able to recover from this injury anytime soon. Its my win.

Sirius arbitrarily decided the outcome of the duel and loosened his grip on the Stardevourer. He knew that hed won, so there was no longer any need to torture the young man. All that was left to do was to send him away from the Moonreaver Dimension and far away from his sister.

At least… That was what hed thought.


Rather than fold and fade away into the night, Jin somehow managed to stay conscious. Using his left hand, the bloodied, fallen warrior grabbed hold of the Stardevourer and attempted to wrest control over it from Sirius.

‘Hmph, ignorant fool. You should stop your useless struggle.

Sirius didnt bother to stop Jins futile attempt. Mythical weapons like the Stardevourer werent just a piece of scrap metal. They were true marvels of creation that possessed their own connate consciousness. While they didnt have intelligence like living creatures, they had their own innate idiosyncrasies.

The Stardevourer in particular. Because it had been fed the essence of the Moonreaver Houses best fighters, only those who possessed the Moonreaver bloodline and those who had the potential to surpass its previous owner could wield its power. When Sirius firstinherited, the Stardevourer, he had to spend ten years just to make it acknowledge him and ten more to unlock all the abilities that lay within.

A mere two-month-old Vampire that was just recently a human? Yeah, Jin stood no chance against the will of the Stardevourer.

And yet…

‘Whats this?

The Stardevourer. The mythical weapon forged by the top minds of the Moonreaver House. The symbol of Sirius, the Moonreaver Houses strongest warrior. The infinitely growing weapon and the apex power of the Asterias…

Was shaking violently.

‘Whats going on?!

Sirius fell into a state of panic. Never in his life had he seen the Stardevourer behave in this manner. It had always been the indomitable spirit, never bending to any Moonreaver that attempted to conquer it and never yielding to any enemy, even if it were the most powerful Outer Demons humanity had ever faced.

And yet, the Stardevourer was shaking.

Due to Sirius connection with the mythical weapon, he could feel the innate emotions of the Stardevourer. It wanted to separate itself from Jin as quickly as it could. It was begging Sirius to run away. It was…


‘Why are you behaving this way?

Sirius was unable to comprehend the current event. He was on the precipice of defeating Jin, so why was the treasured mythical weapon behaving this way? And thats when Sirius made the first mistake since agreeing to this duel.

He looked up.

‘… What?

Sirius gaze shifted from the rapidly vibrating Stardevourer to the bloodied Jin who was supposed to be defeated. However, rather than falling to the floor, Jins body stood completely upright as one of his hands grabbed hold of the glaive, halting its imminent retreat. With strength that he wasnt supposed to have, Jin locked Sirius in place, keeping him just inches away from his face.

The man that should have fallen, was now staring deep into Sirius soul. His bloodied body and pale face should have signified his defeat. But Jin was clearly standing. By some mysterious means, Jin was putting on one final stand and held Sirius down.

But as someone with ample combat experience, Jins new lease of physical strength wasnt enough to hold Sirius for long. If the Moonreaver Lord wanted to, he could break free from Jins restraints at any given time.

And yet… He couldnt.


‘… Whats this?

At that moment, the world seemed to freeze in Sirius consciousness. Not a single cry from Lilith mattered. Not a single vibration from the Stardevourer mattered. Not a single ray of moonlight mattered. At that moment… Sirius was sucked into a world where his consciousness was independent of his body.

The Moonreaver Lord was unable to move a muscle in his body. Like a man suspended in Spacetime, Sirius felt like he was watching himself from a third-person view. And the reason why… were Jins majestic eyes.

The pupils that were meant to be obsidian black had turned royal crimson. Majestic, red rubies that glowed as beautiful as the Blood Moon itself. Heck, Sirius felt like he was staring at two Blood Moons directly. But the man wasnt in the mood to admire the scenery.

The moment they locked eyes, Sirius felt his entire world change. All of his power, which he had complete confidence in, had been completely drained away. The scent of purgatory flames tickled his nose as an illusory death rose bloomed before his eyes. Staring into those eyes, Sirius felt like he was watching the universe spin. Before such grandeur, the Moonreaver Lord could only freeze up and stand rooted to the ground.

And for the first time in centuries, Sirius felt an emotion hed thought he buried… An emotion that hed killed when he inherited the Sirius name… An emotion that no leader of a Guardian House should have…


Just like the Stardevourer before him, Sirius felt an incomprehensible dread when facing Jin. It was like an ant staring down a mountain, a planet facing the wrath of a black hole. Jins mysterious power overwhelmed the thousand-year-old Vampire, and his mental capacities were fried in the process.

Sirius didnt think to run because he couldnt think at all. Paralysed by the fear that engulfed his entire being, Sirius could not speak, move or even stop to comprehend what was going on. All he could see was Jins red-stained lips, breaking into a confident smile.

“This is payback from before, you fucking siscon!”

With what little strength he had left, Jin sent his fist flying into Sirius chest. Unable to cast any spells or move his body, Sirius could only watch in horror as the clenched hand drilled a hole through the central region of his chest, just like he did to Jin many moons before.

Flesh and bone were sent flying out from the back of the man, all while fresh blood stained the hand that purged through Sirius chest. And at that precise moment, Sirius broken mind had finally registered what was going on.

Perhaps it was the pain of an injury he hadnt suffered in decades. Or maybe it was the fact that Jins mysterious intimidation had subsided, giving the Moonreaver Lord a chance to regain control over his body.

The moment Sirius had regained control over his consciousness, the man abruptly kicked Jin with all of his might with a mixture of fear and anger. Jin, who had already been weakened throughout the battle, was unable to muster any kind of defence. Like a kite that had its string severed, Jin was flung up into the sky, only falling dozens of metres back.

Fortunately, before Jins motionless body could bounce on the floor, Liliths hand moved as a simple levitation spell was cast, cushioning the mans fall. Jins face was full of sweat, his injuries had yet to heal, and his body was falling apart from excessive use of magic power. And yet, the man was able to put up a triumphant smile.

And why wouldnt he?

Even though Jins body was battered beyond belief. Even though Sirius injury would heal within seconds. Sirius crimson blood was clearly on his hand. It was undeniable proof that he had won the duel, the impossible duel that everyone thought he would lose.

And most importantly… He had accomplished his mission.

Grabbing hold of his lovers hand, Jin declared:

“L-Lilith… I won! I fucking won!!!”

“Y-yes, you did!” Unable to hold back her tears, Lilith held tightly onto her battered bloodmates hand and planted a kiss on his fingers.

“I-I promised you, d-didnt I?”


“I promised… t-that I would come to Starfall to pick you up!”

In his fervour, Jin suppressed the pain and agony he had suffered. Magic fatigue was quickly setting in, and his eyelids felt heavier than ever. The only thing keeping him awake was his desire to see his lovers eyes as he delivered on his promise.

“Y-yes! Yes, you did!!!” Liliths beautiful face broke into a dazzling smile. She held onto Jins hands tighter than she would a diamond ring, and she leaned in close to his ears. “Youve won, and you can collect your prize later. But now… You should rest.”

Lilith placed her hands above Jins eyes, and a soft chant escaped from her lips. With her soothing voice hanging over his body, Jin felt sleepier than ever before. Every muscle in his body relaxed and his mind, which was already weaving in between consciousness and dreamland, finally caved in.

“Rest now; leave the rest to me.”


As his world faded to black, the last thing that Jin saw…

Was Liliths tearful smile.

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